Are You Ready for the Big Economic Roll-Over? with John Rubino

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Rubino returns… Lots of signs that the economy is rolling over and the recent big jobs report was deceptive. Falling commodity prices, especially oil down into the 80s today. Supply of housing is exploding. Homebuilder confidence plungest to Great Recession levels. New energy bill has resulted in Ford raising EV prices by even more. NY Fed manufacturing survey just had its second-biggest drop ever, now into contraction.

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  1. The ultimate goal of the billionaires is to create an energy crisis and then solve it with nuclear power. Solar panels do not work when it rains, when they are covered with snow, dust in the desert or at night. They are low voltage devices and the current cannot be transmitted over a distance. There are no batteries that store well yet and may never be. Wind works well only in limited circumstances. You must burn something to make the glass and metal for panels and wind turbines. Battery powered cars have no supporting infrastructure. Electricity must be constantly generated or the grid does not work. Generators mechanically spinning from burned hydrocarbons or nuclear produced steam engines is the only thing that works. All else at present is fantasy.

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