Italian Newspaper Denies ‘Disinformation’ Despite Publishing Completely Misleading Front Page Photo

Editor-in-chief doubles down despite being caught red handed.

by Paul Joseph Watson
Info Wars

Italian newspaper La Stampa has denied accusations it engaged in disinformation by publishing a front page photo of a Ukrainian ballistic missile strike on Donetsk while suggesting it had been carried out by Russia.

The daily news outlet promised readers coverage of Russian attacks in Kiev and Lvov alongside a headline that read “The Carnage”.

The headline was illustrated with an image of a man covering his face in grief as dead bodies lie around him along with lines about “traumatized children in Lvov” and “Kiev preparing for the final assault” by Russian troops.

The photograph actually showed the aftermath of a ballistic missile strike on Donetsk, the capital of a pro-Russian breakaway republic in eastern Ukraine, after it was hit by a tactical Tochka-U ballistic missile that was almost certainly launched by Ukraine.

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