Inflation Isn’t What the “Experts” Say it Is. The Confusion in Terms is Deliberate

by Manuel Tacanho

Inflation, monetary inflation specifically, is as desired and necessary by the state as food is necessary for human nourishment. Inflation, more so than taxation, is the main nourishment that enables the state to, slowly but surely, grow into a large and far-reaching bureaucratic apparatus that intervenes across almost all aspects of social and economic affairs.

Without inflation, the state finds itself shackled within the confines of what it can confiscate via taxes. A limited and noninterventionist government is, as sound economics shows and history proves, vital for freedom, prosperity and peace.

But because the state is the inherently violent and coercive, holding the power to legislate and enforce legislation, it is therefore inevitable that the government will, through political trickery and economic lies, undermine a sound money system in favor of the inflation facilitating fiat money system.

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