Why You Need to Be at FreedomFest 2024 with Mark Skousen

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Mark Skousen discussed various topics related to the upcoming FreedomFest event. They talked about the challenges faced during the pandemic and the strategic decision to alternate the event’s location. They also revealed exciting details about the next FreedomFest in Palm Springs, California, including the historical significance of the location and the shift in timing to avoid extreme heat. The keynote speakers for the upcoming event in Vegas were also introduced, and a planned debate on intellectual property rights was discussed, shedding light on the differing opinions within the libertarian community. The conversation also touched on the implications of AI on content creation and plagiarism, with Lutz sharing his personal experience with AI-generated show notes and Skousen expanding on the positive aspects of AI while raising concerns about its potential to create misinformation and manipulate political discourse. The political and economic landscape in Latin America was also analyzed, with a specific focus on the recent libertarian leadership in Argentina and the potential implications of dollarization. Finally, the performance of Bitcoin as an asset, its potential as an inflation hedge, and the government’s impact on its market growth were discussed, along with the TNT Trader short-term trading system and the importance of having a disciplined system for trading.

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