2024 Year of the Bank Run with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and John Rubino delve into pressing economic issues, predicting a looming crisis driven by rising mortgage rates and increasing retail store closures. They argue the necessity for significant government intervention, similar to the pandemic-era stimulus measures, to mitigate the economic downturn. The conversation also explores the unique challenges facing retailers, especially in California, where lax laws on shoplifting complicate business operations. Additionally, they discuss the controversial “weaponization” of the criminal justice system, suggesting its impact on social order and business environment. Rubino and Lutz propose radical ideas for government restructuring, such as firing government employees in alphabetical order and maintaining only essential workers during crises. They emphasize the importance of essential services, including police, road maintenance, and waste management, referencing similar strategies from Argentina and El Salvador. Political dynamics also take center stage as they speculate on potential vice presidential candidates for Donald Trump, particularly focusing on Ron DeSantis. They consider how political issues, notably abortion, could influence upcoming elections.

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  1. A modest proposal: instead of “government intervention to prevent business failures” (read: “Inflationary”), how about something simple: let them fail, be taken over by interested parties in an honest auction, and start life anew (“Non-inflationary.”) Or would that be too simple?

  2. Without a doubt the best interview I have ever heard. I laughed my ass off at how beautifully Lutz and Rubino managed to tastefully interject some levity into otherwise very serious and informative content. These two guys are great together. Rubino nailed it when he said we have become a banana republic. But he failed to identify the real wizard behind the curtain who is running this madhouse we live in — Alfred E. Neuman! So why worry? We’re really in good hands.

  3. Always a pleasure to listen to you guys reviewing the the latest disasters that’s about to overcome our Republic. Gold and Silver about to come into there own. Wow. between inflation, the banks, and the debt. We;ll stay tuned. thanks Again. Ed K

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