Peter Schiff Exposes the Weak Dollar and Financial System

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

In this enlightening discussion, Kerry Lutz teams up with renowned economist and investor Peter Schiff to dissect the current economic climate, government policies, and strategic investment approaches. They kick off by stressing the critical nature of employing multiple backup systems during recordings to preserve invaluable insights, sharing practical advice and specific tools that Schiff himself utilizes.

The dialogue then shifts to a broader economic spectrum, where Schiff voices his concerns over the United States’ future financial stability, highlighting alarming trends such as escalating national debt, looming recession threats, and the tightening grip of inflation. The duo critically examines the economic strategies of recent administrations, offering a comparative analysis of Trump’s and Biden’s approaches to navigating these tumultuous economic waters.

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  1. I know gold is insurance but is it safe to say that the precarious situation of the banks makes it a smart move to take the money out of bank and purchase real estate i.e. is residential real estate a safer play than banks and equities. I read where if derivative bomb explodes that even brokerages could be in trouble

  2. If many of the larger US banks fail, who will be left to fill the gap to supply funds for mortgages? I think mortgage availability drives real estate demand, so if that diminishes, so too will sales volumes on all kinds of real estate, driving down prices.

  3. Peter Schiff predicted “undeniable proof of hyperinflation” before the end of Obama’s first term in office! Shiff gets his financial predictions wrong because he doesn’t understand the debt-based money system. Schiff wrongly says “government creates all inflation”, and “The government has a printing press to create unlimited money!” In fact, PRIVATE BANKS create all dollars. Banks create new digital dollars AFTER the borrower signs the loan contract. Banks create new money with no need for prior reserves or deposits. And the entire money supply is created by PRIVATE BANKS. Proofs at: bank LIES dot ORG

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