Harnessing Maimonides’ Timeless Wisdom for Modern Success with Rabbi Jeffrey Katz

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and Rabbi Jeffrey Katz discussed the enduring wisdom of Maimonides and its relevance to contemporary society. He emphasized the importance of decision-making, truthfulness, and reliability, which can elevate individuals in personal and professional aspects of life. Katz also challenged the traditional notion that wealth precedes philanthropy, arguing that adopting a philanthropic mindset can lead to affluence and wealth. He shared personal experiences and insights from Maimonides’ life, highlighting the challenges the philosopher faced and his dedication to sharing his wisdom. Additionally, Rabbi Katz promoted his book, “Rules to Live By, Maimonides’ Guide to a Wonderful Life,” and provided details on where it can be purchased. Kerry expressed appreciation for Rabbi Katz’s insights and wished him success with the book.

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