The World According to Martin Armstrong

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We’re seeing oil price shocks, commodity booms and busts, and various factors that are threatening to de-throne the US dollar. Why is this happening, and what does this mean for the global economy? I have Martin Armstrong on the show to discuss this, and he explains the various changes that have occurred—such as sanctions in Russia and countries opting to not borrow in dollars—that put the dollar at risk. Not only is the dollar in danger in these conditions—this shift in currency use greatly affects the world economy. Tune in for more information.

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  1. Finally somebody who interviews Marty opens with a statement that rightly criticizes China. But notice how Marty won’t say anything that would cause the CCP to lose face. Marty will tell the nasty truth about Western Civilization, but not the ruthless, murderous, CCP.. The West is Orwellian and more so China. That’s the truth. And the Chinese are going to unleash wartime cruelty not seen since WW2 Japan and Germany. When WW3 happens, the Chinese will take first place in acute war crimes….

    • The “nasty truth” must be revealed wherever it occurs. China’s violent crackdowns on demonstrations in China have been revealed on So much for your erroneous belief that Martin won’t call it like it is. Cruelty not seen since WW2 has been unleashed in Ukraine since 2014 and the culprits have been Ukrainian NAZI’s practicing genocide on Russian/ Ukrainians living in the Donbas. Russia had the right to invade for this and Zelensky’s refusal to honor the Belgrade and Minsk agreements.

    • Actually thinking people now know that the USA is the real crime syndicate and tyrannical capital of the world.

    • Nobody has committed more war crimes than the USA. The Chinese are small potatoes compared the USA.

    • The US, his own country did him great harm, physical and perhaps emotional. But he bounced back and carried on where he left off. Kudos to Marty. Just for a moment live in his shoes, in a solitary confinement cell, beaten and tortured. The Chinese on the other hand have shown him respect and kindness. Can you blame him if he is biased. It is only human. I would perhaps, do the same. Marty is in the know of much more than he publishes. Let’s give him the benefit of doubt.

  2. I think who ever wrote this above comment is spot on. People do not realize China is going to take over the world as was always the plan. Marty does keep a very low profile about China when he speaks. Never says much at all. The CCP is as evil as they come, they just have been keeping a low profile all this time. That is about to end.

  3. Marty is the man.. if he holds back on China it’s because your not listening
    Cycles….everything in its do course
    He will get to China when it’s time.
    This Alaskan thinks he’s awesome
    Hey Mart any thoughts on us in the great land!
    Take wonderful care

  4. Evidently the previous comments fail to understand time. Maggie Thatcher did. Sadly present crop of Western Politicians are all corrupt.

  5. Martin doesn’t jump on anyones bandwagon. While the public tends to jump and run in herds in any direction where the the drum beats loudest, Martin listens to all the drums and what they are really saying. He’s not a tell me what I want to hear person; tell me what you are really saying.

  6. China taking over planet earth ?
    Really ???
    Serious question. Comparing U$ vs China : How many international military bases does each country have ?
    China : 3 ? U$ : apx 900 – 1000 ? (nobody knows for sure)

    How many U$ bases off coasts and land borders of China vs How many Chinese bases off U$ coasts and land borders ?

    Did anyone review Xi SCOLDING U$ (biden?) re: Pelosi plan to visit Taiwan ?
    Xi DELIVERED SERIOUS reality-check to biden’s “handlers” : clearly defined YOU WILL GET BURNED !!

    DO NOT VIOLATE One China TREATY AGREEMENT – includes Taiwan CAVEAT = identified Taiwan part of Chinese mainland.
    Reminded (biden) of International economic responsibilities
    Advised :China has no interest in starting war with anyone.

    When China wants resources from other countries – they send Trade, Commerce and Industry Ministers with contracts.

    When U$ want resources from other counties or to occupy, build more military facilities at geopolitically sensitive location
    but .gov of country REFUSES, U$ War Dept gets CIA to send “History of an Economic Hitman”, John Perkins over “to make a deal”, and if Perkins failed – WAR DEPT SENDS IN MARINES and AIRCRAFT CARRIERS to RAZE SCORCHED EARTH policy, unlawfully INVADE – take what big corp wants for FREE, then decides to implement reCONstruction using IMF Funding and now country is completely CONtroLLed by High interest% loans which are impossible to ever be repaid = Master/ slave

    Final msg: Demanded Pelosi piss-off, do not attend Taiwan, made direct threat : YOU WILL BURN.

  7. Mr Armstrong wasnt asked about the CCP. Mr Lutz opened with a comment about China and then asked a question about the Dollar. From reading Mr Armstrong’s blog I get the impression he respects China, and I believe he is on good terms with the CCP, but he does criticize the CCP. For instance his blog criticized the recent harsh lockdown in Shanghai. Mr Armstrong has a good understanding of history, current affairs, and human motivations but sadly he doesn’t communicate his thoughts very well and gives rise to misconceptions about his loyalties. The CCP is a dangerous entity but they have had the CIA (and others) as role models.

  8. IMO, bases are a moot point. They’ve already taken over the west from the top down. This includes every strategic industry. Turbulent times are ahead of us. Not just on some far off land.

  9. Our government in the U.S. has become just as corrupt as many countries of the world. Our laws are only for the Republicans, Democrats can do as they want without consequence. If a war is begun with China, I have no doubt that China will win. Our fighting forces have been “woke” and therefore, are weak. Thank you to Progressives for weakening our country. You will regret what you have done.

    • You’re right about everything except for the misconception that our military is weak. Our military is far from weak and could realistically take on China, Russia and may as well toss in the Mideast who’d likely join in against us. The problem is the cost. When WW3 happens a couple billion lives will be lost before anyone comes to the realization that too many lives have been lost. I believe this is what Marty refers to when on his website he’s repeatedly stated that the left will fail in their quest to create a one world government.

    • Agreed. Those who avoided service during the Vietnam War became teachers/professionals and helped create today’s lefties with their “woke” mindset. It’s a shame that those that shirked their service, demand to be served. They’ve poisoned the minds of our citizens and we’re no longer living in reality. Unfortunately, China is living in the real world, and they hav no illusions.

      • Say What??!!! China is living in the real world? I don’t even know where to begin to refute that statement.

        Draft dodgers of the 60’s are not the “woke” problem of today.
        Lefty losers who think they are better than the general public are the problem. Maybe a small few draft dodgers fall into that category.

    • I tried to read the articles on the link you provided. They were full of high accusations but lacked any credible sources. I have received Martin Armstrong’s daily emails for a few years. I have found his information to be consistent forewarnings that DO take place. But I agree with comments above that he seems to coddle the Chinese government.

      • The sources that are provided in these pages are mostly Martin Armstrong’s own publications. The site is incriminating in a way that Martin Armstrong incriminates HIMSELF. Martin Armstrong’s lawyer has tried to challenge it and he failed. Every single page is unassailable. In fact the site does not need further confirmation such as yours. Proof:
        Legal Disclaimer

        • Thanks for trying, but again, you are not showing me the original posts to prove to Martin Armstrong really said any of these things. This is all hearsay.

    • You can’t even afford to host your accusations on a modern website like Substack or Medium or buy your own domain and host your own site.

      Did you spend your last paycheck to invest on any of Armstrong’s writings? If you did, you can’t be a real investor. Any idiot that has half a brain wouldn’t do that. Any financial advice/ opinion is just that. If you believe that any writer is prescient in any way you are the bigger idiot than the writer.

      You sound like a maniac with an axe to grind. I cannot even believe anyone would waste their time responding to your accusations because you are as incoherent as the person you are accusing of being incoherent.

      Any investment advice or opinion is just that. Whether its AI generated or human generated. You have a brain capable of critical thinking. Any reader here can read and form their own opinions.

      If I were Armstrong I wouldn’t care about your ramblings or give it any credibility. You are a pimple on an elephant’s ass. What you say doesn’t matter in the universe of blogs. You have no reach with the general public. So why would he care.

      Plus I couldn’t understand half the points you were trying to make. It’s so packed with confirmation bias it stinks itself.

      If you need advice on investing, here is one easy tip for you. Find a blogger that is consistently wrong in their advice and invest the opposite of their advice. Like Jim Cramer. You’ll make money.

      I’m writing this so other readers won’t waste their time reading your babbling like I wasted mine.

  10. Martin can be into himself at times. That’s human nature. But his cyclical time models on human nature show how we repeat, repeat and repeat. What is happening now is a part of a cycle that no one can stop. We crash and burn and start over. How many will be there to start over?

  11. Martin said in 2016 that Poland would leave NATO. Wrong!
    Martin said Putin would never attack Kyiv. Wrong again!
    He’s constantly wrong about world military/political events. Just search his blogs for the past decade. Don’t fall for his scams. If you bought his reports post them so everyone can see the scammer in action

  12. Sorry one more thing, Martin Is a Russian apologist. He blames Zelensky for making Russia invade Ukraine ? Lol wtf. The Budapest agreement allows for the USA to come to the aid of Ukraine b/c Ukraine gave up their nukes. That’s why Obama wanted to kick Russia out of Swift. Trump
    Didn’t fulfill the Budapest agreement either! So finally Biden had to do it. Man Martin is so bias. He lies by omission but glad Kerry was holding his feet to the fire on Russia and China !

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