Why Sexualize Kids if Sexuality is Inborn?

by J. Robert Smith
American Thinker

Are we to presume that woke corporations, like Disney, teachers’ unions, “progressive” academics, corporate media, and chic Hollywood have once and for all settled the long and contentious nature-nurture debate?

Seems so. No one is born a certain way, say nurturers. The next time a gay guy or Admiral (Rachel née Richard) Levine tells you that “he was born that way,” tell him that the enlightened elite have changed the rules. Spread the word to any purple-haired, nose-pierced, tattooed LGBTQIA+ you happen to know.

The push by self-professed incredibly smart, sophisticated, and science-dedicated progressives to sexualize kids — starting at early ages — into their bizarre world of woke screams “nurture rules!” Good Catholic Joe Biden must think so, too. Nature’s role — meaning how we come factory-equipped with traits — has been scrapped.

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