A Rare Win for Sanity in U.S. Tariff Policy

The U.S. International Trade Commission voted unanimously to reject a nakedly protectionist proposal that would have made canned goods more expensive.

by Eric Boehm

From the start, the proposal to enact new tariffs on the metal used primarily to make tin cans was naked protectionism that would have benefitted one company while being costly for consumers and many American businesses.

This time, however, sanity prevailed.

The International Trade Commission (ITC) voted unanimously this week to reject those proposed tariffs, which would have been charged on tin-plate steel imported from Canada, China, Germany, and South Korea. The ruling should put an end to a monthslong battle between Cleveland-Cliffs, the metal manufacturer that sought the tariffs, and various groups representing the downstream industries and consumers that would have borne the tariffs’ cost.

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