The World (Again) According to Martin Armstrong

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

The world is a mess and things aren’t getting better. There’s no end in site to the Ukraine war and the situation in Europe keeps getting worse and worse. We sit down with Martin Armstrong to get the latest update. He sees gold going much higher in Q1 2023. The loss of faith in all governments keeps increasing. China is a lost cause as well. But the US is a beneficiary of everyone else’s misery. That’s just the way the world works.

Martin sees a major backlash coming in the aftermath of the 2022 mid-term elections. His model is questioning whether or not the 2024 presidential election will even take place. What could possibly happen to stop it and does it matter anyway? This is a must listen to interview.

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  1. The crook with his Socrates again.
    Who’s that guy Martin Armstrong?
    Decades ago, Martin Armstrong had some programmers write that trading software for him which he calls Socrates (he never learnt how to do computer programming, has never finished any qualification). He then used that to trade the markets with money stolen from investors. Made spectacular losses – $700 million. Covered the losses with a $3 billion Ponzi scheme. Was caught and spent 11 years in jail for it. Hid some assets so he would have cash later. Most criminals think they are innocent. Martin Armstrong is no exception. After getting out of jail, to clear his name, he created one of the biggest lies in history: He got a German media guy Marcus Vetter make a disinformation infomercial about him “The Forecaster”. It’s a movie of a conspiracy theory. The wet dream of a criminal. Blames someone else for his crimes. A web of lies. Sells the movie on Amazon. The movie sells his services. The movie gets bad reviews so he creates another lie saying it is banned in most countries, again blaming governments. See:
    Still works well as a smokescreen.
    Now he sells that losing Socrates software as a service for $1,800 per year to his new clients, the little guy. The result? See “Socrates Subscriber Testimonials”
    After exposing the criminal nature of his business, he issues a death treat:

    How does he make money today? See:
    Armstrong Economics – The Scam Business Model Exposé

    His forecasts, and this is important:
    Martin Armstrong has been predicting an ECB Collapse for next year once every year since 2014.
    Missed the EUR decline this year.
    Successfully predicted 200 of the last 2 recessions. Here is his track record:

    • So you didn’t notice the euro currency loose 89% of it’s purchasing power against real money since it’s creation in 2000…??? I’D CALL THAT A COLLAPSE…

    • Wow Lui! You have 1 source reference, armstrongscam (anyone with more than 2 braincells can easily dismiss reddit).. You are so full of sh&t your eyes are brown, as are your lies. But I guess you’re used to that, you dumbass troll.

    • Martin was held in prison in solitary confinement most of the 11 years. He was NEVER charged with a crime! The bank he dealt with (Republic Bank) was fined and paid millions to Martin’s clients, the Japanese, who never lost any money.

      This was all soon after Martin refused to turn over the Socrates program to the CIA. Martin lost all his assets and even the documents he needed to defend himself.

      He finally pled guilty to a minor charge, merely to take the heat off his aged mother, and his daughter. Both had been harassed by law enforcement all the time he was in prison.

      I have made money listening to Martin. In 2011 I attended his conference. He was saying gold was topping; I didn’t think that was possible, but he was spot on.

      Our government is out of control.

    • What a blessing we have Lui Bunting?
      Lui Bunting is even more righteous than God himself, because after Martin Armstrong suffers heavy losses and spends 11 years of jail, its seems not enough for Lui Bunting. Lui Bunting apperently wants Martin to suffer for the rest of his life, if possible to let Martin suffer for all eternity and villify and blame anyone who has a link with Martin, so that everybody knows how bad and evil Martin Armstrong is and of course, how righteous and good Lui Bunting is for exposing this. Even in the situation Lui Bunting has not suffered any losses, nor experienced any personal disadvantage of all this, nor encountered any wrongs from Martin. You might ask the question: why would Lui Bunting do this and spend so many time to write this condemnation of Martin Armstrong, about things most people are in the know, with all citations from the sites of governments and media, what we all know are only telling the truth, then why was this necessary to again expose all this info? Maybe Lui Bunting want to show his benevolent and awsome nature and his unbaised judgement to all readers by blackmailing others, in this case Martin Armstrong: kind of virtue signaling. Maybe Lui Bunting has forgotten his pills this morning. Maybe Lui Bunting has some mental issues and tried to give his miserable life some meaning by blaming other people whom he hates. Maybe he gets paid to do this, in particular because his comment is posted on the very top of this comment section. Also a disgrace to the moderator of this site to not remove such extensive off-topic comments, which looks very offensive, originating from people who apparently suffer from extreme hatred. If Lui Bunting have some issues with Martin Armstrong, let him contact Martin himself or file a lawsuite, but please save us from Lui Buntings crap! we don’t need know-it-alls and are smart enough to make up our own mind!

      • Also a disgrace to the moderator of this site to not remove such extensive off-topic comments

        No. I remove ONLY spam/marketing, repetitive posts, anything that might be illegal to continue hosting. I’d likely delete open racism or antisemitism, but that’s never been an issue yet. If you have a problem with our open speech platform, you’re in the wrong place.


        • Thank you for your comment, Stefan,
          I’am not against free speech
          I’am only surprised by the fact that so many people are eager to discredit a speaker.
          I’am surprised about the amount of negativity in so many comments
          I’am baffled by the amount of discussion about the person of Martin Armstrong and about some cases which may have been occured 2 decades ago.
          Is it fair to treat some-one like this?
          I’am surprised by the lack of substantive and meaningfull comments; nearly nobody talks about the content of the interview; i must recognise, that i myself participate in it.
          Of course everybody has the right to express his/her/its meaning, but as operator, you didn’t want that people take offence of your website entirely, because of badmouthing. The problem is not open rascism or antisemitism; the problem is, how do you prevent that the comment section turns into a playground of bots, people with an mental disorders, who like to spew their negativity to anyone all the time. Look i live in the Netherlands, and we have had also websites with total freedom of speech and only restriction on racism or antisemitism, and it soon turned into an open sewer of disgusting nonsense and insults, and many moderators became so negatively impacted they decided to close down the comment section entirely. That’s in most cases too radical; an usefull approach can be, that people who want to comment first registrate themselve with proven valid email address and name and moderators also intervenes when posts gets too personal, but that is also a subjective approach. Some moderators deletes post that are not kind and disrespectfull to others, other moderators also deletes posts that are off topic, and issues warnings when posts gets to offencive; it’s very difficult, where you draw the line, and an decision of the moderator to delete or modify a post, can often cause a lot of trouble and discussion. Rest assured, i understand your position, which is sometimes difficult. kind regards and good luck with your work

          • how do you prevent that the comment section turns into a playground of bots, people with an mental disorders, who like to spew their negativity to anyone all the time

            Bots are usually spam and marketing links. I do remove anything that smells like spam.

            Reading the comments section is like diving into an outhouse pit looking for diamonds. You might find a diamond. I doubt it, but you’ll certainly get covered in shit. I don’t pretend I can change human nature through comment moderation, rather I trust people have the sense to see mental illness when they run into it. If you don’t want to read babbling nonsense from people with metal illness, steer clear of internet chat rooms.

            Frankly, I’m not smart enough to tell the difference between someone who’s mentally ill and someone who legitimately exposes a fraud. I leave the comment section alone, as I trust you’re very smart, and you likely can figure it out without my interference in the matter.

            Indeed, it would be very arrogant of me to think that I alone know what is fit to be passed and what should be censored, and that I wouldn’t make mistakes in my attempt.

            Already, in this comment section, this troll has corrected me about where Martin lives.

            Trolls: 1 Moderator: 0

            Now, I’d hardly win the debate by simply nuking his comments completely.


  2. I think you guys are close on some things…….but you really don’t get the big picture. By the way, if Lutz thinks Trump was a failure,,,,duh!

  3. IMHO, having observed Martin Armstrong for decades, he is, indeed, a tawdry con artist who, years ago, was likely turned into a low grade intel asset who was set up to operate as ye olde limited hangout. His time behind bars, which was the result of his own shady machinations, was integral to him becoming an asset. His release had little to nothing to do with any sort of legal victory over the Feds. No, I think it was much more likely the result of him taking a deal to serve as an asset in exchange for his release.

    And his service is a joke. I’m not sure where to start in describing how bad it is, but I defy anyone to trade effectively using anything he provides. Socrates is, indeed, a puffed up charade.

    His summaries and blog posts, whether behind the pay wall or not are full of the most vague and ambiguous nonsense imaginable. Have you seen the questions he is supposedly being posed by supposed subs? Have you read the ludicrously fawning comments. It’s embarrassingly obvious that it’s a put up job, but a none too convincing one. Do you actually think central bankers are in anyway involved with with him or that they ever have been?

    He clearly has a very poor understanding of the great reset, yet he’s constantly asserting that it will fail. However, and this is emblematic of his entire MO, he never once defines his terms. What does he mean by failure? Does Marty not realize how extensive the buildout is regarding the 4th IR agenda in the U.S.? Is he really unaware of how deeply committed such orgs as The Rockefeller Foundation, The Wellcome Trust, The Gates Foundation and many more institutions are to this admittedly very creepy agenda? Does he not know that DARPA, and many other government entities are driving the entire global bandwagon. The WEF is a Langley creation. But, being a limited hangout means that such things are not even hinted at let alone explored in any depth.

    The Pi Cycle is very clever upon cursory examination. 3.14 extrapolated to time such that 3141 days, 8.6 years becomes a critical cyclical interval. But is it really. I challenge you to a deep dive, to really examine and see if it truly is. I think you’ll find that if you are really exacting in your examination, which Martin Armstrong isn’t, that the answer is, not so much. But that’s how Martin rolls. He’s very fast and loose with his criteria, and doesn’t allow himself to be pinned down which makes it easier to writhe out of his failed forecasts, and there are a great many.

    • You guys are good keeping the idiots like yourselves away. Thank you.. Keep at it so I continue to have clear easier living. Love you Martin and the program you wrote, for you have assisted in making us over 5 million thus far. It took a couple years to figure out your program, and your guidance is the best. These naysayers are too depraved and funny. In person, belly to belly with anyone like me they would flee like squeeling pigs and worms for the lying pieces of shit they are.

      • Or, not lying, and just lost like so many more people who don’t and can’t think for themselves. Do what you are told, mask up get vaxxed, comply with nazis and the profiteers. And if you think Trump is not good compared to any prior president you are an imbecile, a marxist, and war monger at minimum. Okay you may just be blinded by greed and emotions which is typical for the heavily programmed. I mock, laugh at, list, track, reject, deny service, arrest, break, imprison, or kill acting despots, vote thieves, mandatter’s, lockdowner’s WEFer’s etc.. for safety, truth, justice, balance, health, freedom, goodness, family, individual liberty, and sport.

  4. Despite the naysayers above, I do follow Martin Armstrong; read his reports and subscribe to Socrates basic service ($15 a month). He has been correct
    1. USD strength
    2. Gold bottom
    3. Ukraine focal point
    4. Sovereign debt crisis
    5. Timing
    6. Business cycle
    7. Last DOW drop
    8. Idiot politicians
    9. War Cycle
    10. Energy
    11. Climate change Nazis
    12. etc.

    I do agree he can be vague at time but I find it easy to interpret – most times. As for his time in prison – that’s how I found him as I was working in Russia at the time and he seemed to be the only guy who understood the hedge funds that were working there previously (Hermitage, Troika, etc). His LTCM story was epic and true.
    Perhaps the commenters above are US centric but for an international outlook I do appreciate Armstrong and he has given some valuable guidance. For the US market, I’ve been trading the dow the past 12 months and have a positive return (now out of markets until after mid terms).
    Dubai, UAE

    • Amen

      I have made tons of money off his calls best being the collapse in March 2020. He told us to be careful a few days before and I sold everything and got back in at the bottom. You have to have trading exp. to best use his advice for sure. If you are new you will never understand. Also having a background in international relations helps as well. He love politics.

      Looking forward to playing the physical bullion market coming up going into the eoy and q1 2023! For sure staying out of everything until after the midterm.

      • I also survived the market collapse in 2020 and doubled my $ even though I don’t have a trading backgound. I go to his conferences. While there is a mix of backgrounds and knowledge at them, people there are not the type who get conned and then continue using bad financial advice. Having seen recently how the government can operate against people, I have no trouble accepting what they did to Armstrong. It’s just now they don’t bother to hide it.

    • Very good. This is similar to our experience. Go Martin Armstrong! May he continue to thrive and enjoy it for another 20 years.

  5. Martin Armstrongs detractors no doubt rushed to get VaXXed too. So much for seeing any corruption in government… ever. Fools mock but they shall mourn.

    • I’m a faithful follower of Armstrong, but he makes one VERY incorrect statement near the beginning of this interview, which is particularly surprising for a man so knowledgeable about history.

      George Washington won the elections of 1789 and 1792 by unanimous vote of the Electoral College. No other election cycles have ever seen unanimous Electoral College victories. No other president has ever been elected unanimously.

  6. 4 years ago Martin said on his blog that Poland would become a great power and leave NATO. He was right about Poland becoming a great power , but wrong about Poland leaving NATO. In January 2022, on USA watchdog interview martin said Russia would never attack Kyiv. Russia then attacked Kyiv. He’s wrong a lot. This is all fact checked in his own blogs you can search. Martin hates America and loves Putin Russia and China. Or maybe he’s a double agent. Who knows but yes he’s shady.

    • Oh right, you mean all the reporters filming the peace & quiet in Kyiv? Kyiv, where national leaders visited Zelensky for a stroll around the streets where nothing happened? That attack on Kyiv?

      • Yea, after weak Russia military convoy got beat by Ukraine when they tried to match on Kyiv. Russians got beat the hell up! It was ways for Ukraine to destroy Russia on the way to Kyiv. Even when Russia bombed Kyiv it was with dummy bombs and maybe some guided. Zelensky and others started walking Kyiv streets after they destroyed the paper bear. Btw Ukraine just took Lyman from Russia lol. Sorry Russian bot. Ukraine and the USA already beat Russia , they just don’t know it yet 😉

  7. Martin has been right more then wrong.
    His broad view which he explained over a decade ago that I am aware of has been spot on.

  8. I would like credentials of Lui Bunting and his basis for his statements, Is he a trader and is he successful in trading? or is he a paid sorce for some one else. That will help understand his anger toward Martin Armstrong. Dr. Rajendra Tripathi

    • I researched Lui’s trail a few years ago, followed his leads as he directed me and found no evidence of his conclusions. Just ask Lui to provide the links.
      Take 8 or ten hours, like I did, to look yourself. My interpretation left me wondering how Lui could come up with such unattached thoughts.

    • Come to Poland. F**king Kuwait of coal.
      Everything you can burn is 300% more expensive than 1 yr ago.
      There is no coal, no pellet.
      I got warm from the city let say. Last bill is up over 60%.
      I have no idea what I get at the next bill.
      Real customer inflation is ~40% yr/yr and still grooving.
      If it’s cold winter it can be minus 30*C.
      What about houses, hospitals, schools?
      F**king fas*ist politicians gonna put money to churches… NAZI.
      I own little piece of land with oil. But it’s not mine. Because in Poland you own only 1m deep of soil. So the company built shit on my parcel and I got less than 1k $ once per 6 yr’s. Price of 1 tone of coal in Poland.
      Believe me, ppl gonna freeze to death this winter in Poland if the weather will be bad.

  9. Anyone within earshot of the public domain is of to be taken with a grain of salt. Secret advisors are worse, as their monopoly upon the minds of leaders is exclusive, and far more prone to fault by the every nature of their singularity. Our reality is infinitely complex. However, to gain any cogent grasp of it, we must all accept questionable sources as a part of the information/misinformation upon which we chart a path forward for out personal journeys.

    Martin Armstrong is indispensable in that mix of information/misinformation necessary to move forward with any surety.

  10. If I thought that any of you commenting had done a hundreth of the research and work that Armstrong has I might have some reason to read your crap.
    If the US government could lock him up on dubious charges again, I have no doubt that the would.
    He has contacts in all parties, governments, banks, and traders throughout the world, who dicreetly pass him information on the plans in motion for the reforming of the world order.
    They are all trying to thwart this monumental crime against humanity.
    Come to the conference in Miami in November and meet him.
    If you can afford the price of a ticket.

  11. Martin Armstrong never called for the kind of utter debacle we saw commence in early 2020 that was extraordinarily ferocious and deep, but, equally, was over and in ths rear view mirror in less than two months. Did his model call for a high/top in the vicinity of the January 2020 Pi date? Yes. But there was never any suggestion that it would be anything like the kind of move in approximately a month? Non not even close. The plague year was supposed to occur *this year not 2020.* Sorry, taking credit for calling a crash is utter nonsense, and the vaunted Socrates is anything but. I suspect he has a number of his helpers out here running cover for him. The only reason I subbed, and I did so briefly, was to confirm that his operation is a charade and that impression was confirmed.

    • Clearly Armstrong uses multiple accounts HERE to create the illusion of an organic discussion. As usual. He has hundreds of these accounts. It is a proven fact, and he bragged about it. See:
      Martin Armstrong The Hyper Shill
      Look at the 2020 PI Date you mention:
      Martin Armstrong’s 2020 ECM Turning Point

      • He has hundreds of these accounts. It is a proven fact, and he bragged about it.

        Then show me the proof. The proof that he controls these accounts. The proof that he, and he alone, is typing these things, or that they were typed at all.

        You say it’s proven, as you offer no proof. Look here’s a website, so the website is proof. No. The website makes claims. I don’t know how to evaluate these claims in a total vacuum of proof.

          • Since we’re talking about sock puppet accounts….

            Both “Lu Bunting” and “Fact checker” are posting from New Zealand IP addresses that begin in “115.189.”

            So, if there’s EVIDENCE to support the claims that anyone here is using sock puppet accounts, I feel it’s highly likely that “Lu Bunting” and “Fact checker” are the same person posting under two different names.


      • Do you have any evidence to support the claim that the “Marc Andersson” YouTube account is controlled by Martin Armstrong?

        Your evidence is, “look, he’s a Martin fanboy, so it could only be Martin himself.”

        There’s no evidence to support this claim!

      • Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model is statistically proven into the billions to one odds. The 2020 turning point saw the NYSE peak to within 1 day of the date. 2020.05 (Jan 18-19)

        I have known Martin Armstrong for over 3 decades and attended his conferences, in the 1996 conference in Vancouver he accurately predicted what the price of oil was going to do over the next few years. Armstrong was named ‘America’s Top Economist by Equity Magazine in Vancouver and he also won Hedge Fund Manager of the Year award for his pi cycle prediction that the Stock markets would peak on 1998.55 (July 20, 1998) the exact day of the top, he then shorted large numbers of SP500 futures contracts and made a lot of money. There have been dozens of accurate predictions including the breakup of the Soviet Union reported by the London Financial Times (after that that the CIA tried to get his source code, he also predicted Trump ( a no politician – outsider) 3 decades before he became President, Brexit, Ukraine War 9 years before it started and the next prediction is WWIII by 2026, the bankruptcy of Europe starting in 2023 and finally the core economy the USA will crash and burn later this decade and then breakup into at least 3 countries.

  12. Martin Armstrong is a voice of truth. He is the one person who for many years has made important forecasts that have had a high degree of accuracy. I have followed his work through investement professionals for many years and was skeptical at first but he has earned my deepest regard. As a result of his weather cycles forecasts I moved out of the north and relocated to Florida which was the best move of my life. It saved me from financial ruin and helped me to weather the political suicide being forced upon us by the globalists. He has an accurate understanding the of the great reset, of global money flows and the implications of the European debt crisis all of which led to the the pandemic and the Marxist totalitarianism being forced upon us by Klaus Schwab, Soros and the billionaire oligarchs. His opinions are valuable and founded in years of meticulous reseach and study. He is a treasure to us. This bot who has slandered h im here is not a man but a pig. Please disregard.

      • Lu,

        The comment from user “Doria” was from this IP address:

        I don’t know who Doria is, but Doria claimed to be in Florida, and the IP address traces back to Lake Mary, Florida.

        Martin, by comparison, is not in Florida. Whoever posted that comment is in Florida, and it’s a not exit gateway from a VPN service, so it’s clearly actually posted by someone in Florida.

        Can you see how you’re clearly fabricating claims from whole cloth, without any hope of substantiating them with facts or evidence?

        How would *YOU* know that somebody who posted on *THIS* is someone other than who they claim to be? How would you know that? How would you go about proving it?

        I’m not even Kerry Lutz… I’m the webmaster, so I’m able to look up things like posting IP addresses.

        You’re posting from which appears to be from Wellington, New Zealand.

        Unlike you, I bring evidence.


          • Well, so Martin is in Florida. So are millions of people including the user claiming to be “Doria.”

            It still isn’t proof this is him. Albeit, that’s a hell of coincidence.

            Speaking of coincidence, are we going to address the IP addresses of both “Lu Bunting” and “Fact Checker” both being New Zealand IP addresses?

            Are you using a sock puppet account as well, or is there more than one person in New Zealand.

            You know, there’s more than one person in Florida too.

        • Martin Armstrong has been exposed as a sock puppet master (making fraudulent claims), by the community many times before. And he has exposed himself, too! Once exposed as such a person, exposed as a sock puppet master, that is sufficient. I do not need to exhaust myself for nothing just to satisfy your demands.

          I would suggest you spend some time studying who that person is and how he bragged about having these hundreds of accounts:

          Martin Armstrong The Hyper Shill
          And if that is not enough, then read the legal stuff:

          • The proof is that is has been proven! That is sufficient. I do not need to exhaust myself for nothing just to satisfy your demands.

            This is a bit like Matt Walsh’s “What is a woman?” documentary….

            I keep asking for proof, and you reply by saying it’s been proven.

            But what’s the proof?

            It’s been proven!!!!!


            With the proof!!!

            Which is what?

            The proof!!!

            You’re a fucking retard.

          • I read these links you keep posting, and encounter stuff like this:

            he wrote:

            Quote from: Gumbi on August 19, 2021, 01:37:34 AM
            Maybe you should come work for me? We could really use you around here. We have many aspects to our Ponzi scheme and you will be first in line and be a part of our inner circle purely based on the influence you have online and the threat you present against my business. We always pay our people the best and keep paying them for life just so they don’t talk too much and God forbid tell the authorities…


            It is interesting that Martin Armstrong calls his business a Ponzi Scheme […]

            What possible reason does a thinking person have in life if they’ll accept this bullshit as proof or evidence? No screen captures, no server logs, no reason to believe it’s the real MA. Moreover, this “gumbi” entity says things so self-incriminating that even the most low-IQ criminal in history wouldn’t type these things in, and sign with their own real initials… Which actually serves as a strong argument AGAINST it being him.

            This isn’t evidence. This isn’t proof.

            These are CLAIMS. Claims made in a total vacuum of evidence.

            Show me EXACTLY why you think “gumbi” is Martin, and how you established that.

            Show me EXACTLY why you think the “Marc Andersson” YouTube account is controlled by Martin Armstrong.

            If i allege you sleep with pigs, with my allegation alone, you’re now “the alleged pig-fucker.”

            Evidence means something, if you don’t want people thinking you fuck pigs.

        • It is not my fault that he calls his business a Ponzi scheme. He wanted to recruit me, and he still tries.

          I make all these claims every day everywhere all day long. Martin Armstrong even while he tried to sue everyone, he can’t do it. But he MUST sue. To silence his critics. To save his business. Because his business will be ruined shortly otherwise.

          Why can’t he sue? Because he knows that he exposed himself and there is no going back. So I keep repeating my mantra unhindered until the bitter end.

          • It is not my fault that he calls his business a Ponzi scheme.

            Show me EXACTLY why you think “gumbi” is Martin, and how you established that.

            “I make all these claims every day everywhere all day long.” […] “I keep repeating my mantra unhindered”

            I agree that you keep making claims, but you never offer any evidence that you’re not the liar here.
            This isn’t evidence. This isn’t proof.
            These are CLAIMS. Claims made in a total vacuum of evidence.
            Show me EXACTLY why you think “gumbi” is Martin, and how you established that.
            Show me EXACTLY why you think the “Marc Andersson” YouTube account is controlled by Martin Armstrong.


          • You’re an imbecile. You shows no evidence; i follow Martin Armstrong nearly 11.5 years and he is the only forecaster who got so many predictions right.
            Furthermore, you seemed to be a coward, because, you did’t show even your real name. Factchecker; your ‘pseudonym’ says it all. Study history and you will see that factcheckers only occured in times when the truth is hard to find; its a sure symptome of a society in heavy decay, unfortunately… Look how many times the so called factcheckers got it wrong about covid, the lockdowns, the vax and many other topics. Factcheckers are mostly paid propagandists and are totally not interested in any kind of proof or truth. Even if someone shows the Factchecker undeniable proof, he will simply deny everything or state that it’s irrelevant. Sadly no one can have a meaningfull conversation with a so called factchecker, because the factchecker only wants to win the argument and silence or discredit other views and facts that oppose the narrative the factchecker is hired for to promote
            Well factchecker, i understand that you maybe have not enough to do nor any meaningfull labor; that is what i conclude by reading between the lines of all your comments, and also that you spent so much time to get your right in every discussion, about things nobody is interested in, i advice you, come to the Netherlands. Prime minister Rutte is seeking people like you, they are desparately seeking usefull idiots, who know little, have a bad memory and a big mouth. I think your profile fits perfectly

  13. Lu is not human he is a bot ….and a piggish one at that…slandering good people.
    Be gone fool; be gone. It obviously does not kn ow its gender or its name…

  14. Lu is not human he is an algo….and a piggish one at that…slandering good people.
    Be gone fool; be gone. It obviously does not kn ow its gender or its name…

  15. I took 4 hard years to learn trading (2013) then Socrates for past 4 years. It’s a dam good tool.
    By Armstrong’s advice I:
    -Hold no Gov bonds.
    -Held 30% cash.
    -Expected 2022 as a “correction.”
    I sold no stocks this year (which declined to now), but used cash to trade for a total 11.6% gain overall total YTD.
    Ain’t easy (cuz I’m not above average), but I’m quite happy with Socrates thanks.

    • When will you start buying again? He’s saying spring 2023 to start buying because Europe will be in war and that’s when it’s time to buy cuz USA stocks will rise. Or are you buying January 2023?

  16. Lui Bunting is a gold bug and a low life peasant worm. Break his legs off for fun. If he is wearing a mask take an arm off as well. If he is into vaxxines just let the imbecile die.

  17. Lui Bunting / Fact Checker is totally obsessed. Possibly the mindset of a person that lost money and looking to blame someone else…..

  18. Ive listen to Martin for 22 years. ALOT of great calls.
    The govs are crooked as Fk and you attack this guy!? LOL.
    Yup its going to be a huge stretch to feed yourself and keep the heat on in Europe. If you can’t see that your an idiot.
    I sand bag the shit out of things because I hate a lot of govs incl Trudeau our idiot making thing worse.
    My net worth is 8 figure with zero debt. I’ve got a side of beef, Box of lobsters 10 cords of wood just in case things really go to hell. Most people are living on the edge. Good bloody luck.
    A lot of clueless clowns here and elsewhere.

    • You think every negative comment is legitimate, and every positive comment is Martin on a sock puppet account.

      You never offer evidence.

      You’re an annoying idiot.

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