Going to Get Bad, Really Bad with David Morgan and Greg Hunter

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Last year about this time, precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan was warning about massive money printing and the so-called “everything bubble” popping. Inflation is the pin, and it found the bloated debt bubble. Now get ready for some pain as Morgan explains, “It’s going to get bad, and I mean really bad. There is already mass starvation at the lower end of the economic scale in third world countries. . . . Prices are going to be untenable for many people, especially those in the middle class. When you get gasoline going up to the $5, $6, $7 range and you’ve got food going up to the level it’s gone up to and continues to go up to, it’s going to be bad. I am focusing on real stuff, not the bond market or what the price of gold is going to do. I am talking about day-to-day living. . . . When gasoline goes from $3.50 per gallon to $5.50 per gallon and you start doing the math on how much it takes to fill up your car and drive it back and forth to work every day, all of a sudden you’ve got diminishing returns. Then factor in what your heating bills and what your grocery bill is going to be. So, there is going to be a lot of people at the margin, and the margin keeps moving up. It’s a few percent of the population. Then it’s 10% and then 20% and so on. When food gets to be 50% of your budget, then there are food riots. That’s the trend . . . and I think we will get there. . . . We know the ‘Arab Spring’ was not about politics. It was about food. We are going to see ‘Arab Springs’ spring up all over the place because of food costs and availability. You can have a lot of money and not be able to get food too.”

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