Tesla is Going Down and Why You Need to Prepare for the Greatest Depression with Michael Markowski

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Michael Markowski discussed the possibility of a Great Depression due to a decrease in auto demand, the cost of manufacturing cars, and the slowing of cash flows for the biggest companies. They also discussed the inability of the US government to print money to mitigate the situation due to inflation. Michael also discussed the regional bank crisis and how it is further causing a depression. He suggested investors stay cash heavy, invest in government bonds with a double A plus credit rating, and consider long short hedge funds to generate higher returns in volatile markets. He also recommended signing up for his website AlphaTack for access to his latest reports and updates.

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  1. Great idea. Move your money out of small community and regional banks and into the money center banks BAC; C; GS; JPM;WFC; MS who are loaded with OTC Derivatives to the tune of several hundred Trillion that are Lethal and ready to blow up. Great. Physical Gold & Silver and US TBills no longer than 90 days. Stay as far away from Long/Sort Hedge Funds whose returns are horrible. They are poor stewards of capital.

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