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New All-Time Record High for Gold Coming in 2021 with Gary Wagner

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Gary Wagner was shocked by Biden’s speech on allocation of funds. We spent $4 trillion last year. When does it end? We’re spending like there’s no tomorrow. We’re looking at another $4 trillion for this year. When the Treasury spends on stimulus, that’s when inflation really takes place. Copper is going up due to commodity price inflation and also on China’s demand. There’s a new normal coming once the pandemic has run its course. We still have 12 million out of work. Many less people able to support their families. Moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. The government is going to pay.

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The New Great Depression, and What You Can Do About it with James Rickards

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

The stock market has never been more detached from reality. Just 7 stocks call the shots, 40 percent of the total market cap. They’ve been the least affected by the pandemic. The other 493 stocks have done nothing. The economy is being destroyed by the lockdowns. Small and medium sized business are 50% of the jobs and 45% of the GDP. And they’re the one’s hardest hit by poor government policy that is destroying everything in its path. James Rickards is convinced that the Wuhan CCP Virus escaped from a Chinese Lab to infect the world. His latest book details his views where it’s all heading. What could have been a major public health challenge has turned into a massive global depression and we have only the politicians and fake scientists to thank for the current state of affairs. Jim lays out very specific action steps that will help you profit from the global depression. You’ll find it in his latest book, The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World. It’s must reading and your financial survival might just depend upon it.

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Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, & 2021 | Andy, Bix, Dunagun, Jerry, Kerry, Pamela & Mary Anne

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Andy Schectman, Dunagun Kaiser, Pamela and Mary Anne Aden, Jerry Robinson, Bix Weir, and Kerry Lutz join us for 2021’s first Mugs and Metals to unpack the changing political and financial climate.

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Beating Covid-19… My Personal Journey

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

Leading up to New Year’s Day, I spent a week in the hospital fighting Covid-19, together with a case of walking Pneumonia. It was a very challenging experience, but quite enlightening and beneficial as well. From the pandemic’s very beginnings, I made no secret of my belief that governments and politicians at every level were mis-handling the pandemic. Covid 19 is quite serious, especially when the elderly and those with comorbidities are affected. While the absence of underlying illnesses or those of younger ages does not guarantee immunity from the coronavirus, it greatly decreases the mortality rate and the likelihood of serious residual effects.

From the pandemic’s start, I made a pledge to lead my best possible life, all the while taking basic precautions against the disease. I engaged in continuous handwashing, confining most of my social activities to the outdoors and taking a preventative course of HCQ, vitamin D3, Zinc and other supplements.

Plunge Protection Team to the Rescue with Nick Santiago (Ep #189)

from Daily Market Wisdom with Nick Santiago

For more than 20 years, Master Trader Nick Santiago has been beating the markets. He’s made some incredible calls along the way and now he’s looking to spread the word. There’s no reason that the average trader should be coming up short. So now we’ve started a daily show to bring you up to date on the latest market developments. Nick will be sharing trades and concepts and discussing current trends.

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Shorting Tesla with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino has successfully shorted Tesla previously. For the past several months, it was too costly to short, but now… Premiums are down and the shorts have been flushed. Now you can do it more cheaply. Will Robinhood do John in? Watch where the next stimulus winds up. Competition is just around the corner. Commodity super cycle is going to squeeze margins. Twitter and FB have lost $54 billion in market cap in the last week. Amazon is a perfect example of where a stock with lower profits can go. The flood of Fed cash has to go somewhere. Interest rates have started going up. Big deal for the stock market. We’re getting to the point where rates could be a negative issue for the stock market. Could this lead to a decline? Massive Bailouts for everyone just around the corner.

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Precious Metals for 2021 with David Erfle

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

It’s not an accident that we got a move in the opposite directions gold and silver. Coming into the New Year everything was going for us. Juniors were leading the miners, metals were ready to take the lead. And then the rug was pulled out from under us all of us. David Erfle warned his subscribers that he was taking profits the first week of the year. The weekly gold close went under $1850. Is gold making a bear flag at $1850, which could portend more weakness to the sector. Last week was a sell the news event. Manipulation conitnues on. Real yields were rising. Dollar rebound started. Gold could go down to $1767! In the precious metals sector, it’s always a great idea to take money off the table. The March 2020 crash should have taught us some more valuable lessons that we didn’t need. Risk management is an absolute must. Take profits off the table at the beginning of the year. If any position gets over 10 percent, David will trim it down. Always be thinking of selling in the junior sector. Always hold your core. David gives us his take on Canadian private placements, he’s had great success in the past. The rules keep getting worse for Americans. You need to be aware of the rules and legend removal process. Once the shares become free trading sell half and keep the warrants and your core holding. It all depends upon the type of company you’re dealing with. Finally, David advises you to take a step back on a regular basis. Look at the 20 year gold chart regularly to gain perspective. This type of disciplined approach will keep your profits running and keep your risk manageable.

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Torq Resources is Building a Premium Copper & Gold Portfolio in Chile with Shawn Wallace

from Mining Stock Education

Torq Resources (TSXV: TORQ | OTCQX: TRBMF) is a junior exploration company building a premium copper and gold portfolio in Chile.  The company’s management team has raised over $650M and monetized successes in three previous exploration companies. Executive Chairman Shawn Wallace shares that Torq has recently appointed a top-tier, veteran geological team and will soon be announcing the acquisition of Chilean copper and gold exploration projects with major potential.

Executive Chairman Shawn Wallace explains why investors should consider Torq Resources: “I think that they should take solace in the fact that you were a known entity, working in a known jurisdiction (Chile), we have the success we have behind us. I’ll put that record up against anyone’s. We’ve been very fortunate. We’ve also worked extremely hard, and we’re very disciplined. So I would love for anyone to come along on this ride with us. And we’ll be putting out lots of information so that we can make sure everybody understands what’s happening and why, and when, and so forth.”

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In Pursuit of Swedish High-Grade Silver with Norden Crown Metals’ Pat Varas

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Take a seasoned 34 year mining executive/geologist and give him a stable and welcoming Swedish jurisdiction and things are bound to get very interesting, very fast. Pat Varas, Executive Chairman and CEO of Norden Crown Metals (sponsor) has traveled the world looking for resources and developing mines. Now the focus of his attention is Scandanavia. Perhaps unknown to many, Pat extols the virtues of this extremely solid mining venue. People have been mining here since before the Middle Ages. With extremely large copper and iron deposits, they’re a vital European source of resources. And Pat sees major potential above and beyond that. He is looking forward to additional drill results in the Fredriksson Gruvan prospect, which has intersected 11.0 meters of stratiform sulphide mineralization interpreted to be Broken Hill Type (BHT) precious metal enriched base metal mineralization.

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Big Tech, Big Brother and the End of Free Speech

by Frank Miele
Real Clear Politics

In George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” members of the Outer Party of Oceania engage in the Two Minutes Hate ritual against Emmanuel Goldstein, who is supposed to be the enemy of the people but may actually just be a fabricated symbol to distract the people from their real enemy — Big Brother.

In Nancy Pelosi’s “Twenty Twenty-One,” members of the Democratic Party engage in the Two Hours Hate against Donald Trump, who is supposed to be the enemy of the people, but may actually just be a fabricated symbol to distract the people from their real enemy — Big Tech.

Two hours of hate — er, debate — was held in the House of Representatives last Wednesday for the avowed purpose of removing a president of the United States. That’s all it took. Two hours. That should tell you everything you need to know about the state of democracy in our country.

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What’s Next? Great Awakening or Great Reset?

by Brian C. Joondeph
American Thinker

Pick your favorite sports analogy. President Trump is at bat, bottom of the ninth inning, two outs, full count, bases loaded, down by three runs. Or he is at the poker table, across from the entire Washington DC ruling class, all the chips now on the table. Is he holding a royal flush or a pair of threes?

We will know in a few days how the game ends, as either the “great awakening” or the “great reset”. It’s a binary choice with one winner and one loser, no ties or extra innings. This will be one of the most consequential weeks in human history.

Far more than a presidential election is at stake. The future direction of America is on the line, either continuing as a beacon of freedom and liberty, an inspiration and bulwark of stability for the entire world, or a real life “Hunger Games” with a small vindictive ruling class creating utopia for themselves and punishing or destroying all those who stand in their way.

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U.S. Debt Hat Contest

by Craig Hemke
TF Metals Report

With not much else to do on an otherwise quiet U.S. market holiday Monday, let’s have some fun with a new kind of Hat Contest that’s focused upon the exponentially-growing U.S. national debt.

The idea for this contest came from our old friend and longtime contributor, AGXIIK. He wrote me a few weeks back after the election and suggested that, since total debt levels are certain to continue soaring in the months ahead, we should have a contest regarding the date the debt passes $30,000,000,000,000. He even offered to supply the prizes!

To win, all you have to do is guess the date and time (U.S. Pacific Time Zone) that the total U.S. national debt surpasses the $30T level for the first time.

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The Danger of Political Civil Unrest This Week

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

The Kent University State Massacre took place on May 4th, 1970. It was the killing of four students and the wounding of nine others who were all unarmed students by the Ohio National Guard. I certainly hope there is no violence this week. The National Guard after Kent State was never again to appear with loaded weapons. Here on the 20th, it appears that Pelosi preferred marines rather than unarmed “weekend warriors” as she views the National Guard. To placate her demands, the National Guard this week will be armed.

The rise of Antifa really took shape starting with the Berkeley riots in 2017. The Antifa handbook was published in 2017. As the cycle turned, political protests have erupted around the world. There is basically no place that has been immune. My deep concern is that we have reached the culmination of this cycle here in 2021 and the arming of the National Guard is indicative of the start of a new cycle and this appears to be one of increased violence that will lead to revolutions in many parts of the world. All we can do is pray that they do not attempt a siege in Washington this week. It will not end well and can easily be another Kent State Massacre with total repression nationwide thereafter.

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Biden Administration Responds to Migrant Caravan Demand to Honor His Promise

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

An official from the Biden transition team has responded to the migrant caravan heading to the U.S. that asked the incoming administration to prove that it plans to keep its promise to ease President Trump’s restrictions on immigration.

The migrant caravan: More than 7,000 migrants reportedly left Honduras last week, some of whom moved into Guatemala on Friday. Migrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras said, on behalf of the caravan, that it expects the Biden administration to welcome the group because the former vice president promised softer immigration policies during his run.

“We recognize the importance of the incoming Government of the United States having shown a strong commitment to migrants and asylum seekers, which presents an opportunity for the governments of Mexico and Central America to develop policies and a migration management that respect and promote the human rights of the population in mobility,” the group said in a statement. “We will advocate that the Biden government honors its commitments.”

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Bill Gates is Now the Largest Farmland Owner in America

by Noah Manskar
Market Watch

Bill Gates may no longer be the world’s richest man, but he can claim a new title: America’s farmland king.

The billionaire Microsoft co-founder has become the largest owner of farmland in the United States by quietly buying up massive plots across the county, a new report says.

Gates’ portfolio comprises about 242,000 acres of farmland and nearly 27,000 acres of other land across 19 states, according to The Land Report, a magazine for land investors that tracks the nation’s biggest landowners.

The biggest chunks of Gates’ holdings are in Louisiana and Arkansas, where he owns 69,071 acres and 47,927 acres, respectively, the outlet’s research found.

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Note: The CDC KNOWS; Pay Attention

by Karl Denninger

Note this:

The administration will also stop holding back millions of doses reserved for the second round of shots of Pfizer and Moderna’s two-dose vaccines, the official said, adding they released doses that had been held in reserve on Sunday.


President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team announced Friday that his administration planned to release all doses held in reserve.

Folks, there is no science whatsoever on what happens if you get one shot and then don’t get the other on the correct schedule, or at all. Indeed the folks from Pfizer and Moderna immediately threw shade on that with good reason; they have no idea what will happen because it was never investigated. Indeed, if one shot was enough they never would have tested or required two.

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Now That Universal Basic Income Checks Have Started, the American People Will Go Mad if They Don’t Continue

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

We crossed a line that should have never been crossed when we sent “stimulus payments” directly to the American people during the very early stages of the COVID pandemic. Even many Republicans that supported the measure acknowledged that what they were doing was pure socialism, but they defended the payments by insisting that we were in the middle of a major national emergency. At the time, I warned that once the government started issuing such checks, the American people would always keep demanding more. When it was announced that the latest round of “stimulus payments” would only be $600 per person, angry activists vandalized Nancy Pelosi’s house. Of course they got Mitch McConnell’s house too. In both cases, the vandals made it exceedingly clear that they wanted more government money.

Sadly, it wasn’t just a handful of activists that went ballistic. Literally millions of enraged Americans posted angry messages on social media that expressed how “insulting” the $600 figure was.

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Massive Inflation in Shipping Costs. And the Reasons.

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Rates for trucking, ocean containers, airfreight, parcels, you name it, the costs for shipping consumer & industrial goods are surging.

The dollar-amount spent by shippers, such as manufacturers or retailers, on shipping their goods jumped by 13% in December from a year earlier, driving the Cass Freight Index of Expenditures to a new record (red line). The amount spent on freight is a function of shipment volume and freight rates:

[…] The Cass Freight Index covers shipments by all modes of transportation, but is heavily concentrated on shipments by truck, with truckload accounting for over half of the expenditures, followed by less-than-truckload (LTL), rail, parcel services, etc. It does not cover commodities.

The freight rates embedded in the index jumped by 6.0% in December compared to a year earlier. “Based in part on spot trends, the acceleration in freight rates is likely to persist in the coming months,” Cass said in the report.

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Janet Yellen is Set to Inherit a Helluva Lot of Power, Thanks to Stealthy Changes in the Law

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

At 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, one day ahead of President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Senate Finance Committee will hold the confirmation hearing for Janet Yellen to become the next U.S. Treasury Secretary. In that role, Yellen sits atop a sprawling federal agency that includes the IRS; the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which regulates national banks and reports on their hundreds of trillions of dollars in derivatives; the Bureau of Engraving and Printing; the U.S. Mint; the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) which is tasked with combating money laundering but has failed miserably in the job; and numerous other units.

In addition, legislation passed by Congress puts Yellen in charge of the slush fund known as the Exchange Stabilization Fund; makes her the Chair of the Financial Stability Oversight Council, and, thanks to stealthy legislation passed during the Trump administration, the Treasury Secretary is now a permanent member of the National Security Council (NSC).

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Free Lunches for One and All

by David Stockman

In light of Sleepy Joe’s swell new $1.9 trillion package of more free stuff, it’s time to get out our magnifying glasses again. The purpose is to compute the size of the hole in America’s collective paycheck that purportedly requires such continued, extraordinary beneficence from our not so rich Uncle Sam.

To repeat: There is no reason in the world why the February (pre-Covid) level of wage and salary disbursements is not a solid and appropriate benchmark for measuring the pocketbook hit from the Covid-Lockdowns that have wreaked havoc on the US economy since March. That is, from the point at which the evil Dr. Fauci convinced the Donald to pull the plug on MAGA and his own tenure in office, too (of course, 80-year-old Dr. Fauci is still there, fixing to bamboozle yet another notionally “elected” president).

Still, back in February the Donald was boasting to one and all that he had delivered the greatest economy the world had ever seen and Wall Street apparently agreed, pushing stocks high into the nosebleed section of history.

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Biden Team to Migrant Caravan: Now Isn’t a Good Time, Try Coming Later

“There’s help on the way, but now is not the time to make the journey.”

by Tim Pearce
Daily Wire

The transition team for President-elect Joe Biden is warning thousands of Honduran immigrants flocking to the U.S. border seeking entry that they may end up waiting in Mexico for a while before their asylum claims can be processed.

An official with the transition team told NBC News that the incoming administration was going to prioritize immigrants that have already filed claims and who are currently staying just across the border in Mexico under the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP). The MPP requires that those seeking asylum must stay in northern Mexico while their claims are processed in the U.S.

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Biden Considering Ending Keystone XL Pipeline Permit on First Day in Office

by Varun Hukeri

President-elect Joe Biden reportedly plans to sign an executive order rescinding the Keystone XL pipeline’s cross-border permit on his first day of his office, sources confirmed to multiple news outlets.

The executive order was reportedly included in a briefing note from the Biden transition team circulated over the weekend with industry groups and lobbyists, sources told CBC News. But the decision was not mentioned in incoming White House chief of staff Ron Klain’s weekend memo discussing proposed executive orders, Politico reported.

The president-elect is expected to take executive action on climate change during his first days in office. Biden has indicated he will sign executive orders rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and reversing many of the Trump administration’s regulatory rollbacks.

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China: ‘Majority of the Americans’ Think ‘the U.S. is Falling Apart’

by Frances Martel

China’s state-run propaganda outlet Global Times concluded in an opinion column Sunday that the vast majority of Americans assume their state will soon collapse.

The article, citing the alleged results of a poll from the Washington rumor publication Axios, referred to America as a “third world failed state” where citizens live in “distress, fear, and horror,” citing tensions prior to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

The article follows weeks of an unprecedented resurgence of the Chinese coronavirus within its native country that has resulted in extensive lockdowns throughout the vast country, from the greater Beijing area to the city where the virus originated, Hubei province capital Wuhan. In articles placed significantly below the column predicting the complete demise of the United States, the Global Times admitted that 11 regions across China are under lockdown and that coronavirus testing experts in Hebei, the province surrounding Beijing, had falsified documentation to fabricate fake negative coronavirus tests.

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Pandemic Security Theater

by James Bovard
The American Institute for Economic Research

After the start of the Covid pandemic, my local Harris Teeter grocery store in Montgomery County, Maryland made extensive changes, including placing eight-foot high plexiglass screens between every one of its nine self-service checkout stations. However, a few months ago, one panicky customer complained to the local health department that he felt unsafe at the store. A health inspector swooped in and threatened to shut down the grocery store unless they blocked access to a third of their self-service checkouts. As a result, the store now sometimes has long lines of people waiting to check out and presumably increasing their exposure to Covid while tarrying.

The inspector also forced the store to designate one of its two eight-foot wide entrances, each with a sequence of two automatic opening doors, as an “exit only.” The store initially taped a few little “exit only” signs to the exterior. A few weeks later, a county inspector returned to the scene (maybe sparked by another local resident who forgot to take their Xanax before shopping?) and issued new commands to the store. The result: now the doors are plastered with at least four “exit signs” as well as a three-foot high folding “exit” sign close enough to trip people who weren’t paying attention.

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Why the Covid Shutdowns of Public Schools Are Driving So Many to Homeschooling

by Joanna Miller

The American public school system fell apart this year. The overwhelming majority of American parents found themselves remote schooling from home. No consensus exists on whether or not schools should reopen, or whether they should reopen only after everyone attending gets vaccinated. Because teachers still get paid no matter what happens, anger and vitriol between parents, teachers, and other parents has increased to a point where the social fabric children lived in a year ago is ripping apart.

A Broken Model

We can only solve these problems by returning to a true marketplace for schooling. We need to admit that the public school system model has failed. It only marginally worked under the assumption that enough parents worked the same hours and paid enough money in property taxes to keep the system up and running. However, without a societal norm in terms of who can work from home, who needs to work on-site and therefore needs in-person childcare, and who even has a job, only the free market can possibly match the many different needs parents have right now.

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Global Persecution: The Number of Christians Killed for Their Faith Increased by 60 Percent in Just One Year

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

For years I have been warning that Christian persecution was rising all over the globe, but we have never seen anything like the past year. Christians are being slaughtered all across Africa, they are being taken to concentration camps in North Korea, thousands of churches have been brutally shut down under a new wave of persecution in China, and millions of believers throughout the Middle East must live knowing that each new day may be their last. Of course most Americans have never heard about any of this because the mainstream media won’t cover it.

Thankfully, there are organizations that do keep track of what is happening to Christians around the globe, and one of them is Open Doors USA. According to the group, the number of Christians that were killed for their faith was 60 percent higher in 2020 than it was in 2019…

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Are You Getting It Yet? They DON’T Want You To Be Free!

by Mac Slavo

People who understand what is going on know the value of liberty. And yet, the government’s message is loud and clear: they do not want you to be free. They demand and desire only your enslavement.

In an incredible video on High Impact Flix, creator Brian details the ways the government has removed the illusion of choice and freedom lately. “If you don’t have freedom, you don’t have anything,” Brian says.

If you haven’t figured out that the United States government has taken more of your rights and freedom than any other entity ever because you believed they have the authority/power to do so, this is going to be a rough year for you. The tyrannical veil has been lifted and it’s time we all wake up.

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All day every day, all we hear about is Bitcoin, and how exciting it is. How more and more people are adopting it. Well, as I wrote a few weeks ago, I missed the whole boat on Bitcoin. The idea of it being anonymous was attractive, but the idea that I couldn’t hold it in my hand, had to rely on “wallets” with passwords, and the fact that I think they can indeed shut it off if they want, told me, I didn’t need it.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

All day every day, all we hear about is Bitcoin, and how exciting it is. How more and more people are adopting it. Well, as I wrote a few weeks ago, I missed the whole boat on Bitcoin. The idea of it being anonymous was attractive, but the idea that I couldn’t hold it in my hand, had to rely on “wallets” with passwords, and the fact that I think they can indeed shut it off if they want, told me, I didn’t need it.

So yeah, I missed the 40K dollar run up. The question from me is this however. In China, you cannot use bitcoin for commerce. It’s illegal. Is there a chance that the powers that be, will declare it illegal to use here in the states, or in Europe? A lot of people will tell you no, and give you reasons they won’t or can’t.

I argue that yes indeed they “might” and Probably will. The globalists are all about control. Hello…have any of you read the things on the World Economic Forum? How they want to absolutely change the entire landscape of the worlds economy? Have you seen their little propaganda movie about life in 2030?

Here it is on Forbes:

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California Halts Injections of Moderna Covid Vaccine Batch Due to ‘Higher-Than-Usual Number of Adverse Events’

Investigation launched after spike of reactions linked to batch of vaccines

by RT
Info Wars

California health officials are asking vaccine providers to stop administering a batch of Moderna’s Covid-19 jab, after an unusually high number of adverse reactions were linked to the drug.

Doses from Moderna Lot 041L20A are suspected of causing a “higher-than-usual number of adverse events” and should be shelved until a proper investigation can be conducted, the California Department of Public Health said on Sunday.

State epidemiologist Dr. Erica S. Pan said in a statement that “fewer than 10 individuals” suffered “a possible severe allergic reaction” and required medical attention over the past 24 hours after being injected with the specific batch of vaccine. All of the incidents appear to have occurred at a single community clinic that was administering the lot. The site reportedly closed for several hours after the string of adverse reactions occurred, before switching to a different batch of the drug.

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