Will Russian Gold Sanctions Finally Reveal That the Emperor Has No Clothes?

by J. Kim

The Immorality of Economic Sanctions and the False Narratives of How Much Russia Will Be Hurt By Them

To begin, there is much propaganda and hysteria about how much economic sanctions applied by Western nations will hurt Russia. Firstly, economic sanctions are an immoral tool of warfare because it always devastates the people that have nothing to do with the war far more than the oligarchs that rule the government upon which sanctions are imposed, as economic sanctions, as a tool of warfare, have never been designed to inflict maximum damage against political oligarchs. Those that levy economic sanctions, as former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton confirmed recently on the Rachel Maddow show, do so to inflict maximum economic punishment against the common citizen in the nations in which economic sanctions have been imposed. The purpose of cutting off items necessary for daily life as well as medical and technology supplies necessary for life itself (for those suffering from chronic disease) is to make life so miserable for citizens that they turn against their leaders.

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