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Consumer Confidence, Inflation, Market Concerns and Strategies with Eddy Gifford

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry Lutz and Eddy Gifford discussed the recent drop in Consumer Confidence numbers and the impact of inflation on individuals, highlighting the anger and dissatisfaction it’s causing. They also touched on the low satisfaction rate with the current administration and the impact of inflation on interest rates and the Fed’s actions. Eddy Gifford raised concerns about the potential risks associated with the stock market’s prolonged highs and emphasized the need for a trader’s mentality and diversification into alternative investments. The potential of precious metals and cryptocurrencies as hedges against mistrust and supply and demand stories was also explored. The conversation concluded with a focus on the flexibility and nimbleness required in investment planning to take advantage of the current market conditions.

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Fury Gold Dramatically Increases Gold Deposit Size

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Fury Gold Mines’ CEO Tim Clark, and Exploration SVP Bryan Atkinson (🇺🇸FURY — 🇨🇦FURY) gave us the latest sponsor update on the Eau Claire and Percival deposits. The resource estimate increased significantly: a 36% rise in measured and Indicated gold ounces and a 45% increase in inferred gold ounces at the Eau Claire deposit. Bryan explained the conservative methodologies used in these estimates and the vast potential for new discoveries within their expansive land package.

They detailed Fury’s future exploration strategy, including their focus on uncovering new gold deposits and a return to exploring Nunavut. Tim laid out his strategic plan for upcoming survey and geochemical projects, emphasizing how these efforts could lead to a re-rating and increase in the company’s market value.

Our discussion also covered the geological dynamics at play, including the steepening of vein geometries at Eau Claire and what this means for future efforts. With the Eau Claire and Percival deposits remaining open for expansion, they expressed their optimism about Fury’s positioning and growth potential in the current market. Of course, $2400 gold is the topic of the day and its positive effect on Fury’s economics, which keep getting brighter. With over $54 million in Dolly Vardon Silver shares and $5 million in the treasury, Fury’s enterprise value represents a steep discount, especially when considering ounces in the ground, which is why we continue to hold shares.

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Stagflation Reality Contradicts Biden/Powell’s Optimism with Ed Siddell

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Ed Siddell breaks down the recent market rebound in May following a challenging April. He discusses how Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s assurances regarding stable interest rates have temporarily alleviated market fears, contributing to the rebound. However, Siddell points out a significant disconnect between Powell’s optimistic projections and the prevailing economic data indicating stagflation—a scenario combining stagnant economic growth with inflation.

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$30+ Silver is Inevitable with Craig Hemke

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

In this engaging discussion, Kerry hosts Craig Hemke to delve into the dynamics of the precious metals market. Hemke kicks off the conversation by analyzing the recent breakout in the market, just as the Federal Reserve began to cut interest rates. He outlines the various factors currently influencing the market’s performance and discusses the potential for a significant surge in precious metals as the economy shows signs of downturn. They explore the challenges of using chart analysis in this uncharted market territory, including the strategic efforts by banks to manipulate market perceptions with a projected double top in pricing, particularly as precious metals reach all-time highs. The dialogue also covers broader economic indicators and monetary policies that could impact the gold market. Both speakers express caution about the current exuberance in the sector, pointing to exploding debt levels and a weakening banking sector as potential risks that could affect both the economy and gold prices. Additionally, the historical role of gold as a stabilizer in monetary systems is discussed, along with the cyclical nature of wars, economic bubbles, and inflation. The conversation concludes with a prompt to visit tfmetalsreport.com for more insights from Craig Hemke.

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Jerome Powell is Wearing Concrete Boots with David Stryzewski

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Financial expert David Stryzewski analyzes the alarming trends revealed in April’s Producer Price Index (PPI) report. The PPI has risen by 0.5%, signaling persistent and escalating inflationary pressures, a sharp contrast to the previous month’s 0.1% decline. This marks the first instance since April 2022 that PPI inflation has risen for three consecutive months, showcasing a trend of sticky inflation. David explains that the year-over-year rise in wholesale costs, which accelerated to 2.2%, points to a future where inflation could significantly overshoot the Federal Reserve’s 2% target. The big picture suggests a troubling scenario: inflation is stubbornly high, and the Federal Reserve appears to be losing its battle against it. David warns of the Federal Reserve’s potential move to cut rates to prevent a banking crisis, amidst conditions where “higher for longer” interest rate policies seem increasingly likely.

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Golden Opportunities: Navigating Fed Rate Cuts and China’s Metal Buying Spree with Phillip Streible

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Phillip Streible discussed a range of economic topics. They began by discussing the potential for Fed rate cuts, with Streible suggesting that they may be postponed until the end of the year due to inflation, political considerations, and external economic factors. Lutz expressed apprehension about the potential impact on the markets and questioned whether the Fed’s actions may be inadequate in light of current economic indicators. The conversation also touched on the upcoming June meeting, inflation data, and the challenges posed by high interest rates and their impact on consumer behavior and the housing market. The discussion then shifted to the dynamics of the gold market, with Streible attributing its current level to pre-positioning for Fed interest rate cuts and China’s substantial purchases of precious metals. Lutz expressed skepticism about experts’ surprise at higher-than-expected inflation numbers and questioned their awareness of market trends. The speakers also discussed the widespread impact of rising cocoa prices and inflation on consumer expenses, emphasizing the trickle effect on input and labor costs, particularly in the food industry, leading to higher dining out expenses and the likelihood of the Fed revising its inflation target. Finally, they discussed the potential economic implications of the upcoming election, forecasting market volatility and discussing the impact of fiscal spending.

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Turbo Charge Your Returns Using AI with Andrew Einhorn

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Andrew Einhorn of LevelFields discussed the impact of AI on investment practices, highlighting the system’s ability to track and analyze events from thousands of documents per minute to provide forecasts and alerts. The conversation also covers the system’s insights on Tesla and the broader perspective it provides for investors. Andrew emphasizes the importance of recognizing discrepancies in prices and earnings to identify opportunities in the market, using examples from the coal and fertilizer industries, defense contracting, and undervalued companies like Giga Cloud and Celsius. He provides an overview of the LevelFields platform, emphasizing its user-friendly approach to investing and the potential for short-term and long-term gains through different investment strategies.

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Coppernico Metals to Receive TSX Listing and Start Drilling Sombrero with CEO Ivan Bebek

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry Lutz was joined by CEO Ivan Bebek of Coppernico Metals for a dive deep into the company’s ambitious exploration project. From raising over $100 million to the strategic preparations for drilling, Ivan shares the challenges and milestones of Coppernico’s journey.

It’s been years in the making but the company has achieved the required community support and now has the necessary permits to begin aggressive drilling at the Sombrero project. As Ivan states, community support must be earned, and the company’s initiatives will carry on long after mining has finished.

There were numerous hurdles along the way, not the least of which were the pandemic related shutdowns. But Coppernico persevered and now drilling and a coveted TSX listing will be happening soon. Ivan also introduced Tim Kingsley, VP of Exploration, highlighting the team’s expertise along with the strong funding from major miners. Clearly this is a case of playing the long game, staying focused upon the ultimate goal and never giving up. Coppernico’s prospectivity is impressive and we hold shares in the company.

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2024 Year of the Bank Run with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and John Rubino delve into pressing economic issues, predicting a looming crisis driven by rising mortgage rates and increasing retail store closures. They argue the necessity for significant government intervention, similar to the pandemic-era stimulus measures, to mitigate the economic downturn. The conversation also explores the unique challenges facing retailers, especially in California, where lax laws on shoplifting complicate business operations. Additionally, they discuss the controversial “weaponization” of the criminal justice system, suggesting its impact on social order and business environment. Rubino and Lutz propose radical ideas for government restructuring, such as firing government employees in alphabetical order and maintaining only essential workers during crises. They emphasize the importance of essential services, including police, road maintenance, and waste management, referencing similar strategies from Argentina and El Salvador. Political dynamics also take center stage as they speculate on potential vice presidential candidates for Donald Trump, particularly focusing on Ron DeSantis. They consider how political issues, notably abortion, could influence upcoming elections.

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Maybe We’re Closer to “You’ll Own Nothing” Than We Realize

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

Maybe we should rephrase the slogan to “you’ll appear to own things you don’t actually control and be happy.”

The World Economic Forum’s catchphrase you’ll own nothing and be happy was widely mocked as an eyebrow-raising vision of a “sharing economy” future without the implicit agency granted by full ownership. Renting stuff that one needed only for one-time use has long been a market, and car-sharing makes sense for urban dwellers who only need a vehicle on occasion.

But to own nothing still implies powerlessness and poverty, not happiness, which continues to be associated with owning income streams and nice things, i.e. wealth.

Given our dependence on software / digital rights and the phantom wealth of credit-asset bubbles,”how much do we actually own?” is a fair question. Consider the recent New York Times article Why Tech Companies Are Not Your Friends: Lessons From Roku, which was reprinted in other publications with the more accurate title Our Gadgets Are Not Ours.

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Subprime Auto Loans Are Getting Messy

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Huge profits in subprime caused specialized dealers/lenders to take big risks, which came home to roost. But prime auto loans are in pristine shape.

Subprime doesn’t mean “low income,” it means “bad credit”; it means a history of taking on too much debt and not paying those debts and other obligations as agreed, which caused their FICO score to drop into the subprime category.

And subprime auto loans are getting into trouble, after the free-money era got them temporarily out of trouble. In April, 5.23% of subprime auto loans were 60 days or more delinquent, the worst April on record, and a hair above the prior record of April 2020, according to the Fitch subprime index, which tracks auto loans that have been securitized into the asset-backed securities (ABS) that are rated by Fitch.

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Prosecutors Threatened Cohen to Plead Guilty or They Indict His Family

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

Let me explain something. Threatening your family is standard operating procedure because the Supreme Court has given prosecutors ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY no matter what they do! That has corrupted our entire legal system. This is why you have all these prosecutors charging Trump, for they are ABOVE the law, as are judges.

Cohen asserted that he was pressured to accept a plead guilty to charges in 2018, including the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

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Proof of Censorship

by Jeffrey Tucker
Daily Reckoning

It’s not been good lately for the Censorship Industrial Complex.

The machine has been built and put into action over nearly a decade but largely in secret. Its way of doing business has been via surreptitious contacts with media and tech companies, intelligence carve-outs in “fact-checking” organizations, payoffs, and various other clever strategies, all directed toward boosting some sources of information and suppressing others.

The goal has always been to advance regime narratives and curate the public mind.

And yet, based on its operations and insofar as we can tell, it had every intention of remaining secret. This is for a reason. A systematic effort by government to bully private sector companies into a particular narrative while suppressing dissent contradicts American law and tradition.

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Inspired Idiot of the Week: The FDIC’s Swamp Man

by James Hickman
Schiff Sovereign

If you want to understand the complete dysfunction of the federal government, look no further than the case of Marty Gruenberg.

At least for now– and hopefully not much longer– he is the petty tyrant in charge of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation); he has served in that position for 10 out of the last 13 years and has been on the FDIC’s board since 2005.

In short, Gruenberg is the FDIC, and FDIC is Gruenberg.

This makes him extremely culpable for what a recent investigation into the FDIC describes as a destructive culture of “sexual harassment and interpersonal misconduct” that is “hostile, abusive, [and] unprofessional”.

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Silver On the Launch Pad, Eyeing Run to $40

by Brien Lundin
Silver Seek

Gold steals most of the headlines, but silver has stealthily set itself up for a potential run to $40.

After nearly 40 years in this business, I’ve read, listened to, watched, and talked with countless thousands of very smart people.

I was reminded of the value offered by the best analysts when I started noticing a number of people posting a chart of the silver price and how it’s setting up for a big breakout.

In fact, this chart and market observation was originally posted by Ron Griess of TheChartStore.com:

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Big Money, Confidence Collapse, & NATO Generals & Bureaucrats Want War

Big money moves in advance. So what are Gold and now Silver telling us? “They” seem pretty desperate – what wouldn’t they do at this point in their desperation?

by Dave Fairtex
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

The massive copper & silver rally, along with gold’s new highs, has me wondering if money is moving in advance of some sort of (Melinda Gates?) event. Not financial advice and I have no position.

Perhaps Melinda is giving us a peek into the future, along with a temporal marker. She gave just under 4 weeks’ notice. And that was a week ago.

“Money Always Moves In Advance.”

Into silver and copper, it seems. At least for now.

Eliminating agency is required. No cows, no chickens, no gardens – just “bio milk” and “cancer meat” and “eat ze bugz.” This was the plan.

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So About Those ‘Meme Stocks’

by Karl Denninger

…. hope you didn’t.

Nice spike in GME the other day with most of it in the pre-market when you, likely, were either sleeping or not paying attention. Someone managed to get trades off at $80; as I pen this its trading $34. That’s a 58% loss in two days. Ouch.

AMC’s even worse; it traded pre-market that same day at $13.30; sucks to be you if you’re the bagholder on that one because as I write this its trading $5.30. That is a 60% loss in two days. Whoever thought that was a “buy” at $13.30….. well, not so much right?

That this sort of reaction still occurs tells me everything I need to know about the general tenor of the market right now. Despite people claiming there is some sort of “balance” between Greed and Fear, and its on the “Fear” side right now, uh…. no.

The VIX is trading under 13. That’s not fearful — at all.

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The Myth of Good and Bad Nations

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

The gang of neocons who control brain-dead “President” Joe Biden view international politics as a struggle between good and evil nations. Sometimes, it isn’t the people of the enemy nation who are viewed as evil but the demonic leader of the enemy country, who, if not Satan himself, is seen as a reasonably close approximation of him. Thus, today the evil Vladimir Putin is seen as engaged in a brutal conquest of Ukraine and the heroic Israelis are seen as engulfed in worldwide battle against anti-Semitism. Propagating these ideas helps the neocons in spending billions of dollars in aid to the favored nations and sending them weapons that threatens the thermonuclear destruction of the world.

In fact, international politics is a struggle between nations with conflicting interests, not a struggle between good and evil powers. Such conflicts are inevitable in a world of powerful states, in which the principles of the free market are flouted.

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Several States Take Steps to Block a Central Bank Digital Currency

by Mike Maharrey

Several states have taken action over the last two years in an effort to block the implementation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the United States.

Indiana was the first state to pass legislation relating to central bank digital currency. Enacted in 2023, the law explicitly excludes a CBDC from the definition of money under the state’s Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The law amends the definition of money to specify,

“The term does not include a central bank digital currency that is currently adopted, or that may be adopted, by the United States government, a foreign government, a foreign reserve, or a foreign sanctioned central bank.”

A similar law was enacted in Florida last year, and this year South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah followed suit. A Nebraska bill repealing the capital gains tax on gold and silver also changed the definition of money in the state tax code to exclude CBDC.

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Demonic Globalist Elite Starting World War III – Steve Quayle

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle has amassed a deep network of sources, especially in the military. Quayle is hearing that America is closer to nuclear war than it has ever been. Quayle says, “This is a detonation broadcast because of everything that is ready to explode: in the economy, in the world of WWIII, the events taking place in Ukraine and the events taking place off of the West Coast of the United States. Never in the history of the United States and Russia have we had multiple submarines, strategic missile submarines doing tests in international waters warning the US government, especially the FAA and the Pentagon, that they are going to be using dummy warheads. . . . Here is the striking thing about this. The United States, Western Europe and the NATO confederation have declared in the next 10 days they are going to be moving up to 90,000 men onto the border in Ukraine. We have declared that F-16’s (that can carry nuclear missiles) are going into Ukraine. . . . or around Ukraine. Russia has said that when they touch down, they will hit them on the ground. What is more astonishing is the time period for this test missile launch is also 10 days. It syncs up totally with NATO’s time frame to deploy troops and F-16’s. . . .Russia is the leading nuclear power in the world, and they have advanced technology, such as hypersonic missiles we, the United States, do not possess. . . . We are talking about somebody making the wrong decision, and at that point, it’s WWIII from then on. This is not a military exercise.”

Continue Reading at USAWatchdog.com…

World War War III May Already Have Started – In the Shadows

Cyber intrusions, arson, bombings, and other mayhem feature in the conflict between West and East.

by J.D. Tuccille

Britain’s signals intelligence spy chief raised eyebrows this week with warnings that Russia is coordinating both cyberattacks and physical acts of sabotage against the West. There’s evidence to back her claims—and the West may be returning the favor. Coming soon after FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that China is targeting American infrastructure, it looks like the world is not only fracturing once again, but that the hostile blocs are engaged in covert warfare.

Rumors of War

“We are increasingly concerned about growing links between the Russian intelligence services and proxy groups to conduct cyberattacks as well as suspected physical surveillance and sabotage operations,” Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) Director Anne Keast-Butler told an audience at the United Kingdom government-sponsored CyberUK 2024 conference. “Before, Russia simply created the right environments for these groups to operate, but now they are nurturing and inspiring these non-state cyber actors in some cases seemingly coordinating physical attacks against the West.”

Continue Reading at Reason.com…

Lessons from Covid Totalitarianism

by J.B. Shurk
American Thinker

The COVID police state revealed Western governments’ zeal for totalitarianism. Forced masking, forced experimental injections, forced school and business closures, forced isolation, and forced compliance provided Western citizens an opportunity to see the tyrannical inclinations hiding just beneath the surface of their supposedly beneficent “democracies.”

None of it was pretty. Mass propaganda disguised as medical expertise (remember when Joe Biden and his CDC army of Goebbels clones demanded that we wear three or more masks outside?) and mass censorship of social media conversations (because, we were frequently told, disinformation kills!) proved that — when push comes to shove — Western governments will quickly dispense with protections for free speech. Wannabe dictators (intent on protecting “democracy” by being authoritarian) embraced their true “Do as we say!” dispositions and branded the public’s rights and liberties as “enemies of the State.”

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AMC Slaps Trigger Warning On Goodfellas for Lack of ‘Inclusion and Tolerance’

It’s a movie about the mob

by Steve Watson
Modernity News

AMC has angered audiences by placing a trigger warning on the classic mobster movie Goodfellas, noting that it lacks “inclusion and tolerance.”

The New York Post notes that “AMC Networks added a trigger warning to the classic mob movie Goodfellas — rankling those who were in the film and wiseguys alike.”

The warning noted that “This film includes language and/or cultural stereotypes that are inconsistent with today’s standards of inclusion and tolerance and may offend some viewers.”

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