Officials Bracing for 18,000 Migrants Per Day if Title 42 is Rescinded; Republicans Slam Biden Admin for National Security Threats

by Tim Meads
Daily Wire

House Republicans, led by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), held a press conference on Monday blasting President Joe Biden’s handling of the Southern Border and warned that the situation would get worse after Title 42, the public health-related immigration provision that allows expedited deportation for migrants who enter the country, is set to officially end on May 23.

Republican members of Congress told reporters Monday evening that the immigration crisis at the border is already a national security issue that is emboldening transnational drug cartels while making “every county a border county.” McCarthy also revealed that when he and a group of GOP colleagues previously visited the border, illegal aliens told them they were coming across precisely because of President Joe Biden’s words. Many Republicans — including McCarthy — blame the deluge of illegal aliens on Biden directly, in part, for undoing border measures instituted by former President Donald Trump.

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