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Dr. Steve Turley Returns with Election News and Views

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

One of our favorite guests, Dr. Steve Turley came on to give us the latest election update. Seems that rumors of Trump’s demise could be greatly exaggerated. There’s a number of things taking place that virtually insure his reelection. From primary vote tallies, to emerging Biden crime family scandals, to a number of other relevant issues, it’s beginning to look a lot like a major Trump blow-out. And there’s nothing that can stop it.

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Stimulus Coming or Going? with Nick Santiago (Ep #143)

from Daily Market Wisdom with Nick Santiago

For more than 20 years, Master Trader Nick Santiago has been beating the markets. He’s made some incredible calls along the way and now he’s looking to spread the word. There’s no reason that the average trader should be coming up short. So now we’ve started a daily show to bring you up to date on the latest market developments. Nick will be sharing trades and concepts and discussing current trends.

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Aurcana Silver Corp is Financed, and Production to Start Shortly

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

I sat down with Bill Powers of Mining Stock Education and Keven Drover, CEO of Aurcana Silver Corp., (sponsor) which owns arguably the world’s highest-grade silver mine in Colorado. All permits are in place. With the announcement of a secured a debt facility to cover costs needed to achieve production, the final hurdle to production has been cleared. Drover believes it can happen in as little as six month. A lesser known part of the story is the exploration upside. Initially they’ll be mining a relatively small portion of their land package. Assuming that favorable silver prices stay with us, and this mine could be producing for many years to come. And that could mean big gains for those who got in early. (Disclosure: We are shareholders)

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Dollar Crashing to Zero Under Tsunami of Debt with Dr. Jerome Corsi

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Dr. Jerome Corsi is back… The U.S. dollar has joined other major currencies in a race to zero value as central banks are failing, unable to preserve purchasing power in fiat currency that has lost 100% of its value since the U.S. went completely off of the gold standard under President Nixon in 1971. U.S. national debt has on the average doubled every 8 years since Reagan assumed the presidency in 1981. Even more alarming, the Congressional Budget Organization (CBO) published a study last month that reported the national debt will rise to nearly twice the U.S. total economic output in 2050. A note about the election. We discussed the latest October surprise with drug addicted Hunter Biden’s notebook and all the damning information contained therein. Complete with details of the Biden Crime Family, direct pay-offs to the Vice President and his family members.

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GR Silver Mining is Pursuing 100M+ Silver Ounces with CEO Marcio Fonseca

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

GR Silver Mining (TSXV: GRSL   OTC:GRSLF   FRA:GPE) is pursuing 100M+ silver ounces through the discovery and advancement of high-grade silver projects in the Rosario mining district in Sinaloa, Mexico.  And the company is off to an excellent start as it already has a resource of 40M silver ounces.  GR Silver is fully funded for at least 2 years of exploration and resource expansion drilling at its two 100% owned San Marcial and Plomosas projects.  The company will see a steady stream of drill results over the next two years as well as an updated resource estimate in Q1 2021.  In this interview, President and CEO Marcio Fonseca provides an update on GR Silver Mining’s progress.

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Election Toss-Up with Martin Armstrong (Ep #4942)

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Martin Armstrong returns to talk about the election… On electoral votes Trump should win again. Turnout will be at least 55% or even 61%. The model has never been wrong. It also shows that this election will be the most corrupt election in history, with Big Tech conspiracies and mail fraud and who knows? It may take 2 weeks to know who actually won. Hard to say because it’s so rigged and they are so desperate to toss out Trump, in furtherance of their international agenda. Biden’s crime family is doing what all political crime families in DC do. This is how the corruption takes place. It’s not just Biden, it’s all of Congress. Report your income and that of your spouse but not the rest of the family, like son Hunter and brother James.

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Distressed Real Estate Investing About to Take Off with Chris Craddock

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Chris Craddock shares with us where to find real estate investor partners and how his team builds relationships with rehabbers and wholesalers. He explains how to get investor referrals and how to turn trash into cash and earn outsized returns. Chris provides insight on positioning yourself as a problem-solver, and how to leverage investor referrals! Whether you’re a real estate agent or a real estate investor, Chris’s methods can really help you succeed in the coming distressed asset boom market.

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What Financial News is Real? with Dan Ferris

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Dan Ferris, is the Editor of the Extreme Value, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on some of the safest and yet most profitable stocks in the market. His is also the host of the Stansberry Investor Hour podcast.

The constant media narrative of what investors are doing for X reason is really a huge fraud. The financial media is as broken as the rest of it, and feels the need to establish a fake urgency to get eyeballs. So they wind up being like sports commentators, opining on what’s happening this minute… then this minute… ad infinitum.

Too much financial media is to investors what narcotics are to the human body: feels good for a minute but long run it’s poison.

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An October Full of Surprises with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino stops by for another installment… Today we discuss the Hunter Biden saga (laptop, incriminating emails and pics, Twitter banning everyone in sight). Steve Bannon says, “If the FBI had acted on this when it first got the laptop, Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic nominee.” On the economy, how can there be a recovery if the new unemployment claims are still elevated, and stimulus checks have stopped coming? The math doesn’t seem to work. Rick Rule says gold mining stocks are overbought. Will gold seasonality matter this time around in light of pandemic, election, etc? In the U.K., people in hard hit areas who are dating but don’t live together are banned from indoor sex (outdoor should be okay). Only 11 percent of student loan borrowers are still making their payments during Covid.

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Understanding the Value and Growth Ahead for Fury Gold Mines with Ivan Bebek

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Ivan Bebek joined us to provide an update on the completed Auryn Resources transaction (sponsor). Here’s how it worked. Auryn Resources acquired Eastmain Resources and became Fury Gold Mines. At the same time it spun off its Peruvian assets into two new companies, Sombrero Resources and Tier One Metals.

Shareholders of Auryn Resources (on the record date) now own 1 share in each of the 3 new companies. Fury Gold Mines began trading last week. Sombrero and Tier One will begin trading in early 2021. Valuation is tentative, because Sombrero and Tier One are currently private companies and for now have no market listings. (Due to US tax considerations). Several analysts are following the company and have issued price targets as high as $5 per share for Fury alone, well above it’s current price.

Not to worry. All the companies are well capitalized and moving quickly ahead with their business plans. Fury has a fully funded 50,000 meter drill program soon to commence. Ivan is quite confident that the program will yield big results and this should mean big profits to shareholders. News will be flowing shortly.

Once the Peruvian companies start trading, the true value of the transaction will become apparent to all. It’s a case of the parts being worth far more than the whole. As shareholders, we couldn’t be happier with the way things are progressing.

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Everything is Pointing to Big Success for Gold Terra’s Shareholders – CFO Mark T. Brown

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Gold Terra Corp’s (OTC – YGTFF | TSX.V – YGT) (sponsor) CFO, Mark T. Brown joined us for an update on their Yellowknife project. After raising C$7 million in a recent oversubscribed capital raise, the company is aggressively moving forward. Mark is the right person at the right time, as he formerly oversaw finances at Miramar Mining for the highly profitable adjacent Yellowknife Con Mine.

Drill results have been delayed due to COVID and increased mining activity, but will be out shortly. The Company is extremely optimistic about them. CEO Gerald Panneton of Detour Gold fame, said “…this project is more exciting than Detour Lake.” And considering that Detour was acquired by Kirkland Lake for nearly $5 billion, that means a lot. With all this going for it, Gold Terra is certainly worth a look.

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The Cure is the Disease (Debt, Debt, Debt) with Michael Pento

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Michael Pento Returns… It’s amazing how Americans and people around the world accept the same line of garbage; the cure to the economic crisis is actually the disease. Ever escalating debt is what got us into this mess in the first place. And as usual, the powers that be solution is ever more debt at an ever accelerating pace. Does that even remotely make any sense? Intractable inflation, a bond death spiral, constant monetization will eventually result in Fed not being able money to print our way out of it. Right now, Apple’s 10 year bonds yield is below the 10 year Treasury. Jerome Powell wants higher inflation, perhaps double digit and with the cooperation of the Congress and the President he will get it. Paying people to lay fallow and not produce is clearly not the path to prosperity. And that’s where we find ourselves now.

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One Table and Two Charts Show Why Stocks Are a Bad Place to Be

by John Rubino
Dollar Collapse

US stocks are behaving amazingly well given the political and economic near-chaos of the past few months. This is probably the first recession that inflated rather than popped financial asset bubbles.

Why? Because panicked governments and central banks are dumping trillions of play-money dollars into the system, a big part of which flow directly into the brokerage accounts of the 1%.

The result is a stock market that looks very familiar to financial historians. But not in a good way. Here’s a table from money manager Lawrence Lepard comparing today’s S&P 500 to its predecessor at the peak of the 1990s tech stock bubble.

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Senate Demands Hunter Biden Turn Over Bank Records Wire Transfers Account Balances and Travel Records

from Zero Hedge

Senate investigators have demanded that Hunter Biden turn over a mountain of evidence following bombshell emails and text messages which appear to show he and his business partners engaging in an international influence-peddling scheme while his father was Vice President of the United States, according to CBS News’ Catherine Herridge – who brought receipts as usual.

NEW: Senate Investigators seek Hunter Biden records, according to October 21 letter, addressed to team of lawyers. Deadline October 23. “According to recent reports that published emails allegedly from your client’s laptop, the Committees have identified your client as an pic.twitter.com/ChIhs14Ogq

— Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) October 22, 2020

“According to recent reports that published emails allegedly from your client’s laptop, the Committees have identified your client as an individual involved in one or more of these business arrangements or financial transactions,” reads a Wednesday letter from Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley.

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New CDC Numbers Show Lockdown’s Deadly Toll on Young People

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new report Wednesday on the COVID-19 mortality rate in the U.S. that shows the scope of the negative impact COVID-19 lockdown measures have had on the younger population.

“From January 26, 2020, through October 3, 2020, an estimated 299,028 more persons than expected have died in the United States,” the report states.

From January 26 through October 3, the CDC report states, the “average percentage change in deaths” was largest among young adults aged 25-44 and signified an increase (26.5%) compared to previous years.

“Although more excess deaths have occurred among older age groups, relative to past years, adults aged 25–44 years have experienced the largest average percentage increase in the number of deaths from all causes from late January through October 3, 2020,” according to the report.

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Trump and Biden Are Right: Both Parties Are to Blame for America’s Inhumane, Broken Immigration System

Trump’s immigration record is uniquely appalling but he didn’t do it all by himself. Before you start building cages, you should ask how your political opponents might use them.

by Eric Boehm

One administration built the cages. Another administration filled them. Who is actually to blame?

That question occupied President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden for a good portion of the time allotted to a discussion of immigration during Thursday’s debate, the last of the 2020 campaign season. Trump blamed the Obama administration for “building cages to keep children in” and (technically correctly) argued that he had been falsely maligned for inventing inhumane immigration enforcement practices that he inherited from his predecessor. Biden, meanwhile, blamed Trump for ramping up the cruelty by separating families who crossed the border without authorization—a policy that has somewhat predictably resulted in the federal immigration bureaucracy losing track of the families of more than 500 migrant children.

Here’s the thing: They’re both right.

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The Destruction of the Euro

by Alasdair MacLeod
Gold Money

The Eurozone is bust. The deterioration of TARGET2 imbalances have been hardly noticed, but in recent months it has been alarming. Despite official denials over the years that it is a matter of concern, it is increasingly obvious that the national banks of Italy, Spain and other nations with increasing bad debts are hiding them within the TARGET2 system. The first wave of Covid-19, which is leading to bankruptcies throughout the Eurozone, is now being followed by a second wave, which will almost certainly take out a number of important banks, in which case the cross-border euro system will implode.


If ever there was a political construct the unstated objective of which is to enslave its population, it is the European Union. Its opportunity stems from national governments which, with the exception of Germany and a few other northern states, had driven or were on the way to driving their failed states into the ground.

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Biden Repeats Version of Politifact’s ‘Lie of the Year’: If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan

by Tim Pearce
Daily Wire

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed falsely on Thursday night that not one American lost their private health insurance from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare.

Biden repeated what the left-leaning fact-checker PolitiFact rated its 2013 “Lie of the Year” on a stage in Nashville during the second and final presidential debate of the 2020 campaign. Biden was responding to a question on his own health care plan, which includes much of the same structure as Obamacare, when he launched into an erroneous defense of the ACA.

“The idea that I want to eliminate private insurance, the reason why I had such a fight with 20 candidates for the nomination was I support private insurance,” Biden said. “That’s why I didn’t, not one single person with private insurance would lose their insurance under my plan, nor did they under Obamacare. They did not lose their insurance unless they chose they wanted to go to something else.”

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Sorting Through the Data Chaos in Unemployment Claims: Week 31 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

California Emerged from its “Reset.”

California’s Employment Development Department – whacked by reports of chaos and massive backlogs in processing and paying unemployment claims, and by waves of fraudulent claims, particularly under the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) for the self-employed – announced on September 19 that it had “paused” processing claims for a “reset” period during which it would fix the issues and catch up with its backlog.

This pause halted California’s reporting of unemployment claims to the Department of Labor; and in the following weeks, the DOL then just copied and pasted California’s last reported data into its weekly unemployment claims report. California accounts for about a quarter of US unemployment claims.

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Taking Back Control – One Small Step at a Time

by Simon Black
The Daily Bell

Via Sovereign Man

At the height of World War II, when American soldiers were on the front lines in Europe and the Pacific battling for the very survival of civilization, life back home was starting to feel pretty bleak.

The psychological toll alone was severe.

Countless families had a husband, father, brother, or son fighting in the war, so people worried about their loved ones’ safety on a daily basis.

And just about everyone stressed about the outcome of the war and prayed that the Nazis didn’t overwhelm Allied forces.

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Silver’s Coming Double Trigger Shotgun Price Explosion

by David Smith
Silver Seek

Even in the competitive hunting/shooting community, few enthusiasts know about an arcane rifle known as a “double trigger shotgun.” Essentially, it’s a double-barrel shotgun having a trigger for each barrel.

This was an early day’s design with the triggers located inside the trigger guard, back to front. It was possible to press both triggers at once, causing a double discharge, though for the most part this was not a good idea – since it caused twice the recoil, and was hard on both the shotgun and the shooter – especially if not anticipated.

Though this essay is not about shotguns, but rather silver, the above concept provides a perfect analogy for what I believe is in store – a double discharge for both silver demand and price in the reasonably near future!

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Two Inflationary Tail Risks for U.S. Investors

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
The Street

Lacy Hunt at Hoisington Management has two potential sources of inflation on his mind.

Third Quarter Outlook

Please consider the Hoisington Quarterly Review and Outlook for the third quarter of 2020.

Lacy Hunt starts off with conditions central banks must meet to stimulate the economy.

Four Conditions

1. The Fed must be able to control the monetary base by increasing its liabilities

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The Privilege of Politics

by Jeff Deist

Actor Chris Pratt finds himself a target of left Hollywood and various social media enforcers for his apparent lack of support for Joe Biden, a sin in his industry. Pratt has endorsed neither Biden nor Trump, which seems eminently sensible for a boy-next-door type who plays superheroes and adventurers in big blockbusters. But staying quiet is never enough for the political jackals, who insist silence is violence and a form of privilege. Trump is a Nazi; his electorate is full of hateful fascist enablers and this is no time for quietude. To make matters worse, the reticent Pratt also belongs to a Christian church which is “anti-LGBT”—which is to say not anti-LGBT at all, but simply not in full conformity with the language and demands of its accusers.

When his actor friend and sometime costar Mark Ruffalo rushed to defend Pratt’s character, the Twitterati reacted angrily but predictably:

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‘It’s Daunting to Think About What the Consequences Will Be.’ with No Stimulus Deal, Much of America’s Temporary Financial Safety Net Will Expire Dec. 31

The help that Americans have been getting with rent, unemployment benefits, student loans, paid leave and more is scheduled to end soon

by Andrew Keshner, Jacob Passy, Jillian Berman, Elisabeth Buchwald, and Leslie Albrecht
Market Watch

The prospect of another stimulus package before Election Day is uncertain, even as the White House and Democratic leaders kept talking Wednesday.

What is certain for now, however, is that many Americans who are struggling financially will soon see their temporary financial safety net end unless lawmakers intervene.

A wide range of financial assistance programs designed to help people stay in their homes, stay current on their student loans, keep their lights on and meet other financial obligations during the pandemic-induced economic downturn are scheduled to end on or before Dec. 31.

“It is daunting to think about what the consequences will be for families, individuals, businesses, our economy when the COVID-19 protections and financial assistance are no longer available,” said Jack Gillis, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America, a research, service and advocacy organization promoting consumer interests.

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Wisdom From a Master

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

America today confronts an unprecedented crisis. Our economy is collapsing, and the fake coronavirus ”epidemic,” with its Draconian restrictions, is destroying our liberty. What can we do? We’re fortunate that Dr. Ron Paul, our greatest living American, has provided a masterful diagnosis and offers us hope for a cure—if only we will listen.

The End of Unearned Opulence sums up and extends Ron’s message that he has given us in his many years of devoted service. In the book, he speaks of the “Faustian bargain” that Nixon imposed on the American people when he abandoned convertibility of the dollar into gold in 1971. He offered us fifty years of fake prosperity, but inevitably, the bill from the devil came due. In telling us about this, Ron talks about the great German writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe and how he modified the Faust legend. As I read this, I thought about Goethe’s finishing his great play Faust in the wisdom of his old age. Ron has in like fashion offered us in this book his mature wisdom.

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Trump Chases Biden on Email Allegations as Moderator Kristen Welker Holds Tight Leash in Final Presidential Debate

by Anders Hagstrom

President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden met in the second and final debate ahead of the Nov. 3 election Thursday night, with the president seeking to pin down Biden on recent corruption allegations.

NBC News held the debate in Nashville, Tennessee, with reporter Kristen Welker moderating. The debate was the first in which each candidate was muted for the duration of his opponent’s allotted two minute response time for each question. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) resorted to the measure after the first debate featuring Trump and Biden routinely talking over one another.

Trump and Biden were more civil throughout the debate, with the president adopting a markedly more reserved tone and offering more deference to Welker than he did the previous moderator, Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Welker led the candidates through the issues with confidence, allowing both to broach new topics but keeping the back-and-forth in check.

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Biden Whistleblower Emails: Chinese Energy Company Gave $5 Million Non-Secured, Forgivable Loan to Biden ‘Family’

by Matthew Boyle

A 2017 email from a top official with a Chinese energy firm, provided by a whistleblower to U.S. Senate investigators, demonstrates the terms of an agreement included officials with the firm giving a $5 million non-secured, forgivable loan to the Biden “family.”

The email, sent to SinoHawk Holdings CEO Tony Bobulinski, shows how a top official with CEFC Energy — a now bankrupt and defunct energy company based in China — offered to wire $10 million into an account to begin operations, $5 million worth of which would be a non-secured forgivable loan to the “BD Family,” which means the Biden family.

Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer spent four and a half hours with Bobulinski before he went public, and discussed these communications in particular regarding this loan during that meeting.

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Why the Polls May Be Wrong Again

by G. Murphy Donovan
American Thinker

Polls and pundits were wrong across the board prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Indeed, the anti-Trump spin was so universal with pollsters and journalists in the last presidential election, that even three and a half years later, it’s hard to believe that there wasn’t a conspiracy to cook the books to discourage Trump voters.

With another election pending, pollsters seem to be having hot flashes of déjà vu. Donald Trump is again universally cast as the dark horse. But this year there is some clear evidence to explain why polls and media alike may be misreading or misrepresenting the numbers.

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IMF Confirms Massive Stimulus Ahead Globally

by David Brady
Sprott Money

Although this news is already a week old, it is critical in that it confirms what I and many others have expected: Fiscal and monetary stimulus on steroids is coming, and it’ll be GLOBAL.

The IMF released a video last week in which its Managing Director, Kristalina Georgieva (‘KG’), calls for a “A New Bretton Woods Moment” and a “Global Monetary Renegotiation.” You can watch it on the IMF’s website here:

[…] There’s a lot of information in this video, but I am going to focus on the financial aspects. The remarks that follow are my interpretation of what is being said. Watch the video yourself to make up your own mind.

In it, KG describes the economic fallout from the pandemic and the measures applied globally. She also states that:

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Strange Election “Coincidences”: 1 Blue Moon, 2 Asteroids and 3 Simultaneous Lightning Strikes

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

This has already been one of the most bizarre presidential election seasons in U.S. history, and it gets stranger with each passing day. So it seems appropriate that nature is getting into the act as well. Some very unusual natural events are happening, and many are speculating that some or all of them may have some sort of deeper meaning.

For example, there will be a “blue moon” on the Saturday before the election, and of course Halloween just also happens to fall on that particular Saturday. The following comes from the Jerusalem Post…

The events of 2020 have been strange enough that some might quip they would only happen once in a blue moon. But this year will even have one of those: At the end of October, an actual, rare blue moon will occur – on Halloween.

What makes this even more unusual is the fact that this will be the very first Halloween blue moon to occur in all global time zones since 1944…

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Fed’s Balance Sheet Expands to $7.17 Trillion but Look at the Shocking Leverage

from King World News

With central banks around the world leveraging like never before, the Fed has just expanded its balance sheet to $7.17 trillion, but look at the shocking leverage!

Extreme Leverage

October 22 (King World News) – James Turk: The Federal Reserve expanded its balance sheet this week to a record high of $7.17t. Leverage also soared to 182X, meaning its capital base gets wiped out if just 0.5% of its assets default.

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