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Will 2023 Be a Year of Global War? China and Russia Are Both Making Mobilization Moves That Are Raising Red Flags

from End of the American Dream

Why are China and Russia both suddenly so concerned about mobilizing troops? What we are witnessing right now is unlike anything that we have seen since World War II. The Russians are mobilizing hundreds of thousands of fresh troops as they prepare for a new offensive in Ukraine, and meanwhile NATO countries are getting ready to send heavy tanks to the Ukrainians for the first time since the war started. But why have the Chinese decided that a nationwide mobilization may soon be necessary? Is China expecting a war? It is being reported that anyone in China that is “18 years or older” could potentially be subject to mobilization under a brand new law which will go into effect next month.

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January Jobs Report is Too Good to Be True with David Stryzewski

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

In last week’s report, the job numbers came out surprisingly high, but is it too good to be true? David Stryzewski comes on the show to discuss these numbers and the way they have been purposefully distorted over the last few months. The high number of jobs is a product of seasonal adjustment—in which 3 million jobs were added in order to come up with the most recent figure. If we look back at November and December, 2.4 million jobs were subtracted to subsequently come up with these numbers. We should not invest our attention in these reports since they do not reflect accuracy; rather, we should anticipate a future that is somewhere between what the Fed thinks and what the market actually believes. David outlines five unwavering indicators that depict what’s to come, so be sure to tune in for more information.

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Prepare to Be Bled Dry by a Decade of Stagflation

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

Our reliance on the endless expansion of credit, leverage and credit-asset bubbles will have its own high cost.

The Great Moderation of low inflation and soaring assets has ended. Welcome to the death by a thousand cuts of stagflation. It was all so easy in the good old days of the past 25 years: just keep pushing interest rates lower to reduce the cost of borrowing and juice credit expansion ((financialization) and offshore industrial production to low-cost nations with few environmental standards and beggar-thy-neighbor currency policies (globalization).

Both financialization and globalization are deflationary forces, as they reduce costs. They are also deflationary to the wages of bottom 90%, as wages are pushed down by cheap global labor and stripmined by financialization, which channels the vast majority of the economy’s gains into the top tier of the workforce and those who own the assets bubbling up in financialization’s inevitable offspring, credit-asset bubbles.

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America Once Again Turns the Other Butt Cheek

by Simon Black
Sovereign Man

When the infamous British smuggler Robert Jenkins sailed past Jamaica in April of 1731, he probably thought he was home free.

Jenkins had a ship full of contraband which he had picked up in the West Indies, and he was heading back to England to sell his goods in London’s premium markets.

But Jenkins wasn’t transporting drugs or alcohol, or even anything especially exotic. His ‘contraband’ was sugar. Big deal.

The West Indies at the time, though, were mainly under Spanish control. And Spain insisted that no one could export sugar from their territory without their express approval, along with paying heavy taxes and fees.

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Bombshell Emails Raise Questions About What Sullivan & Cromwell Knew About Fraud at Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Firms

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Just four days before Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange, FTX, collapsed into bankruptcy, Sullivan & Cromwell law partner Andrew (Andy) Dietderich sent an email to an attorney representing Voyager Digital’s Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in its bankruptcy proceedings, stating that FTX was “rock solid.” At the time, Sullivan & Cromwell was representing FTX in a very aggressive move to purchase $1 billion of Voyager’s crypto assets.

The law partner representing the Voyager creditors was Darren Azman of law firm McDermott Will & Emery. The email exchange on November 7, 2022 went as follows, according to exhibits McDermott Will & Emery submitted to the Voyager bankruptcy court in the Southern District of New York last week:

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It’s Time to De-Sovietize Health Care

by Jeffrey Tucker
Daily Reckoning

My good friend professor Yuri Maltsev died last week and I’ve spent several mourning days recalling our conversations.

He was a leading economist in the old Soviet Union, as the top adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev’s chief economist. He defected in 1989 before the Soviet Union fell apart. We became fast friends just after he landed in D.C., and we spent a year or more together collaborating on many projects.

He was a font of amazing stories about how things really worked in the Soviet Union. Contrary to what U.S. economists were claiming until the very end, it was not a rich country with mighty industrial achievements. It was a poor country where nothing worked.

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Ron DeSantis Wants $12 Million to Transport Migrants ‘From Any Point’ in the U.S.

by Fiona Harrigan

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made waves in September for a costly (and legally questionable) anti-immigrant stunt that saw nearly 50 migrants flown from San Antonio, Texas, to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. DeSantis and other Florida officials have defended the flights on two main grounds: first, as an opportunity to expose liberal hypocrisy, and second, as a step in “protecting the people of the state of Florida.”

The liberal hypocrisy didn’t quite materialize; Martha’s Vineyard residents quickly volunteered as translators, coordinated shelter, and prepared food for the migrants before they continued on to other destinations. The claim about protecting Floridians also rested on shaky ground. The flights targeted migrants who weren’t even in Florida to begin with. (DeSantis claimed that “most of them [were] intending to come to Florida.”)

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After Spiking 92% Today, 350% in a Month, Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Collapses Afterhours on Share Offering That’ll Dilute the Bejesus Out of the Meme-Stock Crowd

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Revenues collapsed. Bankruptcy filing hangs over it. This is a money-suck. But hey, it incinerated $11.6 billion on share buybacks.

Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond [BBBY], one of the heroes in my pantheon of Imploded Stocks, spiked by 92% today during the day, and by 350% from a month ago, and then collapsed afterhours and gave up about half of that 350% gain in minutes after the company announced a desperate and ruthless proposal to sell a whole bunch of shares into this rally to raise over $1 billion, diluting the bejesus out of existing shareholders.

The appropriately lugubrious purple line indicates the afterhours action today that took shares down to $3.70 (data via YCharts):

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Your Government Wants to Keep You from Seeing Voter Rolls

by Jay Valentine
American Thinker

The narrative about “free, safe, secure elections” changed 180 degrees since November 2022. Almost nobody is crazy enough to say America has free, fair elections.

After Kari Lake and Adam Laxalt, the most wimpish George Bush RINO hesitates to say “elections are fair.”

Since our team processed billions of election roll “snapshots” taken since 2020, we run the largest election database in the world. We concluded that U.S. elections are rigged by both parties, and they are rigged with the active help of election officials or their acquiescence.

Sovereign fraud — institutional election fraud by your government, first discussed on American Thinker — is real. We have the data to prove it!

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The Giant Earthquakes That We Just Witnessed in Turkey Are Just the Beginning…

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

The complete and utter devastation that we are seeing in Turkey right now should break all of our hearts. Hundreds of buildings have collapsed, and thousands upon thousands of dead and injured people are trapped under the rubble. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit Turkey early on Monday is the largest earthquake that the region has experienced in a century. Sadly, that giant quake was followed by a relentless series of aftershocks that included another giant quake. The shaking continues even as I write this article, and there are some parts of Turkey that will never be the same again after this.

Back on January 4th, I warned that 2023 would be “a year of great natural disasters”, and unfortunately that is exactly what is happening. Our planet continues to become even more unstable, and we have been witnessing large earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions occur with a frequency that is quite alarming.

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Incentives Matter

by Karl Denninger

An interesting data point: A stunning percentage of those young people without children now never intend to have them. In fact one relatively recent survey found the number was as high as one third.

The most-common reason cited? Its too expensive.

Now you can try to point to this as some sort of selfishness but that’s a dodge on the real issue: You, that is us older people, made it too expensive.

Specifically homes and medical care are two places where all the “older people” cheer; we get the “best” but the next can’t buy it at all. Our federal government tries to interfere in both markets and allows blatantly illegal activity when it comes to medical care, specifically as relates to price fixing, which has been a felony for over 100 years. Nobody cares and nobody will prosecute. Since all criminal offenses in the United States are “the people .v. whoever” — that is, there’s no right of private prosecution as there is with a lawsuit, it never ends since nobody goes to jail and in fact there is a formal government policy not to indict large corporations for felony criminal acts (which could debar them permanently from government and some private activity) after Arthur Anderson.

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Leaked Pfizer Document Shows Embattled Employee From Project Veritas Videos is Still Employed, Warns Against More ‘Anti-Science’ Stings

by Ben Zeisloft
Daily Wire

Embattled Pfizer employee Jordon Trishton Walker appears to still be employed by the pharmaceutical company after he allegedly revealed confidential information about the firm to an undercover Project Veritas journalist, according to a leaked document in which the drugmaker warned employees to watch out for “anti-science activists.”

Walker, who leads research and development for mRNA projects at Pfizer, told an undercover Project Veritas reporter that the company’s COVID vaccines are impacting women’s menstrual cycles and said that the company uses “directed evolution” to mutate coronaviruses for the creation of more potent variants and vaccines.

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Here’s How Congress Could Actually Balance the Federal Budget

by Michael Ginsberg

As members of Congress from across the political spectrum pledge not to reform entitlements, economists warn that doing so is the only effective way to cut down on federal debt.

Congress will need to raise the debt ceiling by July to avoid defaulting on the nation’s debt, and Republicans from across the party insist that they will only vote to do so in exchange for future spending cuts. The federal debt broke $31 trillion in October 2o22, and the Social Security Trust Fund is expected to go insolvent by 2034. Even though entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid made up 46% of the federal budget in 2022, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden have taken cuts to those programs off the table.

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Disney Cuts Simpsons Episode in Hong Kong That Mentioned Chinese ‘Forced Labour Camps’

“It could be strategic to eliminate any China-offending episodes.”

by Steve Watson
Summit News

Disney+ has pulled an episode of The Simpsons in Hong Kong because it mentions Chinese ‘forced labour camps’, according to reports.

[…] It appears that while it is quite content pushing divisional anti-white critical race theory conspiracy theories on children in the U.S., Disney seemingly has a problem with offending the Communinst Chinese government.

The Simpsons episode, “One Angry Lisa,” was first broadcast last year and featured a character stating “Behold the wonders of China. Bitcoin mines, forced labor camps where children make smartphones.”

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