Hats Off to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an American Leader

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Florida citizens were extremely fortunate that they got Ron DeSantis for governor. The Democrats almost succeeded in stealing the election. The corrupt Democrats might succeed next time, because the Biden Department of Justice (sic) is trying to discredit fair election safeguards as “racist violations of civil rights laws.” The DOJ is very close to taking the position that it is a violation of US civil rights laws to prevent an illegal alien from voting. New York city now allows non-citizens to vote.

Governor DeSantis kept Florida free of lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. He said that a virus that has such a low mortality rate does not require destroying businesses, jobs, family and business income, and disrupting the lives of Florida’s millions of citizens. Instead of forcing people to accept a highly dangerous and untested “Covid vaccine,” Governor DeSantis established monoclonal antibody clinics where people were treated. President Biden, a pawn of the pharmaceutical industry, closed down Florida’s highly effective treatment clinics by withholding supplies of monoclonal antibodies.

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