Payrolls is Now ‘Disability Friday’ and Gold & Silver Correct

As the vaccine injuries mount in the payrolls disability data (what else could it be?) the bond and metals markets are starting to gyrate. Up, down, up, down. Meanwhile, somehow, the S&P 500 continues to power to new highs, completely drunk on easy money and oblivious to risk.

by Dave Fairtex
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

Payrolls Friday is also Disability Friday. Any improvement in the “bafflingly” high workforce disability? No. In fact, both employed disability and total population disability inched up to a new all-time high. That 12-month MA continues to point higher too. Disability remains in a strong uptrend. Because – Safe & Effective.

Employed 16+: With a Disability (LNU02074597); +64,000 +0.82%
Population 16+: With a Disability (LNU00074597); +55,000 +0.16%

Prebunking [June 4] (source – x/ethicalskeptic);Rather than cite 25% increase in cancers in younger person which started April 2021… they stretch the ‘start’ to the “1990’s”. Like someone stealing all the money from your bank account and then citing “bank fees over the last 30 years”, as the culprit.”

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