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Crumbling Global Economic House of Cards with Rob Kirby

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Today we have Rob Kirby on the podcast, who talks about how one of the largest and most underreported issues is the volume of trade we’re experiencing in terms of dollar return in the crypto-verse. It seems that cryptos are eating off the dollar’s plate, which means that the crypto portion in international trade is rising…while the relevance of the dollar declines. Tune in to learn about the power of crypto and some of the key distinctions between Bitcoin and Ethereum that put banks and the law profession in an interesting position.

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Should We ‘Eat the Rich?’ with Jeffrey Socha

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Should we ‘Eat The Rich?’ It seems that this is not necessarily a viable solution, and today we have Jeffrey Socha on the podcast to break down the new tax proposal for us. While it may seem logical to impose higher taxes on large businesses, same corporations have tactics they will use as a result—tactics that will only hurt consumers and the rest of the economy. Tune in to hear about this interesting phenomenon in light of recent announcements, and to find out where this may put you in terms of taxes.

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Real Estate Coming Back Down to Earth with Andrew Ragusa

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Real estate has been doing great where taxes are lower, and it seems that the stage of buying-panic has come to a close as purchasers stop over-paying quite as much for homes. Today we have Andrew Ragusa on the podcast to discuss what exactly is happening with the market, and what you can expect in the purchasing sector. He emphasizes that if people want to grab something, they should grab it, because the market is always climbing. Tune in for direct insights and interesting real estate considerations.

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Bitcoin and Gold Ready to Take Off with Michael Moor

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

What’s happening in the markets, and should we be scared? It’s important to have an analytical perspective when it comes to analyzing the market, and Michael Moor comes on the show today to help us attain this point of view. He and I talk gas, oil, the metals, and Bitcoin from a data standpoint to break down what is happening in the changing market, and how we can assess these shifts from a data standpoint.

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Your Mining Stock Investment Failed… Now Who’s to Blame!? (Roundtable Discussion)

from Mining Stock Education

When your mining stock investment fails and you are looking at a large loss, who is to blame? In this roundtable discussion, Kerry Lutz, Luc ten Have, Brian Leni and Bill Powers discuss what mining speculators and investors can and cannot hold management accountable for. More discussion topics include what should be learned from investment losses and the difference between management’s malintent, incompetence and/or bad luck.

Brian Leni’s website: http://www.juniorstockreview.com/

Luc ten Have: https://ceo.ca/@luctenhave

Kerry Lutz: https://www.financialsurvivalnetwork.com/

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Whipsaw Wednesday – Beware of the Quad Witch with Nick Santiago (Ep #320)

from Daily Market Wisdom with Nick Santiago

For more than 20 years, Master Trader Nick Santiago has been beating the markets. He’s made some incredible calls along the way and now he’s looking to spread the word. There’s no reason that the average trader should be coming up short. So now we’ve started a daily show to bring you up to date on the latest market developments. Nick will be sharing trades and concepts and discussing current trends.


1. Quadruple Witching Options Expiration – This Friday is options expiration for September. As you know, this is a quarterly expiration which is a quadruple witching options expiration. This means that there are 4 different asset classes expiring under the sun this week. It has been a volatile and choppy trading week so far and I’d expect more of it going forward.

2. Chinese ADRs (China stocks) are almost impossible to invest in at this time. Today, there is news that the government in China is going to increase gaming industry regulations in the Macau region. Nearly everyday we hear some other new regulation from the Chinese government in a bunch of different industry groups.. It makes the Chinese stock uninvestable at this time.

3. Bitcoin holding tight right below 50k. Not looking good.

4. Gold/Silver gold is down 11.5. Silver down .10. Nothing to see here.

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The Precious Metals Bull Market Has Not Yet Begun with Jordan Roy-Byrne

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Every commodity seems to be up substantially with the exception of Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Today, we have Jordan Roy-Byrne on the podcast to talk about this interesting phenomenon. Gold and Silver peaked before everything else, and their performance is ultimately linked to inflation—which is higher than ever at the moment. Tune in to get interesting insight and predictions on this topic, and to hear us break down what’s happening with inflation and the metals.

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14 Percent Inflation with Michael Pento

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

As usual, we find that transitory inflation is not so transitory. Michael Pento comes on the podcast today to talk about some of the causes and effects surrounding inflation in the current economy. Pento says this is perhaps the worst inflation the country has ever seen, and the coming years don’t look too hot in terms of getting out of this economic circumstance. Tune in to hear us break down some of these financial issues, how they relate to what we have seen historically, and what to expect in the future.

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Asset Protection Equals Financial Survival with Douglass S. Lodmell

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

The world is full of people that would love to take your hard earned cash, but this can be prevented with the proper planning and an asset protection program in place before you need one. Today we have Douglass S. Lodmell on the show to talk about the importance of asset protection, and some of the steps required to acquire this. It’s as simple as figuring out what you have, and what needs to be protected that isn’t already.

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Maximize Your Profits, Buy/Sell Raw Land with The Land Sharks’ Brent Bowers

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

How can you buy raw land in a way that allows you to minimize costs and maximize upside potential? Brent Bowers comes on the podcast today to talk about his life changing experience with buying and selling land—profiting exponentially with the right strategies. Tune in to get advice from a highly successful individual in this field and to learn about an area of the market you could get involved in yourself.

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American Eagle Gold Now Permitted to Drill on Nevada’s World-Class Cortez Trend

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

American Eagle Gold’s CEO Tony Moreau and Exploration VP Mark Bradley were here to give a sponsor update. First, their drill permit application was just approved by the BLM. This sets the stage for drilling to commence shortly at their Goldengate project in Nevada. The property is adjacent to Nevada Gold’s Goldrush and Cortez Mines. These are prodigious mines, having produced millions of ounces since coming on stream. Tony and Mark are extremely upbeat about Goldengate’s prospectivity.

Mark was at the helm of the team that discovered and defined Goldrush and has spent the better part of 30 years working on the Cortez Trend. Few people can match his knowledge and experience there. Technology has come a long way since early 2000’s when Mark was working on Goldrush. CSAMT, stratigraphy, and 2D seismology either didn’t exist or were in their infancy. While looking for the yellow metal is always a gamble, the ability to see into the ground and analyze underlying structures and intrusions to select drill targets helps make the task much easier and more accurate.

Mark has identified the most promising target zones and now it’s just a matter of getting the drill turning. While competent experienced crews are at a premium, Tony is confident that they can get the needed equipment and staff to insure that the current drill program will succeed.

If the old saw that the best place to find gold is close where it’s already been found, then American Eagle could be sitting on a major discovery. And if the best person to make that major discovery is the one who’s done it before, then he’ll be well served by Mark. (Full Disclosure: We own shares in the company).

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Trilogy Metals: A Win-Win for Locals, Investors and Alaska with CEO Tony Giardini

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

We checked in with Trilogy Metals’ CEO Tony Giardini for a sponsor update. Preliminary work on the access road has continued unabated. When completed it will connect the Ambler Mining District to the famed Dawson Highway. The company has been focused on spelling out the benefits that area residents will realize when the road is completed. As a private toll road, it will never be open to the public; Trilogy will have exclusive use, thus mitigating environmental concerns. Currently, shipping costs to the neighboring remote towns are quite costly. It is expected that upon completion, residents will incur lower prices on many goods and commodities. Additionally, the mine will lead to greatly increased employment opportunities for thees communities. Presently 2/3 of the Trilogy’s employees are locals.

Weather and health concerns have temporarily slowed the pace of drilling. However, Giardini expects that Trilogy will soon be able to make up for lost time. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy recently visited the mine site to emphasize the project’s importance to the state. All interested parties are fully engaged.

The company continues to be well capitalized with over $100 million in the bank and it will easily be able to finance its share of additional road development and exploration costs into the foreseeable future.

Giardini is pleased with the pace of progress. In a project of this immense scale, there are many moving parts and everything takes time. The good news is that things are moving ahead and the pieces are starting to fall into place.

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China Traitor General Milley, China Financial Panic, More Vaccine Lies

Greg Hunter’s Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, September 17th, 2021

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, in the waning days of the Trump Administration, secretly went behind the back of President Trump and his Defense Secretary and called China to tell them if the USA attacked, he would tip the CCP off. This is, once again, treason by America’s top general. Will Milley be punished? We will see.

It looks like China is having its own “Lehman” financial meltdown, only China’s problem institution is five times bigger. A huge property company called Evergrande has collapsed, and they have stopped trading the company’s bonds. This, very likely, will cause panic selling and a collapse in other markets in China as well as around the world. Remember, the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 did the same thing, and it was five times smaller.

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Why is COVID Natural Immunity Being Ignored?

by Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.
American Thinker

Immunity, according to the CDC website, is “Protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without being infected.” They explain that “Immunity to a disease is achieved through the presence of antibodies to that disease in a person’s system.” These antibodies are “disease specific.”

There are two types if immunity, active and passive. “Active immunity results when exposure to a disease organism triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to that disease.” This occurs “through infection with the actual disease, resulting in natural immunity, or introduction of a killed or weakened form of the disease organism through vaccination.”

COVID has added a twist to the vaccine concept by using messenger RNA rather than attenuated virus to create immunity. This is a new approach to “vaccination” and if validated as safe and effective, opens the door to disease prevention on a previously unimaginable scale. But with all new technologies, like self-driving cars, the proof is in the pudding.

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European Climate Bank: ECB to Scrutinize Bank Trading Books for “Climate Change Risk”

from Zero Hedge

Back in June we explained why contrary to the virtue-signaling intentions of its ideological proponents, the fraud that is ESG would likely trigger energy hyperinflation, destroying any hopes for perpetuating the “green” lie once billions of consumers realize it will cost them an arm and a kidney. And one place where this reality is already manifesting itself, is Europe where nat gas and electricity prices have hit new record high virtually every day in recent weeks, sparking angry protests as furious citizens refuse to pay their electric bills.

So while one would think that Europe – the epicenter of the current energy hyperinflation phase – has learned its lesson and would ease back on central planning when it comes to energy policies to avoid even higher prices, one would be wrong because this morning instead of focusing on its sole mandate (and what it does worst) namely keeping inflation and unemployment stable, the ECB has decided to add yet one more mandate to its ever growing list of things its career economists needs to fix, and according to Bloomberg, the central bank “will look at the trading operations of major lenders as part of climate stress tests next year, after judging that an assessment of loan books alone won’t give enough insight into the fallout they face from global warming.”

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Why Does No One Ever Talk About Sweden Anymore?

A look into a very confusing development

by IM

One of the most consistently repeated trends of COVID has been the premature declarations of victory from areas with a perceived level of “success” in “controlling” the pandemic.

It’s happened in countries all over the world — Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Mongolia — just to name a few examples. They all have been praised for their ability to “control” the virus with masks and public health measures, only to then see cases invariably skyrocket.

Incompetent media reporting and dangerously ignorant “expert” pontifications have been an infuriatingly persistent aspect of COVID messaging, with their incoherent ravings becoming increasingly desperate as time wears on.

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Social Justice and the Emergence of Covid Tyranny

by Michael Rectenwald

Signs of incipient totalitarianism impulses have been evident since the rise of political correctness.1 Yet, warnings from those who saw the character of contemporary “social justice” went largely unheeded. Nevertheless, even before degenerating into “wokeness,” social justice bore the seeds of civilizational decline and the simultaneous rise of social and political tyranny. The weaponization of mostly feigned fragility by snowflake totalitarians has been marshaled to abrogate the rights of those deemed offensive, injurious, and even “dangerous.” It also has evinced “paralogistic discourse,” or “[d]iscourse that is out of touch with reality, involving illogical, fallacious, unwarranted premises and conclusions.”2 Such thinking is characteristic of societal hysteria.3 This weaponization escalated, germinating “cancel culture,” the buds from which neo-Stalinist purges have since blossomed.

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‘That’s a Setup’: Capitol Fence Comes Back Up; Trump Weighs in on Rally

by Eric Quintanar
Daily Wire

Law enforcement officials have once again put up the fence around the Capitol building, this time ahead of the “Justice for J6” rally Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C, which some officials worry could create an opportunity for violence.

The event is scheduled to last little more than an hour, and the organizer, Matt Braynard, hopes it will bring attention to those who have been jailed on suspicion of participating in the riot, but not of engaging in violence. It’s unclear how many people will attend, but Braynard has publicly warned that anyone intent on committing violence should stay away.

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Here’s Why the Bulk of Afghan Refugees Are Heading to Purple States

by Varun Hukeri

The U.S. ended its combat mission in Afghanistan in August, and the federal government is now preparing to relocate thousands of Afghan refugees in a number of swing states.

President Joe Biden is planning to ask Congress for funding to bring around 95,000 people from Afghanistan to the U.S. in total, The Hill reported. A senior administration official said the funding would be used to help bring 65,000 people by the end of September, and an additional 30,000 people over the course of one year.

The Department of Defense (DOD) has been preparing for up to 30,000 Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants to be housed at U.S. Army bases such as Fort McCoy in Wisconsin and Fort Bliss in Texas. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for security and health screenings in order to vet the incoming refugees.

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Spendthrift Uncle Sam No Longer Can Afford to Run the World

by Doug Bandow
The American Institute for Economic Research

Virtually no one in Washington even pretends to be concerned about federal spending and deficits anymore. The Biden administration is going wild as the U.S. nears the debt-to-GDP record set after World War II.

Under President George W. Bush he and Congress increased domestic outlays faster than during Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.” President Barack Obama spread bailouts far and wide and won congressional approval for a vast expansion of federal health care benefits. President Donald Trump enthusiastically pushed the welfare/warfare state.

Now President Biden is following his predecessor while outdoing all of them. There were trillions in Covid-19 relief even though the economy was already recovering.

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Blue State Blues: After Newsom’s Silence on Racism, Republicans Should Never Have to ‘Disavow’ Anything

by Joel B. Pollak

You know the drill: some crazy right-wing nut says something abominable, and then the media rushes to every Republican to demand that they “disavow” it.

For years, President Donald Trump was asked to “disavow” white supremacist nutcases like David Duke, and it didn’t matter how many times he had done it before: if he failed to do so even once, he was held responsible for everything Duke did or said.

Well, that game is over now, thanks to California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

In fighting against the recall election that ended Tuesday, Newsom focused his attention on Larry Elder, the conservative talk radio host who surged to the fore among Newsom’s rivals, and who would have been California’s first black governor.

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Almost Half of Americans Disapprove of Biden Vaccine Mandates

But half are fully onboard with it

by Steve Watson
Summit News

A Quinnipiac poll has found that almost half of Americans (48%) believe that Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates “go too far,” and that a slight majority are in opposition to it.

Quinnipiac noted that a “slight majority of Americans (51 – 48 percent) disapprove of President Biden’s plan to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for millions of Americans in the public and private sectors. Republicans disapprove 84 – 13 percent, independents disapprove 56 – 44 percent, and Democrats approve 89 – 10 percent.”

The survey found that 10 percent think the mandate does not go far enough, while 39 percent think it’s about right.

Obviously, however, this means that around half of Americans are fully on board with the mandates.

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Leaked Zoom Video Reveals Hospital Officials Discussing Covid-19 Scare Tactics

by Matt McGregor
The Epoch Times

A leaked Zoom conference reveals a doctor questioning how to increase the count of COVID-19 patient numbers on the hospital’s dashboard report.

The media outlet National File said it obtained the recording from an “internal source” at the Novant Health System that includes New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina.

National File posted the video on its Twitter feed on Sept. 10.

National File and other local media outlets that reported on the leak identified the people in the video as Mary Kathryn Rudyk, a physician at the medical center, who is asking Carolyn Fisher, the hospital’s director of marketing, how to inflate the number of people classified as COVID-19 patients for the purpose of generating fear in the unvaccinated.

Continue Reading at TheEpochTimes.com…

Fired for Being White

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The British Arts Council has appeared as another assassin of white people. The British Arts Council’s policy of “diversity” has resulted in the English Touring Opera firing half of its orchestral musicians for being white.

Think about this. You are a person with the desire and discipline to master a musical instrument and become a member of a performing orchestra. You have done well and have been a long-time member of the orchestra of the English Touring Opera, but suddenly you and half the orchestra get messages that you count for nothing and are fired because you are the wrong color.

Pick any professional occupation, and you get the same result.

Continue Reading at PaulCraigRoberts.org…

Facebook Censors German Anti-Lockdown Movement Under New Rules to Prevent Real Users from Organizing & Amplifying ‘Harmful’ Ideas

by RT
Info Wars

No longer content to just go after bots and trolls, Facebook has established a new category of “social harm” posted by genuine users, starting with purging pages and Instagram accounts of the German anti-lockdown group Querdenken.

Facebook’s head of security policy Nathaniel Gleicher announced the action on Thursday, saying that his team has been working for months to “expand our network disruption efforts so we can address threats that come from groups of authentic accounts coordinating on our platform to cause social harm.”

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Biden’s Plan to Crack Down on Tax Cheating: Snooping on Everyone’s Bank Accounts

The president says the IRS needs just two bits of information: all the money that goes into your bank account, and all the money that comes out.

by Eric Boehm

In order to make sure the rich are paying their fair share in taxes, President Joe Biden says the IRS just needs two bits of information: all the money that goes into your bank account, and all the money that comes out.

That’s how Biden pitched his plan for a more comprehensive financial surveillance state—all to catch those nasty tax-cheating rich folks, of course—during a speech from the White House on Thursday afternoon.

The plan “will give the IRS the resources it needs to keep up with the lawyers and accountants of the super-wealthy. It would ask just for two pieces of information from the banks of these folks: the amounts that come into their bank accounts and what amounts go out of their bank accounts,” Biden said. Right now, he added, “the IRS can’t see what they’re making, and can’t tell that they’re cheating.”

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Enraged Evergrande Investors Go Full Pitchfork, Hold Management Hostage in Company Offices

from Zero Hedge

As the collapse of Evergrande reverberates throughout the Chinese economy, pissed off retail investors have gone from storming the company’s headquarters to taking management hostage, according to the Straits Times, citing posts ‘making the rounds’ on social media.

What we know so far: over 70,000 retail investors forked over vast sums of money, in some cases their entire life savings, after the country’s second largest, ‘too big to fail’ property developer wooed them with promises of 10%+ annual returns. And while the company most likely is TBTF (as you can read in gory detail here, although Beijing has yet to make an official proclamation), these anxious retail investors may be in more of an “Alive” situation than a Sully Sullenberger landing when it comes to resolving this mess.

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Quietly, the Fed Has Seduced $1 Trillion a Day into the Best Game in Town – Its Reverse Repo Facility

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

During the financial collapse of 2008, money market funds found themselves holding toxic paper that no one wanted to buy. In order to stop panic runs on money market funds, on September 19, 2008 the U.S. Treasury Department issued a statement indicating it would guarantee more than $3.5 trillion in money market funds.

As COVID-19 concerns took root in March of last year and the stock market plunged, the Fed launched another bailout program for money market funds on March 18, 2020. The program was called the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility (MMLF) and was run out of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Going forward, the Fed does not want to be in the position of having to bail out more privately owned money market funds. So the Fed has been seducing money market funds and other financial institutions to use its Overnight Reverse Repurchase Agreement facility for the assets they need to keep both safe and liquid. The Reverse Repo facility is known internally at the Fed as the ON RRP.

Continue Reading at WallStreetOnParade.com…

What’s Wrong with Gold?

by Brian Maher
Daily Reckoning

What — precisely — is amiss with gold?

Has the Midas metal… lost its Midas touch?

For 18 months the monetary and fiscal authorities have rampaged, banging along with all brakes off.

They have carried on at a gait truly astounding.

Meantime, inflation finally appears to be rubbing the sand from its eyes and stretching its legs.

And yet gold has wallowed, lolled and languished, despite all the money-spewing. Worse — gold has gone $150 backward this year.

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What Comes After Mind-Blowing Free-Money Blow-Off Spike in Retail Sales? A Spike Doesn’t Spike Forever

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Powered by price increases.

Total retail sales – not adjusted for inflation, now a big factor – inched up 0.7% in August from July, to $619 billion (seasonally adjusted), up a stunning 18% from two years ago and 15.1% from a year ago. The insert in the chart shows that this wasn’t a proper “rebound,” as it has been widely called in the media today, but an uptick in a four-month down-trend from the mind-blowing superlative historic free-money blow-off spike in April. August retail sales were down 1.6% from that April stimmie-craziness:

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Thursday Conversation with John Rubino

by Craig Hemke
TF Metals Report

John Rubino has done great work for years at his website, Dollar Collapse. However, by mainstream terms, the dollar has yet to collapse because it’s always priced relative to similarly-devalued fiat. So let’s talk about that today.

As you heard me state, one of the biggest scams perpetrated by The Banks and their media is the US Dollar Index…what we call the POSX. When “the dollar is up”, it’s only “up” relative to the other fiat against which it’s being measured and, in the POSX, the primary measuring stick is the equally-worthless euro:

Continue Reading at TFMetalsReport.com…

The Unsung Death of ‘My Body, My Choice’

by Jack Cashill
American Thinker

As late as 3:43 p.m. on Thursday, September 9, the long-lived mantra of the pro-abortion movement, “My Body, My Choice,” was still showing signs of life. It was at that time, that the White House published the remarks made by Vice-President Kamala Harris at a “Reproductive Rights” roundtable.

“The President and I are unequivocal in our support of Roe v. Wade and the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade, and the right of women to make decisions for themselves with whomever they choose — about their own bodies,” said Ms. Harris.

“And, needless to say,” Harris continued much too quotably, “the right of women to make decisions about their own bodies is not negotiable. The right of women to make decisions about their own bodies is their decision; it is their body.”

So far is Harris out of the White House power loop that she may not have known the mantra had less than two hours to live.

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