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Recovery Rally On the Way? with Nick Santiago (Ep #428)

from Daily Market Wisdom with Nick Santiago

For more than 20 years, Master Trader Nick Santiago has been beating the markets. He’s made some incredible calls along the way and now he’s looking to spread the word. There’s no reason that the average trader should be coming up short. So now we’ve started a daily show to bring you up to date on the latest market developments. Nick will be sharing trades and concepts and discussing current trends.


1. Markets are testing the June lows. Yesterday, the S&P 500 index breached the June lows briefly and then bounced back above the June bottom by the close. These markets are very oversold so a short term bounce is due at some point soon. The bigger trend is down though so be careful if you are trying to bottom fish here.

2. The Bank of England (BOE) said it would temporarily purchase long-dated UK government bonds in an effort to stabilize the plunging British pound. The currency market has gone crazy as the US dollar just keeps gaining strength against everything but the Russian Ruble. Europe is a mess and that includes the UK.

3. Today, bond yields are retreating in the 2-year note and also the 10-year note. This should help markets temporarily, but yields on the 2 year are still around 4.15%. Remember, that is where the fed funds rate needs to go, so the Fed is still behind the curve.

4. Apple (AAPL) was getting pounded today trading lower by 3% to $147.00 a share. Bloomberg reported that Apple Inc is scrapping its plan to increase production of the iPhone14 from its original forecast of 90 million units due to weaker demand. Apple Inc is a mega cap so it carries a lot of weight in the major indexes and can be viewed as a major sentiment component. Demand just isn’t there for the iPhone 14.

5. Gold is shining today as people realize they will eventually want to own a hard asset. Gold’s day is coming soon.

6. Bitcoin is slightly under pressure today trading around 18,900. Remember, this is in a major down-trend and will eventually go to 13,000.

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What’s Really Going on in Europe with Octavio Marenzi

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

The euro is going higher than ever…How does this affect Europe? Octavio Marenzi comes on the show to talk about the circumstances in Europe with regard to currency, the energy crisis, and the prospect of shifting politics. There is change on the horizon—some of it being negative—and Octavio gives his firsthand perspective on what’s to come.

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Back to the Office with Carl Gould

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Carl Gould says that people are heading back to the office. It was bound to happen and now it is. But there’s a catch. They’re heading back to the office, but not 5 days per week. Rather employees will be required to come to the office from 2-4 days per week. And most employees will working hybrid, appearing at the office several days per week. The work place will never be the same.

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Europe’s Implosion Gaining Steam with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back… Now they’re running out of wood in Germany. Meanwhile, back in the USA, dollar index 112.95. Highest since 2002.Equities are in a bear market. Tens of trillions of dollars of paper wealth being wiped out worldwide. House prices are about to crash. Illustration of how unafordable houses are at todays’ prices and mortgage rates. Commodities, including gold and silver, are getting crushed. Which means inflation is over in the US. Put another way, the strong dollar is letting us export our inflation to the rest of the world.

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The Worst Case Scenario with Chris Vermeulen

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Where are the markets heading? Chris Vermeulen comes on the show to talk stock markets, precious metals, oil, and the other industries we’ve kept our eye on. The predominant theme right now is panic selling; people are eager to get out of the stock market, but with this selling comes strong rallies. Gold is hanging on by a thread, and needs to show more consistency in order for it to look promising. We are also seeing the energy sector struggle; Chris points out that all assets follow the broad market, and advises not to get overly confident in this circumstance. Ultimately, capital preservation is the most important thing right now—with an emphasis on low risk investments.

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The World (Again) According to Martin Armstrong

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

The world is a mess and things aren’t getting better. There’s no end in site to the Ukraine war and the situation in Europe keeps getting worse and worse. We sit down with Martin Armstrong to get the latest update. He sees gold going much higher in Q1 2023. The loss of faith in all governments keeps increasing. China is a lost cause as well. But the US is a beneficiary of everyone else’s misery. That’s just the way the world works.

Martin sees a major backlash coming in the aftermath of the 2022 mid-term elections. His model is questioning whether or not the 2024 presidential election will even take place. What could possibly happen to stop it and does it matter anyway? This is a must listen to interview.

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God Bless America ETF (YALL) with Adam Curran

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Adam Curran comes on the show to share his investment philosophy—influenced by his upbringing and exposure to middle class life. Adam’s view of the economy is largely shaped by the people he advises; in his career he quickly learned that much of his Wall Street knowledge was useless. Rather, kitchen table financial planning taught him a lot about how everyday finances work, and what’s really important within the markets. Tune in for more information.

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Dollar Stays High Till 2023 with Eric Hadik

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Commodity prices have gone down and interest rates have gone up, but what else is going on? Is inflation peaking? Erik Hadik comes on the show to talk about this, and reports that multiple gauges for inflation indicate that it is most likely at its peak. Erik urges us, however, to not read too far into these cycles—pointing out that cycle highs don’t necessitate an immediate down trend to follow. Tune in for more expert insight.

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Make Money in This Market by Shortening Your Time Frame with Dutch Masters

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

What do you do when markets get volatile? Dutch Masters, the CEO of Carnivore Traders, sits down and chats with me about some of the trading strategies they use within his group to combat the effects of this volatility. Tune in to learn about what types of stocks to watch in this market, and to get knowledgable expertise from Dutch.

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Powell Will Pivot… But When with Craig Hemke

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Craig Hemke comes on the show to give a comprehensive update on precious metals—which have been sinking. Craig says that it’s remarkable that they’re not even more down based on interest rates, the stock market, and the Fed’s recent decisions. There seems to be a sense of complacency with the Fed, but it’s time to acknowledge that they can’t fix everything, and many of their recent moves have worsened the problems we’re currently facing. Listen in for more insight from myself and Craig.

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Rising Star Trillion Energy Ready to Supply Much Needed European Gas

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

Trillion Energy (OTC: TRLEF – CES: TCF – Frankfurt: Z62) is the right company, in the right place at the right time. It is poised to begin desperately needed European natural gas production within weeks. With energy prices going parabolic, gas supplies cut off and the Ukraine War drags on with no end in sight, Europe is facing a long cold winter and a decade of sky-high energy pricing. Russia has indefinitely shuttered the Nord Stream Pipeline, thereby cutting off much of Europe’s natural gas supply, in retaliation for Western sanctions. The pipeline won’t flow again until the sanctions are removed, according to Russian sources.

European natural gas and power prices are near record high levels. Electric prices in Germany and around the continent are now exceeding $1000 per megawatt, far exceeding the US’s average of $154! Staggering increases are negatively impacting businesses and consumers. Many have no choice but to go without. After seeing geometric electric price increases, many businesses, such as the UK Pub industry, may soon be history.

Trillion Energy Begins Spudding Wells Amidst Historic European NatGas Prices Says CEO Art Halleran

from Mining Stock Education

Trillion Energy (CSE: TCF  –  OTCQB: TRLEF  –  Frankfurt, Z62, Forum) has commenced its multi-well drilling program on the SASB natural gas field, upon successful arrival of the Uranus Rig which was mobilized last week after delays due to maintenance and weather conditions in the Black Sea. The Uranus Rig is situated at the Akçakoca platform where the first wells are being drilled. A total of three directional wells will be drilled from the Akçakoca platform, plus one recompletion of an existing well will occur. Trillion estimates the four operations will be completed within 6 months. The Company planned to pair completion of the Akçakoca wells to reduce cost and rig skid times, but each well will produce gas upon completion and sold to market. First gas production is expected early November 2022. After the work at the Akçakoca platform, the Uranus rig will move to the next of the three platforms at SASB to continue the work program. The Company has plans to drill/complete these initial 7 wells followed by another estimated 10 wells prior to further exploration occurring.

Arthur Halleran, CEO stated: “The commencement of drilling operations marks a transformative step towards the Company’s bright future, with drilling to lock in much-needed locally sourced gas supplies for the winter months at prices over US$30/mcf. These long reach advanced engineering production wells will allow gas production to immediately be sold under our existing gas contract where we get paid monthly and can then use the revenues to continue to drill new wells.”

The Company’s development program initially includes seven production wells coming online during a time when acute natural gas shortages are menacing Europe and Turkiye. Drilling of additional 10 targets are expected to follow. Natural gas prices continue to spike, breaking historical records as the prospect of a cold winter looms with the worst shortages expected yet to come.

Trillion is an oil and gas producing company with multiple assets throughout Turkiye and Bulgaria. The Company is 49% owner of the SASB natural gas field, one of the Black Sea’s first and largest-scale natural gas development projects; a 19.6% (except three wells with 9.8%) interest in the Cendere oil field; and in Bulgaria, the Vranino 1-11 block, a prospective unconventional natural gas property.

Trillion Energy also has tremendous blue-sky potential on its natural gas license areas which it is currently seeking to expand.  The company’s SASB gas field is located just 100km south of the largest gas discovery (19 TCF+) in 30 years in Europe and is the only nearology play in the region.  Art is planning to test the most prospective structures he has identified in 2024 and beyond.

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Tier One Silver Targets Potential Large-Scale Copper Mineralization with CEO Peter Dembicki

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

We met up with Tier One Silver’s (Ticker Symbols OTCQB: TSLVF – TSX-V: TSLV) CEO Peter Dembicki for a sponsor update. We were attending the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, CO, as you can see the mountains in the background. Peter is very pleased with the company’s direction.

Their silver targets for the next drill program are lined up. They have a pretty good fix on where they need to be. But Peter is really focused on pursuing the copper porphyry deposit that has every sign of being present.

He related, “The CSAMT geophysical survey is a key component to learning more about potential copper porphyry mineralization, which we saw indications for in our first phase of exploration at Curibaya. This is an exciting development for the Company toward unlocking the large opportunity of a potential copper porphyry deposit alongside the epithermal silver system that we’ve already identified, and we look forward to defining these targets for our next drill program.”

Once the survey is completed and final targeting is locked in, the company plans to begin drilling to uncover the potential porphyry system. A channel sampling program has been conducted to further refine targets within the newly permitted Cambaya target area. Things are looking up for Tier One. We hold shares.

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Federal Bureau of Intimidation: The Government’s War On Political Freedom

by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute

“In so many of the little places of everyday life in which life is lived out, somehow democracy doesn’t exist. And one of the creeping hands of totalitarianism running through the democracy is the Federal Bureau of Investigation… Because why does the FBI do all this? To scare the hell out of people… They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to change things.” – Howard Zinn, historian

Discredit, disrupt, and destroy.

That is how the government plans to get rid of activists and dissidents who stand in its way.

This has always been the modus operandi of the FBI (more aptly referred to as the Federal Bureau of Intimidation): muzzle anti-government sentiment, harass activists, and terrorize Americans into compliance.

Indeed, the FBI has a long history of persecuting, prosecuting and generally harassing activists, politicians, and cultural figures.

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Chart a Course to Self-Reliance

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

Self-reliance in the 21st century is uniquely challenging because we’ve become overly dependent on globalization abd financialization.

As things unravel, the one surefire strategy is to chart a course for greater self-reliance. Improving self-reliance has no downside, only upside, and everyone can increase their self-reliance incrementally in small ways.

Self-reliance isn’t the same as self-sufficiency. Even Thoreau on Walden Pond used manufactured tools and supplies sourced from afar. The basic idea of self-reliance is to reduce our dependency on long, fragile supply chains and the hamster-wheel landfill Economy of planned obsolescence and waste is growth consumption, and increase what we can do for ourselves and those we care about.

Self-reliance isn’t going it alone, it’s assembling trusted personal networks as a producer as well as a consumer, as a means of reducing the number of links in your personal supply chain and increasing local sources of life’s essentials.

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An American in Moscow

by Andrew P. Napolitano

When the Trump administration obtained an indictment of Edward Snowden for violation of the Espionage Act of 1917, many of us who believe that the Fourth Amendment means what it says were deeply critical of the government, and we remain so today. This week, retaining his American citizenship, Snowden became a Russian citizen.

Snowden is the former CIA and National Security Agency operative — he was a CIA agent and was later employed by a contractor for the NSA — who blew the whistle on NSA and FBI mass undifferentiated warrantless spying on all persons in America.

The spying consisted of capturing all fiber-optic data that was transmitted into, out of and within the United States.

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Janet Yellen is Disturbingly Serious About Tax Hikes

from Zero Hedge

Authored by Bruce Thompson via RealClearMarkets.com,

Treasury Secretary Yellen has been out on the campaign trail, calling for higher taxes on individuals and US companies. The Secretary thinks the government needs to collect more taxes, even though her own Department just reported that federal tax collections are at record high levels.

According to the Treasury Department’s monthly budget report, total federal tax receipts in the first eleven months of fiscal 2022 totaled $4.4 trillion, an increase of $823 billion, or 23%, over the same period last year. Total federal taxes are on track to reach nearly $5 trillion, an incredible 45% increase in the last two years. Taxes as a percent of GDP will reach 19.6%, the second-highest level since World War II.

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SPAC Bamboozle Keeps On Giving: Stock Shredded, Low on Cash, Layoffs Underway, Volta Goes After Government Subsidies for EV Charging Stations

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

The model of “growth at all cost” has been taken out to the dump.

Volta Inc., which went public via merger with a SPAC in August last year, sells EV charging stations with big billboard-like media screens that allow or force people to watch ads while they wait for their vehicle to be charged. The media screens also face passersby, and so there are more eyeballs.

The company earns revenues from its EV charging network and from selling ads on these billboards. But not a lot: It’s infamous for having lost $276 million last year on $32 million in revenues, based on the unassailable Silicon Valley strategy of “growth at all cost.” In 2021, its revenues grew by $13 million; and its losses grew by $206 million. You get the idea. That kind of growth model.

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Donald Trump and the Future of Western Civilization

by Steve McCann
American Thinker

The panoply of heads of state leaders at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II highlighted the dire reality that there are at present no resolute statesmanlike leaders capable of reversing the accelerating decline throughout the whole of the Western world, thereby averting the very real possibility of a global conflict with an allied Communist China and Russia.

The West, in particular the United States, is currently populated with patronizing, oblivious, and callous leaders more concerned about themselves and globalism than the people and the future of their respective countries. Nor do they acknowledge that Western Civilization, because of its roots in Christianity, has increased freedom, wealth, health, comfort and life expectancy to unprecedented levels throughout the world.

When virtually all Western nations pursue the same ruinous policies, and their ruling classes have the same self-absorbed characteristics, decline and collapse from self-immolation is inevitable.

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UK Police Department Savaged For Defending Convicted Serial Pedophile Against ‘Hate’

Forced to apologise for threatening women who ‘misgendered’ the child rapist

by Steve Watson
Summit News

A police department in the UK has come under fire after it appeared to defend a convicted pedophile, asserting that anyone ‘misgendering’ the individual would not be tolerated.

Sussex Police responded to posts from women’s rights campaigners who expressed concerns that the 58-year-old transgender pedophile, going by the name of Sally Ann Dixon, could be incarcerated in a women’s prison.

The individual, a biological male previously known as John Stephen Dixon until 2004, was sentenced to prison after being found guilty of 30 indecent assaults against children dating from 1989 to 1996.

Rebel News reporter Ian Miles Cheong noted that police issued a thinly veiled threat to investigate anyone misgendering the child rapist for potential ‘hate crimes’.

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A Parodist Asks SCOTUS to Let Him Sue the Cops Who Arrested Him for Making Fun of Them

The 6th Circuit ruled that qualified immunity prevented Anthony Novak from vindicating his First Amendment rights.

by Jacob Sullum

Six years ago, police in Parma, Ohio, arrested Anthony Novak for making fun of them. By creating a parody of the police department’s official Facebook page, they alleged, Novak had violated a broadly worded state law against using a computer to “disrupt, interrupt, or impair” police services. After a jury unanimously acquitted Novak of that felony, he sued seven officers for violating his First Amendment rights.

Novak’s arrest looked like a clear case of abusing the criminal law to punish someone for constitutionally protected speech. But this year the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit concluded that the officers he sued were protected by qualified immunity, which shields police from liability for violating constitutional rights unless their alleged misconduct ran afoul of “clearly established” law. This week the Institute for Justice asked the Supreme Court to review that decision, warning that the 6th Circuit’s application of qualified immunity is a license for blatant violations of the First Amendment.

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Doug Casey on the End of Western Civilization

by Doug Casey
International Man

International Man: The decline of Western Civilization is on a lot of people’s minds.

Let’s talk about this trend.

Doug Casey: Western Civilization has its origins in ancient Greece. It’s unique among the world’s civilizations in putting the individual—as opposed to the collective—in a central position. It enshrined logic and rational thought—as opposed to mysticism and superstition—as the way to deal with the world. It’s because of this that we have science, technology, great literature and art, capitalism, personal freedom, the concept of progress, and much, much more. In fact, almost everything worth having in the material world is due to Western Civilization.

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German Authorities Fear Nord Stream Pipelines May Be Permanently Unusable Following Sabotage

by Jack McEvoy

German security officials believe that both Nord Stream 1 and 2 could be damaged beyond repair as large amounts of corrosive saltwater flowed into pipelines following multiple leaks that were discovered on Tuesday, The Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

European countries found significant gas leaks at three separate locations in the Baltic Sea which caused the pipelines’ pressure to drop, forcing the pipelines to go offline. German authorities are concerned that the saltwater’s damage to the pipelines could make them permanently inoperable which would further cut fuel supplies to an energy-starved Germany, according to The Telegraph, which cited the German outlet Tagesspiegel.

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Trope Destruction Time

by Karl Denninger

In case you haven’t noticed productivity has been in the tank. Even the government admits it, but you see it everywhere. Staff in stores that aren’t doing much if anything at all, surly assistance, firms apologizing when you come in the door because they’re “short-staffed” and similar.

Productivity is simple to define: It is doing more with less.

That’s all.

It is, over the five or so thousand years of recorded human history, the single event that moves the common status of mankind forward.

But now, it has stopped.

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Has the CIA Blown Up the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Prevent Russia Coming to Europe’s Rescue this Winter?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

As both Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 both suddenly lost pressure last Monday, Swedish seismologists registered multiple explosions. The pipeline director reports unprecedented damage. Clearly this is deliberate sabotage and could only have been done by a government with submarine capability to place underwater mines.

Who could that be?

US Secretary of State Blinken said the pipeline damage presents a “significant opportunity” for Western Europe to abandon Russian natural gas in favor of liquified natural gas from the US.

A Polish member of the European Parliament thanked the US for putting the pipeline out of commission as now Russia will have to negotiate with Poland in order to deliver gas to Europe.

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Beware: Babylon Falls – The Great Collapse Comes

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

Shmitah is over, we’re in the Jubilee and the pound has been pounded. The oldest fiat currency in the world crashed on… drumroll… the end of Shmitah.

“But the world is still standing, Jeff! And the dollar is strong, so you are wrong!!!”

Unfortunately, it’s far from over. In fact, this is the beginning. And it’s HUGE! And I explain why in today’s vlog when we talk about stock markets, financial markets, the economy and cryptocurrencies.

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This Cycle of Retaliation Between the U.S. and Russia Will Ultimately Lead to Nuclear War

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

For the good of humanity, this has got to stop. The United States and Russia both keep raising the stakes, and if we keep repeating this cycle it will end with a nuclear war that could ultimately result in billions of deaths. Unfortunately, leaders on both sides do not seem interested in peace at this point. The votes that Russia just conducted in four disputed territories were inevitably going to raise tensions even higher. Of course the western powers have been greatly escalating matters themselves. Over the past couple of months, NATO has gotten far more deeply involved in the conflict in Ukraine, and now the war is starting to spread beyond Ukrainian borders.

Everyone agrees that the damage caused to the Nord Stream pipeline system was an act of sabotage.

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