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The Profit Cycle: How to Build Extreme Wealth with Mike Merrigan and Bo Kort

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry Lutz interviewed Mike Merrigan and Bo Kort, who shared their experiences and insights on their 30-year friendship and business partnership in real estate. They emphasized the importance of aligning with like-minded partners, avoiding get-rich-quick schemes, and focusing on long-term, cash-flowing investments. The speakers also discussed the significance of building a strong back office staff, finding valuable connections, and understanding the motivations of property owners. Additionally, the meeting participants shared their perspectives on the value of education, mentorship, networking, and taking action in business development, highlighting the individualized nature of success and the need to overcome fear and uncertainty.

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Triple Lutz Report #494: My Medical Emergency in Thailand

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

In this episode I share my recent medical scare I experienced while in Thailand, highlighting the importance of health awareness and prompt medical attention, especially when abroad. I discuss my alarming symptoms related to a pre-existing eye condition and the steps taken to address the situation while away from my home country. It all started after I sensed that blood was seeping into my eye while in Bangkok, leading to an urgent medical consultation. I recount my experience at a very prestigious Thai hospital, the amazing high level of care, advanced medical equipment, and the expertise of a retinologist who treated me. Despite dealing with ongoing symptoms like blurriness and floaters the prognosis is highly positive. The medical care was as good or better to any I might have received in the United States. I wanted to praise the efficiency of the Thai medical system.

This video serves as a crucial reminder for travelers to be vigilant about their health and the options available for medical emergencies abroad. Before embarking on any foreign adventures, take time to research the medical system and evaluate any ongoing health issues you might have that may need to be dealt with overseas. Put together a list of hospitals and doctors you may want to treat you. If you have any friends or associates in that country, discuss potential medical issues in advance. That way you can avoid the panic and uncertainty that I felt, until I connected with my Thai network and they led me in the right direction.

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How To Make Your First Million Dollars via Junior Mining Stocks with Bill Powers

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Bill Powers explains how to make your first million dollars via junior mining stocks. In this 1-hour MSE episode, you will learn:

  • How to think like a junior mining insider
  • The quickest way to uncover potential mining 10-baggers
  • Why the Three “I”s are better than the 9 “P”s
  • How to make, and keep, your first million-dollar gain

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Scale Your Business with Remote Team Building with Scott Cox

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Scott Cox and Kerry discussed the impact of AI on copywriting and note-taking, as well as the client criteria for Scott’s marketing agency, which prefers clients in the service industry and those open to change and growth. They also talked about the varying packages offered by Scott’s agency, including a comprehensive audit for businesses looking to improve and scale. The conversation then shifted to the pursuit of happiness, with an emphasis on creating an environment conducive to happiness. Scott shared three marketing strategies for business owners, and they also engaged in a lighthearted conversation about their experiences attempting DIY plumbing. Finally, they discussed various ways for people to connect with Scott online, including visiting his website and following him on social media platforms.

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Mastering Market Cycles: Insights with Dr. Brana Vojcic

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Join Kerry Lutz and Dr. Brana Vojcic, renowned experts in the field of financial markets, as they dive deep into the complexities of advanced technical analysis techniques with the goal of demystifying how to make informed decisions in the market. In this enlightening conversation, they explore a range of topics including the application of time cycles, precise price projections, the nuanced analysis provided by Elliot Wave Theory, and the critical role of technical indicators in forecasting market movements. The discussion doesn’t stop there; Lutz and Dr. Vojcic tackle the inherent challenges in predicting market cycles, highlighting the various cycles Dr. Vojcik monitors closely in his analytical work. They delve into the importance of understanding economic and planetary cycles, offering viewers unprecedented access to Dr. Vojcic’s (affectionately known as BraVo) expert insights on the cycles affecting precious metals and commodities. Moreover, the conversation explores the intriguing concept of disharmony among different cycles and its potential repercussions on global events and economies. Key issues such as the unsustainable nature of the current debt cycle and the implications for declining superpowers are examined, providing a sobering look at the future. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intricate ways in which various cycles interconnect and impact the global financial landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a student of economics, or simply curious about how cyclical patterns influence the world around us, Kerry Lutz and Dr. Vojcic offer fascinating insights and valuable knowledge that can help you navigate the complexities of the market. Don’t miss out on this compelling discussion that sheds light on the potential future implications of these interconnected cycles. Subscribe for more insights, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Click the link for a free subscription to Brana’s newsletter: https://bravocycles-newsletter-market…

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Till Dementia Do Us Part with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino is back…

  • Bitcoin Breakthrough: Kerry and John discuss Bitcoin breaking the $50,000 mark and the role of ETFs in this dynamic.
  • Rising Interest Rates: An in-depth look at how increasing mortgage rates are affecting housing affordability and the market at large.
  • Stock Market Strategies: The complexities of shorting stocks, including high option premiums and finding optimal entry points.
  • CRE Meltdown: Insights into the ongoing commercial real estate crisis and its broader economic implications.
  • Policy and Power: A speculative conversation on potential extreme measures by the current administration to maintain control.
  • Legal and Immigration Policies: Discussing the Supreme Court’s decisions and the Texas governor’s actions regarding border security.
  • Inflation’s Impact: How rising costs are affecting everyday expenses and the importance of educating the public on these issues.
  • Global Economic Concerns: The potential global crisis stemming from European banks’ exposure to US commercial real estate.

Join us for a deep dive into these topics and more, as Kerry and John share their expertise and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing us today. Whether you’re interested in finance, policy, or the broader socio-economic landscape, this discussion offers valuable insights into the complexities of our current global situation. You just can’t make this stuff up!

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Exploring Psychedelics: Filament Health’s Insights with Ben Lightburn

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

In this fascinating episode, Kerry Lutz engages with Ben Lightburn, CEO of Filament Health, to unravel the complex world of psychedelics and their therapeutic potential. Ben provides an in-depth look at the mechanisms of psychedelics, focusing on the predominant theory of serotonin receptor agonists and their transformative impact on mental health.

The discussion takes a critical turn as they explore the ethical dimensions of placebo-controlled studies in psychedelic research, acknowledging the potential for challenging experiences during therapy sessions. Kerry probes into the financial health and future of Filament Health, prompting Ben to shed light on the company’s drug development journey and lucrative licensing agreements.

A significant part of the conversation is devoted to microdosing psychedelics, examining both its benefits and the research hurdles it faces. Furthermore, Ben and Kerry delve into the therapeutic and recreational uses of cannabis and psychedelics, providing insights into their historical context and the changing attitudes within the medical and regulatory landscapes.

This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the evolving role of psychedelics in modern medicine and therapy. Tune in for a comprehensive understanding of these substances and the innovative work Filament Health is doing in this field.

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An Unlikely Journey to Real Estate Success with Whitney Elkins-Hutten

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry Lutz interviewed Whitney Elkins-Hutten about her journey in real estate. Whitney shared her experience of purchasing her first property after a breakup, the challenges she faced in renovating and selling it, and the financial gains she unexpectedly achieved. She emphasized the shift in her mindset towards creating value and generating income independently of her day job, leading her to transition into buy and hold real estate for long-term financial growth. Whitney also discussed her book “Money for Tomorrow,” outlining her personal journey in real estate and the evolution of her investment strategies. She stressed the significance of understanding the overarching strategy and rules of the wealth game, beyond just focusing on tactics. Kerry and Whitney engaged in a lively conversation about their real estate journeys, sharing humorous anecdotes and emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to challenges. Whitney also provided details about her upcoming book and how to connect with her for further insights into building generational wealth.

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Manufacturing Consent: The Border Fiasco and the “Smart Wall”

The political response to the crisis at the southern border continues to advance the bipartisan “smart wall,” having been backed by Trump and Biden alike. This bipartisan consensus reaches far beyond the US, as much of the world is similarly speeding along in implementing “digital borders.”

[Ed. Note: Any libertarian with a shred of intellectual honesty knows that the border wall is not being built to keep people out. As Ron Paul told us 12 years ago, it’s being built to keep people in. Whitney Webb is on a VERY short list of people who seems to understand this.]

by Whitney Webb
Unlimited Hangout

The disastrous situation at the US-Mexico border is, and has been, intentionally produced. Throughout the last several administrations, regardless of campaign and other public rhetoric, the porous nature of the border has remained unresolved. On several occasions, the situation as it has developed has been blamed largely on incompetence and government inefficiency. Though some administrations have been tougher than others in regards to terrestrial migration (under some metrics), the US-Mexico border has not been sealed off so to force entrants to cross through officially recognized and managed ports of entry.

Under the current administration, it has been pointedly obvious that even the sections of the border that do contain physical barriers are being dismantled on purpose, all the while illegal crossings have risen to unprecedented levels.

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Finding, Creating (and Keeping) a Job in the Era of AI

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

What’s valuable is flexible, entrepreneurial, experiential-based skills that can be applied to a variety of problems–including those that have yet to arise.

Finding or creating a job with real upside–and keeping it–has been increasingly challenging for a long time. Globalization exposed the economy and workforce to unprecedented cost-cutting competition, and automation ate away at work that could be reduced to routines. Now AI is introducing a new level of automation to sectors that had heretofore been protected.

We can summarize the situation thusly: if AI doesn’t disrupt the sector you work in, something else will.

I’ve been thinking about work, jobs, money, automation, AI and the economy for many years, thoughts that resulted in my books
Get A Job, Build A Career, And Defy A Bewildering Economy (2014), A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology and Creating Jobs for All (2015),
Money and Work Unchained (2017) and
Will You Be Richer or Poorer?: Profit, Power and A.I. in a Traumatized World (2019).

If I had to boil it all down to a few paragraphs, I’d start with this:

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NTSB Argues Against Having Third Party Examine Evidence From East Palestine Derailment and Chemical Spill

from Zero Hedge

The NTSB is working to try and prevent a third party from examining evidence in a class action regarding the East Palestine train derailment that wound up spilling noxious chemicals.

The regulator, supposedly working on the behalf of the American public, using American tax dollars, and overseen by Mayor Pete, has said having a third party examine evidence would “impose an undue burden on the agency’s investigative and financial resources.”

In documents submitted to U.S. Judge Benita Y. Pearson of the Northern District Court of Ohio on Wednesday last week, attorneys representing the NTSB expressed opposition to inspection demands made by OxyVinyls LP, GATX Corp., and General American Marks Co. regarding crash site evidence, WKBN wrote.

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JPMorgan Says Its “Trading Venues” Are Under Investigation While It’s Still in Probation for Prior Trading Crimes

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Last Friday, ahead of a three-day weekend when bad news could be expected to evaporate into the ether by the next news cycle, JPMorgan Chase dropped a bombshell in its 10-K (annual report) filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The bank, which has admitted to an unprecedented five criminal felony counts since 2014, said its “trading venues” were under investigation by three unnamed regulatory bodies.

This is a very serious matter for this particular bank because three of its prior felony counts involved rigging markets. The bank admitted to rigging foreign exchange markets in 2015 and to rigging, for more than eight years, the precious metals and U.S. Treasury markets in an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice in September 2020.

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Some of the 49 Small Banks Heavily Exposed to Bad Multifamily CRE Loans May Topple, but Their Size Limits Contagion: Fitch

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Multifamily lending ballooned 32% from early 2020, powered by low interest rates and soaring rents. Now there’s a price to pay.

The multifamily segment of Commercial Real Estate doesn’t face the structural issues that the retail CRE segment and the office CRE segment face. There is demand for apartments; and even as some areas have been overbuilt particularly with higher-end apartments for “renters of choice” – because that’s where the money is – population growth and the arbitrage with sky-high house prices will see to it that demand for apartments continues to grow.

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Massive Money Printing Will Accelerate as Debt Soars

by Daniel Lacalle

The U.S. federal government published a December deficit of $129 billion, up 52% from the previous year. The private sector recession is clear as expenses continue to rise while tax receipts decline. If we look at the period between October and December 2023, the deficit ballooned to a staggering $510 billion.

You may remember that the Biden administration expected a significant deficit reduction from its tax increases and the expected benefits of its Inflation Reduction Act.

What Americans got was a massive deficit and persistent inflation. According to Moody’s chief economist, Mark Zandi, the entire disinflation process seen in the past years comes from exogenous factors such as “fading fallout from the global pandemic on global supply chains and labor markets, and the Russian War in Ukraine and the impact on oil, food, and other commodity prices.”

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How a New York Judge Arrived at a Staggering ‘Disgorgement’ Order Against Trump

The law that Attorney General Letitia James used to sue the former president does not require proof that anyone was injured by his financial dishonesty.

by Jacob Sullum

On Friday, New York County Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ordered Donald Trump to pay a staggering $355 million for repeatedly inflating asset values in statements of financial condition submitted to lenders and insurers. When the interest that Engoron also approved is considered, the total penalty rises to $450 million. All told, Trump and his co-defendants, including three of his children and former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, are on the hook for $364 million, or about $464 million with interest.

On its face, a penalty of nearly half a billion dollars is hard to fathom given that no lender or insurer claimed it suffered a financial loss as a result of the transactions at the center of the case, which was brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. But the law under which James sued Trump and his co-defendants does not require any such loss. The money demanded by Engoron’s 92-page decision, which goes to the state rather than individual claimants, is styled not as damages but as “disgorgement” of “ill-gotten gains.” It is aimed not at compensating people who were allegedly harmed by Trump’s misrepresentations but at deterring dishonesty that threatens “the financial marketplace.”

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Protect the First Amendment: Impeach Joe Biden!

by Dr. Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute

Protecting democracy and the Constitution from Donald Trump and the “MAGA extremists” is a major theme of President Biden’s reelection campaign. As is often the case in American politics, President Biden is just as, if not more, guilty of posing an “existential threat” to the Constitution as those he smears as “extremists.” For example, President Biden and members of his administration have waged a campaign to undermine the First Amendment by “encouraging” companies to suppress the expression of “unapproved” views online.

The latest example of the administration trying to get a private internet company to censor Americans may be the most outrageous of all. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan recently released a series of emails between Biden administration officials and Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. The government officials wanted Amazon to remove from its online catalog books containing “misinformation” regarding the safety and effectiveness of covid vaccines, meaning anything questioning the government’s pro-vaccine propaganda.

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Another Smoker (PPI)

by Karl Denninger

Rolling coal, I tell ‘ya, rolling coal….

The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.3 percent in January, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices declined 0.1 percent in December 2023 and advanced 0.1 percent in November. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the index for final demand rose 0.9 percent for the 12 months ended January 2024.

In January, the advance in the index for final demand can be traced to a 0.6-percent rise in prices for final demand services. In contrast, the index for final demand goods decreased 0.2 percent.

The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 0.6 percent in January 2024, the largest advance since moving up 0.6 percent in January 2023.

Buried one page down was this ditty:

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Trans Controversy Erupts When Girls Basketball Game Ends in Forfeit Following Three Injuries

“The player is reported to be more than 6 feet tall with facial hair.”

by Amanda Prestigiacomo
Daily Wire

A high school girls basketball game ended in a forfeit at halftime after three girls suffered injuries in a match-up against a team that reportedly includes a male player who is six-feet tall and has facial hair.

The coach of a Massachusetts high school team, Collegiate Charter School of Lowell, ended the game early against KIPP Academy after numerous injuries, a press release from the charter school says, alluding to the school’s commitment to “inclusivity and safety.”

“The bench was already depleted going into the game with the 12-player roster having four players unable to play,” the press release reads. “When the coach saw three more girls go down in the first half leaving him with five players, he made the call to end the game early.”

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Putin’s Feared Security Service Detains California Ballerina Over $50 Donation to Ukraine

by Simon Kent

Russia’s main security agency arrested a dual citizen of Russia and the United States alleging she committed high treason for donating funds to an appeal aiding Ukraine.

The Federal Security Service (F.S.B.) identified the detainee as a 33-year-old woman who lives in Los Angeles, the New York Times reports.

The F.S.B. said in a statement that she had raised money for a Ukrainian organization that bought weapons and other equipment for Ukraine’s military.

The Russian news outlet Media Zona identified her as Ksenia Karelina. She is reportedly 33-years-old and a resident of Los Angeles.

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French Government Prepared to Arrest Those Who Reject ‘Medical Knowledge’

by Victor Fernandez
American Thinker

After some deliberations, on February 14 the French government and National Assembly managed to pass a bill that includes an Article 4 that essentially creates a new crime of “provocation to abstention from medical care.”

It reads as follows:

Art. 223-1-2 . – Provocation to abandon or abstain from following therapeutic or prophylactic medical treatment is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros, when this abandonment or abstention is presented as beneficial for the health of the persons targeted when it is, in the state of medical knowledge, clearly likely to result in serious consequences for their physical or psychological health, taking into account the pathology from which they suffer…

When the provocation provided for in the first two paragraphs has been followed by effects, the penalties are increased to three years of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

The bill now awaits final approval in the French Senate.

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Biden Roasted After Complaining Republicans Are Taking a ‘Vacation’

He’s spent 40% of his time in office on vacation and just got back from another vacation.

by Steve Watson
Modernity News

Joe Biden, the man who has spent almost half his presidency on vacation, and just got back from another long weekend vacation, complained Monday night that House Republicans are taking a needless “vacation.“

Biden posted the following on X, claiming that a scheduled two-week recess amounts to a “vacation”:

[…] On Friday Biden told reporters Republicans should step up “instead of going on a two-week vacation.”

“Two weeks, walking away. Two weeks? What are they thinking?” Biden continued, adding “My God, this is bizarre, and it’s just reinforcing all the concern and, and almost I won’t say panic, but real concern about the United States being a reliable ally. This is outrageous.”

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This is a Tale of Two Americas, and Those at the Bottom of the Economic Food Chain Are Being Hit Extremely Hard

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

If you have plenty of money and you are able to shield yourself from what is happening to the tens of millions of people that are wallowing in poverty, life in America is still good in 2024. Stock prices have been hovering near record highs, and companies that cater to the rich and famous have been raking in the cash. But for most of the rest of the country, things are not going so well. Homelessness has been rising at the fastest rate we have ever seen, crime is out of control all over the nation, and large companies are laying off workers at a very frightening pace.

If you live in the version of America that is still living the high life, good for you.

But if you live in the version of America that the rest of us live in, conditions are rapidly deteriorating.

Earlier today, I came across an article in the San Francisco Standard that detailed what life is like in Oakland, California these days…

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Illegals Attack NYPD at ‘Migrant’ Shelter, Throw Objects at Officers Making Arrest

New York City will soon be a Mad Max-level dystopia

by Kelen McBreen
Info Wars

Wild footage out of New York City shows the moment a group of NYPD officers were assaulted by dozens of illegal aliens while they tried to make an arrest inside the state-funded Randall’s Island “migrant relief center.”

Last week, around five police officers wrestled with a suspect as a massive group of illegals surrounded them and shouted in anger over the arrest.

Soon, the crowd began throwing backpacks, water bottles and other items at the cops.

Law enforcement members literally ran out of the facility with the handcuffed suspect as the large mob screamed and threw objects at them.

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