Everything You Think You Know About the Trump Appeals is Wrong with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry and John Rubino offer their unique perspectives and engage in a comprehensive analysis of recent events surrounding former President Trump. They dissect a New York appeals court’s decision allowing Trump to post just $175 million to delay a staggering $464 million fraud judgment, offering insights into its implications on Trump’s financial and political landscape.

This ruling marks a significant reprieve for Trump, amidst mounting legal challenges and his potential bid for the 2024 presidency. Lutz and Rubino delve into the complexities of Trump’s legal battles, highlighting the challenges he faces in securing bonds and the broader implications on his financial stability. They scrutinize the intersection of law and politics, emphasizing the potential impact on public perception as Trump navigates his legal entanglements.

Moreover, they explore Trump’s response to the ruling, including his social media company’s imminent Nasdaq debut and his remarks critiquing President Biden and the New York attorney-general. Throughout the discussion, Lutz and Rubino provide nuanced insights into the multifaceted nature of Trump’s legal saga, emphasizing its implications on his future endeavors and the broader political landscape.

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  1. My god, the amount of garbage you guys spout! To think I listened to Rubino’s investment advice for all those years, and now all he can discuss is right wing talking points. Lots of evidence of silo-think with the two of you. You really should listen to news sources outside Zerohedge and Telegram, because you are total groupthink victims at the moment.

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