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$80 Silver Around the Corner with Chris Vermeulen

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Chris Vermeulen delve into key financial topics including the stock market, gold and silver markets, crude oil market, U.S. dollar index, and inflation. Vermeulen shares his expertise on the late stages of the stock market, stressing the importance of staying invested and following trends until a clear reversal appears. He predicts a short-term downside for gold at a certain level but foresees a future cleansing event similar to the 2008 crash. Despite this, Vermeulen is optimistic about a multi-year uptrend in gold and silver, forecasting silver to rise to $34-37 in the next one to two months. The conversation also explores the transformative potential of a new digital currency in the coming years and the significant changes it could bring to the financial system and global economy. They discuss the economic implications of political decisions, such as tariffs on Chinese goods, on inflation rates. Vermeulen expresses concerns over the necessity of a market reset to curb inflation and its potential impact on businesses and consumers. Overall, this meeting provides a thorough analysis of market trends and emphasizes the need to closely monitor these developments in the months ahead.

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Economic Shifts: Inflation, Stagflation, Cryptos and Part Time Jobs with Eddy Gifford

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Eddy Gifford discussed various topics related to investment portfolios and the economy. They expressed concerns about the impact of inflation on consumer expenses and economic growth, as well as the shift towards part-time employment and the potential for stagflation. The conversation also touched on the surge in cryptocurrencies and the importance of diversification beyond traditional stocks and bonds, including non-correlated assets such as precious metals and managed future strategies. Both emphasized the need for true diversification and risk management in investment portfolios, with Gifford likening diversification to an insurance policy. The meeting concluded with Gifford offering his contact information to help people meet their financial goals.

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The Future of the Luxury Retail Sector with Carl Gould

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Carl Gould discussed the transformation of the retail industry, focusing on the challenges faced by traditional department stores such as Neiman Marcus. They explored the impact of branding and the potential for smaller, more interactive stores to thrive in the evolving retail landscape. The conversation also touched on the impact of inflation and consolidation on the sector, as well as the integration of AI technology. They discussed the potential for AI to revolutionize personal shopping and concierge services, and speculated on the use of iconic voices such as Marilyn Monroe and Burt Reynolds in AI interactions. The conversation highlighted the rapid changes occurring in the industry and the absence of centralized management, reflecting the essence of capitalism.

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Precious Metals as a Financial Hedge with Dunagun Kaiser

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Dunagun Kaiser discussed the current economic challenges, focusing on the impact of broken supply chains and the potential stress on companies and banks due to the necessity of refinancing business loans at higher interest rates. They expressed concern about the lack of preparedness among retirees who rely on traditional financial assets and emphasized the importance of precious metals as a hedge. The speakers also discussed the devaluation of the dollar and the potential role of cryptocurrencies in the future financial landscape, highlighting the need for financial resilience and a shift in mindset to prepare for potential economic uncertainties. Both speakers stressed the importance of understanding the evolving financial environment and reevaluating financial strategies.

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The Emperor Has No Cortex with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

In this interview, Kerry and John Rubino discuss a range of topics, including the current political landscape, potential VP candidates for Trump, the impact of rising gold prices on mining companies, Tesla’s recent performance, the stock market’s sustained growth and potential risks, the influence of media on critical thinking and political division, and personal anecdotes. They analyze and speculate on each topic, providing valuable insights and perspectives. The speakers delve into the potential impact of Biden’s mental state on the political landscape, as well as the media’s portrayal of it. They also explore potential VP candidates for Trump, weighing the strengths and weaknesses of individuals like Gavin Newsom, Vivek Ramaswamy, J.D. Vance, Byron Donalds, Ben Carson, and Tulsi Gabbard.

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From Likes to Leads: The Impact of Paid Ads On Social Media Platforms with Alex Thoric

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Alex Thoric discussed digital marketing strategies and platforms, focusing on the use of paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to target specific audiences. They also talked about the growing importance of TikTok and its impact on driving traffic to other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The conversation included insights into successful campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, with Alex sharing a case study of a gym’s campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting ended with information on how to connect with Alex and access his services.

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When Will the Time Be Right to Invest in Gold? with Gary Wagner

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Gary Wagner discussed various topics, including the current state of the gold and silver markets, the potential influence of Federal Reserve policy, and the impact of AI on content creation. They analyzed the performance of precious metals, considering market trends and the pandemic’s impact on the economy. They explored the potential implications of future rate cuts by the Fed, highlighting the challenges posed by the growing national debt and the need for effective government spending measures. The discussion also delved into the impact of interest rates on gold and silver investments, with Wagner advocating for a long-term allocation to precious metals and selective equity investments. Finally, they discussed the transformative impact of AI on content creation processes and the potential for AI to revolutionize the industry.

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China, Russia, and the Golden Currency Debate with Yvonne Blaszczyk

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Yvonne Blaszczyk discuss the potential future of gold as a currency, highlighting the need for a coordinated effort among countries and the impact of central bank buying on the trend. They also emphasize the fragility of the current financial system and advocate for gold as a means of wealth preservation due to geopolitical chaos and trading alliances. The conversation touches upon the potential implications for countries like China and Russia, and the challenges associated with transitioning to gold-backed currencies in the global economy. They stress the importance of understanding the system’s fragility and the dangers of following the herd, drawing parallels to the Titanic and emphasizing the need for strategic planning in the face of potential economic collapse.

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Inflation’s Impact On the Younger Generation, Credit Scores and Mortgage Approvals with Paul Oster

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Paul Oster discussed the impact of inflation on consumers, highlighting the surge in prices for everyday necessities and the challenges it poses for aspiring homeowners and retailers. They also raised concerns about the growing credit card debt, particularly among the younger population, and provided comprehensive advice on managing credit card debt, emphasizing the need to create a plan and prioritize payments. The conversation shed light on the multifaceted nature of credit scores and the significant financial implications they carry, stressing the importance of closely monitoring factors like utilization ratio, credit history, types of credit, and new credit, and offering practical advice for maintaining a healthy credit score.

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Dolly Varden Hits Bonanza Grade Silver at Moose/Chance Veins

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

In this sponsor update, Dolly Varden Silver’s (🇺🇸DOLLF — 🇨🇦DV) CEO, Shawn Khunkhun, shared an exciting update on the company’s recent drill results and the future potential at various silver deposits. Highlighting impressive silver strikes at the Moose and Chance veins (977 g/t Ag over 5.00 meters and 3,670 g/t Ag over 0.79 meters) he compared the adjoining deposits to a “string of pearls.” Khunkhun conveyed his confidence in the possibility of discovering multiple 50 million ounce silver deposits. He pointed to the company’s financial strength and its ability to expand the drill program as needed.

Khunkhun also discussed the recent rise in industry merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, driven by renewed interest from mid-tier and major silver/gold producers, who are extremely anxious about their dwindling reserves. He expects M&A activity to intensify, signifying potential growth and consolidation in the market and further opportunities for DVS.

The conversation delved into the potential catalysts and risks impacting the commodities/precious metals markets, such as central banks’ shift away from the US dollar, economic slowdowns, and currency wars. One under appreciated factor is the company’s implementation of directional drilling at the Wolf deposit, which could significantly enhance exploration efficiency and results. Khunkhun expressed optimism about forthcoming drilling results, the majority of which have yet to be released.

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Disclaimer: Dolly Varden Silver (DVS) has sponsored this video production. No questions were exchanged prior to the interview. The forward-looking statements in DVS’s presentation apply to the content of this interview and write-up. The content on FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com (FSN) is for informational purposes only and should not be considered personal legal or investment advice, or a recommendation to buy or sell securities or any other products. It is based on opinions, SEC filings, current events, press releases, and interviews but may contain errors. FSN offers no inferred or explicit warranty regarding the accuracy of the information presented. Consult your investment advisor and do not base any investment decisions on the information contained herein or on FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com. We may hold equity positions in some of the companies featured on this site. FSN disclaims any responsibility for the content of any linked website. Use any information on FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com at your own risk. By reading this disclaimer, you agree to hold FSN harmless for any losses you may incur.

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Trump’s Hillbilly VP

by James Rickards
Daily Reckoning

The attempted assassination of Donald Trump continues to dominate the news as the Republican National Convention is underway in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In a highly charged moment last night, Trump appeared before the crowd with a bandage covering his ear, as Lee Greenwood sang “God Bless the U.S.A.” live.

Yesterday also marked another key development in the election season.

Trump nominated Ohio senator J.D. Vance as his vice president. Trump picked Vance over other leading contenders such as North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin as well as Sens. Marco Rubio (Florida) and Tim Scott (South Carolina).

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The Evidence Points to Widespread Insider Pre-Knowledge

Weak attempts at covering up the shooting are revealing who is on which side of history. Ignore them if you can. More importantly, we have bona-fide evidence of widespread insider knowledge that Trump was going to be assassinated based on massive stock short sales on Trump’s media company the the week prior.

by Dr. Chris Martenson
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

The cover-ups have already begun around the Trump near assassination and Comperatore murder. The usual suspects are running cover for the Deep State and we should be careful to record who they are and avoid falling for their obvious deceptions and smokescreens.

Chief among these “House of Cards” real-life villains is Dan Crenshaw of Texas – ol’ “eye patch McCain” as Tucker Carlson calls him – who has been busy blowing smoke screens and trying to sow confusion into the storyline.

First, there’s the tactic of putting pure BS out there and repeating it. One example is that Trump’s ear was nicked by shattered glass from a teleprompter. This is easily disproven, yet ‘they’ persist in putting that out there.

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Jamie Dimon Goes Missing From Earnings Call, After Dumping $183 Million of His JPMorgan Chase Stock Earlier This Year

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

We can’t remember a time when the Chairman and CEO of the largest, most complex and scandal-ridden bank in the United States, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, was too busy to squeeze in an appearance at the company’s heavily-scrutinized quarterly earnings call with analysts. That happened last Friday.

When something happens for the first time at a bank that has racked up five felony counts, has been doled out non-prosecution and deferred-prosecution agreements by the U.S. Department of Justice in a steady drumbeat since 2014, and spent most of last year in the headlines for a decade of sluicing tens of thousands of dollars per month in hard cash to the international sex trafficker of children, Jeffrey Epstein, it pays to sit up and pay attention.

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The Ascendance of Sociopaths in U.S. Governance

by Doug Casey
International Man

An International Man lives and does business wherever he finds conditions most advantageous, regardless of arbitrary borders. He’s diversified globally, with passports from multiple countries, assets in several jurisdictions, and his residence in yet another. He doesn’t depend absolutely on any country and regards all of them as competitors for his capital and expertise.

Living as an international man has always been an interesting possibility. But few Americans opted for it, since the U.S. used to reward those who settled in and put down roots. In fact, it rewarded them better than any other country in the world, so there was no pressing reason to become an international man.

Things change, however, and being rooted like a plant – at least if you have a choice – is a suboptimal strategy if you wish to not only survive, but prosper. Throughout history, almost every place has at some point become dangerous for those who were stuck there. It may be America’s turn.

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Former CDC Director Regrets Vaccine Mandates

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

The “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccination mantra was an effective weapon of propaganda, according to former Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) director Dr. Robert Redfield. Dr. Redfield admitted to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that vaccine mandates were a complete mistake.

Appointed under Trump, Dr. Redfield served as the CDC director under President Biden, who he claims insisted the health agency suppress data regarding adverse reactions to prevent vaccination hesitancy. “There was not appropriate transparency from the beginning about the potential side effects of these vaccines, and I do think there were inappropriate decisions by some to try to underreport any side effects because they argued that would make the public less likely to get vaccinated,” Redfield testified. The government KNEW that the vaccines were neither safe nor effective, as did the health agencies. Still, they insisted that the public take the experimental vaccine to participate in society. One must ask, WHY?

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Trump’s Churchillian Moment: How the Near-Miss Assassination Hit the Mark with Press & Pundits

from Zero Hedge

Authored by Jonathan Turley,

Winston Churchill once famously said that “nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”

For Donald Trump, the failed assassination attempt in Pennsylvania could prove politically exhilarating. After rising with a fist pump and a call to fight on, Trump seems to have gone from being a movement to a mythological figure with his supporters. All he needs now is a big blue ox named Babe to return to the campaign trail.

This assassination attempt should also concentrate the minds of everyone on the escalating rhetoric in this campaign, particularly the media in maintaining inflammatory narratives. Yet, the hateful and unhinged language has continued unabated from academics declaring that the assassination attempt was staged to those who complain that the only problem was that Thomas Matthew Crooks missed.

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Magnificent Seven Stocks Lose $1.1 Trillion in Five Days, and It’s Barely a Blip. Trillions Don’t Even Matter Anymore.

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Nvidia, after gaining $2.1 trillion YTD through July 10, gave up $418 billion or 12.6% since. Meta -13.6% in 5 days. Tesla should be kicked out of the Mag 7.

These numbers are just crazy when you actually think for one second about it: Since the high on July 10, over those five trading days, the Magnificent 7 – Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Tesla – have lost $1.13 trillion in market capitalization. If that happened in Commercial Real Estate over a 12-month period it’s considered a massacre, calling for bailouts and rate cuts and whatnot. Here it’s just kind of a blip.

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Choose One: Law Enforcement at Trump Shooting Was Either Incompetent or Complicit

by Ryan McMaken

Within minutes of the July 13 attempted assassination of Donald Trump, observers were asking how the assassin managed to gain a clear shot of Donald Trump at the Butler Farm Show Grounds near Butler, Pennsylvania. Since then, the question remains unanswered, but many allegations about the shooting have emerged. For example, multiple sources plausibly contend that both local police and the Secret Service had spotted the armed shooter—on a nearby roof with a rangefinder and a gun—several minutes before the shooting occurred. Law enforcement officers and agents chose to do nothing.

Videos of the event show bystanders vocally warning both police and federal agents of the shooter’s presence. Again, law enforcement did nothing. The New York Post reports that a “counter sniper team” staffed by local law enforcement were actually inside the building below the shooter himself. Again, law enforcement officials couldn’t be bothered with controlling access to this roof which offered an ideal position for a potential assassin.

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Putting the National Debt Into Perspective We Can All Understand

by Mike Maharrey

U.S. government borrowing and spending never stops.

The federal government ran another big deficit in June, as the national debt inches closer to $35 trillion.

$35 trillion USD.

Trillion with a ‘T.’

That’s an unfathomable number. It’s meaningless to most people. We simply can’t comprehend a number that big.

Let’s try to put the $34.9 trillion national debt into perspective.

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The Left Has Been Trying to Come Up with Wild Conspiracy Theories About the Trump Shooting, but They Are Failing Badly

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

Ever since the moment that Donald Trump was shot during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, the left has been pushing wild conspiracy theories all over the Internet. Unfortunately for the left, their conspiracy theories are so ridiculous that most rational people immediately see right through them. Yes, there are legitimate questions that need to be asked about what really happened at that rally, and I have been writing about many of those questions. But to suggest that the assassination attempt was staged or that Trump was never hit by a bullet is just nuts. As you will see below, the stuff that the left has been coming up with is straight out of crazy town.

It has been less than a week since Trump was shot, and already “false assassination narratives” have been viewed more than 100 million times on X, and many of those false narratives are being classified as “Blue Anon” conspiracy theories…

Continue Reading at EndOfTheAmericanDream.com…

JD Vance Makes the Case for American Manufacturing Revival at RNC: Protect Wages, Build Factories, Stop China From Destroying Our Middle Class

by John Binder

Republican vice presidential nominee Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) called for an American manufacturing revival at the Republican National Convention (RNC), vowing to protect the wages of the nation’s workforce, building factories, and stopping the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) economic dominance.

While accepting the GOP nomination for vice president on Wednesday evening, Vance laid the groundwork for an economic nationalist agenda that centers on putting the interests of working and middle class Americans first.

“We’re done catering to Wall Street, we’ll commit to the working man. We’re done importing foreign labor, we’re going to fight for American citizens and their good jobs and their good wages,” Vance said.

Continue Reading at Breitbart.com…

Getting a Home Depot Employee Fired for Calling for Trump’s Assassination is Still Cancel Culture

Libs of TikTok is blasting out screenshots of random people’s offensive posts to her millions of followers in hopes of claiming their scalps.

[Ed. Note: WRONG! … “Cancel culture” is when you make a tweet that offends absolutely NOBODY… Then, 12 years later, you get fired because the culture has redefined your 12-year-old tweet (and everything else) as offensive… So this is not “Cancel culture.” Rather, this is called, “consequences for endorsing political violence.”]

by Billy Binion

Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the popular Libs of TikTok social media accounts, has complained in the past about the efforts to “cancel and silence” her. It appears she is taking a page from the playbook she supposedly hates.

Raichik’s online operation reposts TikTok videos of left-leaning content creators saying things that often border on the absurd. She has recently upped the ante, amplifying Facebook posts from random people making crass comments about the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, blasting them to her 3.2 million followers on X, and tagging their employers in hopes they are rendered jobless.

In some cases, it has paid off. “To [sic] bad they weren’t a better shooter!!!!!” Darcy Waldron Pinckney posted on Facebook. You probably don’t recognize her name because she is not a public figure. She is not a lawmaker or a bureaucrat or someone in any position of power. She worked at Home Depot.

Continue Reading at Reason.com…

The Secret Service Story is Starting to Stink

by Stu Tarlowe
American Thinker

It’s beginning to look as if I was far too quick to give thanks that “the Secret Service is, apparently, not as corrupt as the FBI.”

We’re now learning, among other things, that Trump’s Secret Service detail was made up of second- and third-stringers, with more experienced agents having been pulled away to protect “Dr.” Jill Biden, and that even the Secret Service director is a “DEI” (“Diversity, Equity, Inclusion”) hire, put in place under a doctrine that amounts to “Affirmative Action on steroids,” replacing meritocracy with “qualifications” based on identity politics.

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, interviewed amid calls for her resignation, appears to be in full “CYA” mode in justifying her agency’s failures. Her remarks suggest that she prioritized her agents’ safety to a ridiculous degree over the life of Donald Trump.

Continue Reading at AmericanThinker.com…

Trump Trades On the Move, Chance of a Lifetime Plus a Stunning Look at Gold

from King World News

Here is a look at Trump trades on the move, chance of a lifetime plus a stunning look at gold.

Trump Trades On The Move

July 17 (King World News) – Peter Boockvar: We’re realizing again that the Trump Trade goes both ways and markets are responding to the Bloomberg interview. Tariffs of 60% might not be enough and 100% could be the rate we heard. Biden though doesn’t disagree as we’ve seen his administration slap that on some more Chinese products and I’ll call out both sides for their obsession with tariffs and the overall damage it does.

Continue Reading at KingWorldNews.com…

The Assassination Attempt

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Some say that it is too early to know what explains Trump’s near assassination. However, a good case can be made that we already know all we will ever know. The passage of time simply allows official narratives to be constructed, and they are used to muddy the waters.

I support the calls for an official investigation, but government investigations are always coverups. Think the Warren Commission Report, the 9/11 Commission Report, the NISH Report. If there is an investigation, nothing will come of it, and if by chance it does the presstitutes won’t report it.

We have all the information we need to form an opinion. Earlier I wrote that we have three choices of explanation for which there is evidence. But two of the explanations merge into one. The withholding by the foreign-born director of the Department of Homeland Security of adequate Secret Service resources from the Trump campaign can be merged into the incompetence explanation. So we have two choices, both supported by evidence or circumstantial evidence: Secret Service incompetence and a pose of incompetence to coverup an organized assassination.

Continue Reading at PaulCraigRoberts.org…

Did Trump’s Shooter Have Help?

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

Okay, so we are supposed to believe that a 20-year-old kid “who was turned away from his high school rifle club for being a ‘comically bad’ shot” and that had no military training whatsoever was able to pull this off all by himself? We are being told that it was “a mistake” that the ideal location for a sniper to be located was left unguarded, and somehow Thomas Matthew Crooks was able to identify this oversight and position himself accordingly. Just 150 yards away from where Donald Trump would be speaking, Crooks was able to climb on to a roof with a rifle and stay there for nearly half an hour before he finally started shooting at Trump. Either this was a cataclysmic security failure, or Crooks had some help somewhere along the way.

According to a former Secret Service agent who was in charge of Vice President Al Gore’s security detail during the Clinton administration, there should have been Secret Service personnel on that roof and “someone dropped the ball”…

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