Connecticut Democrats Use Pride Flag to ‘Honor’ State Trooper Killed On Duty

[Ed. Note: I love the way it apparently occured to nobody at all to simply use an American flag.]

from Zero Hedge

Authored by Steve Watson via,

Democrats in Wethersfield, Connecticut refused to fly the ‘thin blue line’ flag in remembrance of a state trooper who was killed while on duty, instead insisting that flying an LGBTQ ‘pride’ flag at half staff was enough of an honor.

Yes, really.

Trooper Aaron Pelletier was killed while conducting a routine traffic stop, with one Alex Oyola-Sanchez arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Police said Oyola-Sanchez was under the influence of several types of drugs when he drove into Pelletier, his squad car and the vehicle he had pulled over.

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