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Wall Street Bankers and Lobbyists Move to Ensure Industry Continues to Regulate Itself

by Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg

Not content with continued prosecutorial immunity and trillions in taxpayer bailouts and backstops, Wall Street banksters are making moves to ensure they regulate themselves.

In case you’re still wondering who the real owners of this country are…

The Wall Street Journal reports:

ORLANDO, Fla.—Wall Street’s top lobbying group wants a closer relationship with the policy makers that oversee its member firms.

John Rogers, chairman of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and a top official at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., on Tuesday called for a standing body made up of bankers and regulators to discuss developments in policy, examination and enforcement. A key responsibility for the panel would also involve regularly providing guidance on postcrisis rules and other issues to financial firms.

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The Great Inflationary Lie

How you’ve been lied to about inflation and the cost of living since 2000.

from My Budget 360

You’ve been lied to about inflation. That is the truth. The banking apparatus wants you to believe that there is little to no inflation so they can continue with their money expanding ways but all you need to do is look at your spending and income and you will realize that yes, life is getting much more expensive. Media pundits operate in an enclosed bubble of information and have a hard time imagining that half the country is living paycheck to paycheck. Exit polls continue to “shock” them when people state that they are angry about the economy. “But housing is up and so are stocks!” Sure, but homeownership is down and half the country doesn’t own stocks. There is serious inflation going on. All we need to do is look at 2000 as a starting point.

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And this is When the Jobs “Recovery” Goes Kaboom

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

A party pooper showed up.

The future for employment looks bright. The gig economy is firing on all cylinders. The FOMC, in its statement concerning its interest rate decision today, was practically gleeful about employment and where it’s headed:

A range of recent indicators, including strong job gains, points to additional strengthening of the labor market.

The Committee currently expects that, with gradual adjustments in the stance of monetary policy, economic activity will expand at a moderate pace and labor market indicators will continue to strengthen.

Elsewhere, employment has been cited as one of the strong points of the economy. Companies have been hiring and creating jobs by the millions since the Great Recession, bringing total “non-farm employment,” as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from a low of 129.7 million in February 2010 to 143.6 million in February 2016. That’s nearly 14 million more employed folks!

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Global Risks Play Bigger Part in Fed’s Rate-Rise Outlook

by Craig Torres

For the first time since the Asian and Russian crises rocked world financial markets in the late 1990s, U.S. monetary policy is as focused on the risks to global growth as it is on the domestic economy.

Driving the resurgent internationalism inside the Federal Reserve is concern about how dollar strength — reinforced by aggressive policy easing abroad — could keep U.S. inflation too low when the Fed’s policy rate is close to zero. Another worry is a global economy that’s lumbering along without a prominent engine of growth, said Jon Faust, a former adviser to Fed Chair Janet Yellen.

“We have learned that the world is a more fragile place,” said Faust, who is now the director of the Center for Financial Economics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. “At times like this, you don’t want to risk a significant slip because globally there are so few economies with really strong policy options.”

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The War on Cash Is Already Lost

by Dave Gonigam
Daily Reckoning

We got a flurry of new frontline reports from the war on cash yesterday, after a reader told us his account was shut down — perhaps because his wife used it once too often to send money to family in China. “Suspicious transactions,” you know…

“I was at one of the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ banks,” reads one of these emails, “to deposit some money into my son’s account.

“I used to deposit cash into my son’s accounts for living expenses in college. The bank said that’s no longer allowed. When I asked why not, they said to prevent money laundering. Mind you, I had made the same deposit consistently every month for two years.

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Munich Re Stashes Gold and Cash to Counter Negative Rates

from Reuters.com

German reinsurer Munich Re is boosting its gold and cash reserves in the face of the punishing negative interest rates from the European Central Bank, it said on Wednesday.

The world’s largest reinsurer is far from alone in seeking alternative investment strategies to counter the near-zero or negative interest rates that reduce the income insurers require to pay out on policies.

Munich Re has held gold in its coffers for some time and recently added a cash sum in in the two-digit million euros, Chief Executive Nikolaus von Bomhard told a news conference.

“We are just trying it out, but you can see how serious the situation is,” von Bomhard said.

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‘Thunderstorm Spiral’: Pentagon Trains for Underground War/Disaster In Densely-Populated MegaCities

by Mac Slavo

As populations grow into cities across the globe, and increasing majority of people will live in urban areas – places which quickly become very desperate and vulnerable during a major crisis.

Every prepper knows the dangers of being stuck in a major metropolitan city in the event of a major hurricane, a grid down scenario or civil unrest and societal collapse.

In such a situation, as every prepper knows, food, water and other vital resources will quickly become scarce or unavailable. The gridlock of survivors trying to get out, or get their hands on assets.

Increasingly, the Pentagon is looking at the likelihood – perhaps the inevitability – of war/conflict inside of a destabilized or decimated megacity urban center like New York.

According to the Daily Mail:

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The Circus We Call the Election Process!

by Bill Holter

Dear CIGAs,

As a rule I try not to comment all that much on politics because it is such a polarizing topic. No matter what I could say one way or the other, “politics” will turn some normally placid folks into rabid trolls. That said, what we are witnessing now has never happened before in our lifetimes and is not even about the candidates …it is about the survival of our Republic!

Immediately after turning on the business news this morning, I heard an interview of a Republican National Committee member talking about “rules”. I did not catch who it was but the essence of the interview was it did not matter who had the most votes or delegates …the Republican committee would choose “their candidate” if no one had the majority leading into the convention.

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The Monetary Base, Buybacks and the Stock Market

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

A Useful Leading Indicator?

We often see charts comparing the S&P 500 to the growth in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, or more specifically, to assets held by the Fed. There is undeniably a close correlation between the two, but it has struck us as not very useful as a “timing device”, or an early warning device if you will.

Recently we have come across a video of a presentation by Bob Murphy, in which he uses a slightly different comparison that might prove more useful in this respect. Instead of merely looking at Fed assets, he uses the total monetary base. Here is a chart comparing the monetary base to the S&P 500 Index since 2009:

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How You Could Make 10, 20, Even 50 Times Your Money in the Coming Gold Mania

by Doug Casey
Casey Research

Regular readers know why I believe the gold price is poised to move from its current level of $1,150 per ounce to $1,500…$2,000…and eventually past $3,000.

Right now, we are exiting the eye of the giant financial hurricane that we entered in 2007, and we’re going into its trailing edge. It’s going to be much more severe, different, and longer lasting than what we saw in 2008 and 2009.

In a desperate attempt to stave off a day of financial reckoning during the 2008 financial crisis, global central banks began printing trillions of new currency units. The printing continues to this day. And it’s not just the Federal Reserve that’s doing it: it’s just the leader of the pack. The U.S., Japan, Europe, China…all major central banks are participating in the biggest increase in global monetary units in history.

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Silver Investment: Switching from a Commodity to High Quality Store of Value

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

The biggest trade of a lifetime will occur when the value of silver switches from a mere commodity to a high-quality store of value. Actually, it’s not really a trade of a lifetime, but rather a fundamental repricing of real assets verses supposed assets. According to the Investment Company Institute, the supposed value of the total U.S. Retirement Market was $23.5 trillion in the third quarter of 2015:

[…] As we can see, the value of the U.S. Retirement Market is down $1 trillion from its peak of $24.5 trillion in the previous two quarters. Could this be the peak of U.S. Retirement assets?? While the broader stock markets rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2015, they fell again during the first quarter of 2016.

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Will A Trump Presidency Really Change Anything For The Better?

by Brandon Smith

I want to start this analysis by stating that I fully understand the whirlwind of public interest in Donald Trump’s campaign. However, for those that don’t get it, let me break it down for you.

A sizable portion of the American population considers themselves “conservative.” More than 38% of U.S. citizens, according to Gallup, hold conservative political and social views. Only 24% of the public considers themselves “liberal.” Now, I realize that the term “conservative” means different things to different people, so I would apply a simple rule to categorize them — a conservative is easiest to identify by his or her distaste for normally liberal ideological views. Beyond that, different factions of conservatives disagree on a whole host of issues.

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What the Heck Did Janet Yellen Just Say?

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

The Federal Reserve members seem intent and content to make fools of themselves with continuous threats to raise interest rates. Some of them seem to discharge the “rate hike next meeting” utterance regularly as if they have Turret’s Syndrome. And yet, when the rubber meets the road, there’s no change in monetary policy.

And then there’s Janet Yellen. She becomes more pathetic with every public appearance. Today one of the CNBC goons asked her if the Fed has a credibility problem. If you can make sense of her answer please explain it to me. I really hope she was starting to trip on LSD someone might have slipped into her coffee because her response is nothing more than unintelligible utterances (as quoted from Zerohedge.com):

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Central Banks Move Into Crypto-Currencies as Part of Cashless Society Hustle

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

RScoin is coming but do you want it?

Top UK Telegraph journo Ambrose Evans-Pritchard just wrote about this planned crypto-currency in what is either an incredibly stupid and uneducated article or pure propaganda… it was titled “Central banks beat Bitcoin at own game with rival supercurrency.” The article is horrible central bank happy-talk that reads like the Bank of England wrote it for him and starts off with a blatant lie only three words in… this new RScoin, put out by the central bank of England, has not BEAT bitcoin. It is worse in every imaginable way than bitcoin… right down to the name. RScoin… central banker types aren’t exactly the most creative. We’ll call it FiatCoin around here.

But the underlying intent is deadly serious. Central banks apparently have in mind mimicking bitcoin but issuing electronic currencies themselves and charging people to buy the currency. People may actually pay the central bank directly, thus creating accounts with central banks!

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The Wisdom of Jesse Livermore as Gold and Silver Surge Strongly After Fed Decision

from King World News

On the heels of the Fed’s decision not to raise rates, gold soared more than $30 and silver surged as well, and the U.S. dollar tumbled.

But even with the recent positive action in the gold and silver markets, what some of the gold and silver community are struggling with at this point is exercising patience. Some have been selling positions and moving to the sidelines, waiting for the next shoe to drop. While there will be pullbacks, KWN readers around the world need to understand that you don’t want to give up your position at the beginning of a new bull market…

In Volatile Markets, Is Wealth Preservation King?

In a King World News interview I spoke with the man who predicted the Swiss National Bank would experience staggering losses and that the Fed would also experience massive losses that will destabilize the global financial system!

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“Is This What We Want For A President?” – Trump Launches First Hillary Attack Ad

from Zero Hedge

For weeks, pundits had been wondering why Donald Trump is holding back from launching direct attacks on Hillary Clinton: after all, only some unpredictable event, or a “brokered convention” (which would “lead to riots” according to Trump) can prevent Trump from being the republican candidate at this point, and the longer Trump delays, the higher the momentum against him on the national arena.

That all changed earlier today when Trump finally launched his first “attack ad” against Hillary in a tweet asking “Is this what we want for a president”:

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Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – March Madness

from Jesse’s Café Américain

“The main thing is that the debt is in dollars. So we can’t run out of cash–we print the stuff. Suppose that foreigners decide we’re not reliable. How does that drive up interest rates? The Fed controls short-term interest rates, and long-term interest rates reflect expected short rates. How’s that supposed to happen?” – Paul Krugman, Interview on CNNMoney

Well, at least now we know why gold was knocked down lower in the paper trading earlier this week.

It was to prepare us for The Big Retraction from the Fed, who begged a mulligan on their most recent rosy forecasts from three months ago about The Recovery™. And as suspected, it’s those foreigners who are at fault. And that’s why we can’t have nice things.

There was intraday commentary about that here.

And so after ‘fessing up and saying that things are not quite as good as they had thought, the dollar tanked and gold took off higher with some serious vigor.

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“Et Tu, Marco?” Rubio Stabs the Conservatives Who Elected Him.

by Gary North

“When our friends get into power, they aren’t our friends any more.”– M. Stanton Evans

This has become known as “Evans’ law of political perfidy.”

My friend Stan Evans was a wise and eloquent man. He was an intellectual leader within the conservative political movement, beginning around 1960. He arrived at Yale in the year after William F. Buckley graduated. He replaced Buckley as a student leader. Had he replaced Buckley as the spokesman of American conservatism, the country would be a lot better off today. He was a far more reliable thinker than Buckley ever was.

He served as the editor of the Indianapolis News until he was fired for insisting that Nixon was guilty of a cover-up of the Watergate break-in. This was long before any other conservative news outlet did. He was correct.

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Harvey Organ’s Daily Gold & Silver Report – 2016.03.16

Fed’s Yellen chickens out of increase in interest rates/Gold skyrockets on Fed’s lack of accountability/Gold advances to $1263.00 in the access market/Silver to $15.62/Japan signals it may not cancel NIRP as they do another U turn/Deutsche bank reports that it will lose money throughout 2016 and thus it’s stock plummets on the day/More trouble in Brazil as its central bank head honcho may leave on the appointment of LULA/Insurance giant Munich Re purchases gold and states it is because of negative interest rates/Peabody, largest USA coal miner misses interest rate payment and may declare bankruptcy/China and Kazakhstan wish to increase co operation in developing a physical market for gold

by Harvey Organ
Harvey Organ’s Blog

[…] In the words of Bill Murphy of GATA today on remarking on gold’s huge advance in the access market: “Houston, we have a problem”

The Fed’s credibility has now been shot as Yellen backs away from increasing rates due to global disturbances.

At the gold comex today, we had a poor delivery day, registering 0 notices for nil ounces and for silver we had 230 notices for 1,150,000 oz for the active March delivery month.

Several months ago the comex had 303 tonnes of total gold. Today, the total inventory rests at 211.33 tonnes for a loss of 92 tonnes over that period.

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Andrew Hoffman – The Sorry State of the World

from Financial Survival Network

Whatever it takes Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Horrible state of the global economy, pre-FOMC (and post ECB last week, and BOJ yesterday)

Myth of the “COTs” – per my article today, “The COTs Don’t Matter, Part II”

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Bill Holter – Manufactured Economic Numbers Wearing Thin

from Financial Survival Network

Bill Holter returns to the program. The groundswell of support behind Donald Trump shows the mass dissatisfaction of the populace. They’re even supporting Bernie Sanders in the misplaced hope that he will get the government off their backs. The school/indoctrination system is working its way through and is almost complete. China and Russia continue accumulating precious metals and the trend is firmly in place. Can Trump really do anything?

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Megan Megale – Building a Better Mousetrap Isn’t Enough

from Financial Survival Network

Ask any budding Internet entrepreneur and he/she will tell you, building a better mousetrap isn’t enough to become successful in the Internet Age. You need a strategy to get your message out to your target market. And that means using various tools at your disposal, like social media, new media and the press. Megan Megale, a seasoned PR professional has started the Minnow Project to help aspiring entrepreneurs do exactly that on a very limited budget. The Project takes on just a few lucky clients each month, and so far it has been a complete success. Which just shows, when you have the right tool in your pouch, the job becomes so much easier.

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Bloomberg’s Matt Winkler Tells Some Whoppers About Wall Street Reform

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Since Wall Street’s felony counts last May (see “Related Articles” below) and the unleashing of ever more creative ways to fleece the populace, it’s getting tougher and tougher to find people willing to shill for the Wall Street claptrap that it’s been punished enough and it’s time to put the bashing to rest. It’s getting tougher — but not impossible.

Matt Winkler, the Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, wrote an opinion piece and appeared on Bloomberg TV last week to regurgitate the threadbare “Stop Bashing Wall Street. Times Have Changed” refrain. Winkler starts off with this premise:

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