The AI Effect: How Robots Are Shaping Economics, Interest Rates and Industry Evolution with Elliot Kallen

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Elliot Kallen discussed a range of topics, including the influence of AI on businesses, the economic cycle and its potential impact on interest rates, and the potential ramifications of autonomous vehicles on various sectors. They explored the potential disruptions and job losses that AI could bring, particularly in the transportation and writing industries, while also highlighting the positive aspects of AI, such as increased efficiency and convenience. They also discussed the potential impact of AI and Bitcoin mining on energy consumption, emphasizing the significance of these factors for the future of energy utilities. Kallen presented a contrarian viewpoint on the economic cycle, expressing skepticism about the likelihood of a recession and the anticipated decrease in interest rates. He referenced his previous predictions and suggested that bond prices may experience only a minor softening. The conversation also touched on the potential future of US mail delivery, with Kallen expressing skepticism about the long-term sustainability of the US Postal Service and advocating for government downsizing. Overall, the conversation delved into the uncertainty surrounding the current economic climate and its potential implications for interest rates and bond prices, as well as the potential impact of AI and autonomous vehicles on various sectors.

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