Dumping Dollars: This is Just the Beginning with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

China and Japan are dumping dollars, and many countries that borrowed in dollars have had their expectations of US currency being cheaper turned upside down. I sit down and chat with John Rubino to discuss this phenomenon, and he contends that extreme volatility is going to make its way from the financial markets to the currency markets. Furthermore, the prospect of a technological totalitarian state is no longer a distant theory, and direct actions are being taken to get us there. Tune in for more valuable insight.

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  1. Listen to my Canadian Prime Minister speak…there is little doubt as to his moron status. Not nearly enough brain power to be evil, although, he takes orders so well from Xi and Klaus.

  2. Watching the MSM news and financial press is like watching one trickster/magician after another with their best misdirection: Despite the shambolic corruption exposed with FTX and the other collapsing cryptos this week, the Too-Big-To-Fail (because you and I are forced to prop them up at the cost of further inflation)Banks that own the Fed are still toiling 24/7 behind the scenes to ram through a bill that would impose a mandatory Fed crypto to replace the entire money system. The President himself, and the “elites” (!) have spoken or written in support. But it would be the CATASTROPHIC: NIRP for everyone with no way out, and untraceable trillions in new hidden “money” vanishing into ratholes to select criminal masterminds. TELL CONGRESS: NO FED KLEPTOS…correction CRYPTOS FOR ME!!! Do it today, or you have no one to blame if it happens.

  3. We know they’re evil because of the Covid lockdowns and toxic vaxes. They’re also morons cuz everything they try backfires on them like the Ukraine war. Hopefully their moronic decisions destroys them before their evil ones destroys us.

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