The Petrodollar and Gold (and Silver)

by Dave Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

The precious metals market commentary below is an excerpt from the latest issue of the Mining Stock Journal, released on March 17th. The issue also offered an opinion on the $MAG Silver acquisition of Gatling Exploration ($GATGF, $GTR.V), $AEM and Paramount Gold ($PZG), among other companies I cover. You can learn more here: Mining Stock Journal.

By now I’m sure most of you have read the various analyses – not found in the mainstream financial propaganda – explaining why the U.S. sanctions levied against Russia will back-fire and trigger a reset of the monetary system. In brief, the U.S. has “weaponized” the dollar’s status as the reserve currency by imploring western Central Banks to freeze Russia’s foreign currency reserves and banking assets held at western Central Banks (China has not put a freeze on Russia’s currency reserves). This has in turn triggered a move by many of Russia’s trade partners to work around this by settling trade with Russia either in respective domestic currencies or in gold.

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