A Very Convenient Warming: How Modest Warming and More CO2 Are Benefitting Humanity with Gregory Wrightstone

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Kerry Lutz interviewed Gregory Wrightstone, who discussed his new book, “A Very Convenient Warming,” and the work of the CO2 coalition. Wrightstone challenged the prevailing narrative on climate change, emphasizing the positive impact of modest warming and increased CO2 levels on Earth’s ecosystems and human well-being. He also addressed misconceptions about CO2 levels and highlighted the importance of CO2 for plant growth. The conversation then shifted to discussions about the impact of rising CO2 levels and warming temperatures on the environment, electric vehicles, and energy sources, reflecting differing perspectives on these topics. The meeting ended with Lutz expressing appreciation for Wrightstone’s work and encouraging listeners to visit the CO2 coalition’s website for more information.

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