Meet Me in Vegas at FreedomFest with Mark Skousen

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Mark Skousen discuss the upcoming FreedomFest event in Las Vegas, highlighting the growing appeal of libertarianism and the shift away from traditional left-right politics. They emphasize the diverse lineup of keynote speakers, including Javier Miele, Ice-T, and Rob Snyder, and the various events and activities planned for the conference, such as the presidential debate and the Anthem Film Festival. The conversation also touches on Las Vegas as a libertarian paradise, discussing its evolution from a gambling-centric destination to a multifaceted hub of entertainment, museums, and events.

The discussion also delves into the stock market’s performance, emphasizing the influence of gridlock, tax cuts, and the Federal Reserve’s actions. They express apprehension about deficit spending and the potential for a boom-bust cycle due to a shift in monetary policy. Additionally, they highlight the upcoming financial conference’s focus on managing permanent inflation and the potential need for a return to a gold standard.

The conversation also touches on the government’s narrative regarding inflation and the upcoming FreedomFest event, with details on hotel arrangements and contact information for attendees. Overall, the meeting highlights the excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming FreedomFest event and the diverse range of topics and speakers that will be featured.

For the FSN community members who will be at Freedom Fest, email me at and if we have enough people I will do a meetup with drinks and appetizers.

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