FDA, CDC Lying About Vaccine Deaths & Injuries with Mark Skidmore

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Michigan State University Economics Professor Mark Skidmore is an expert in public finance and policy evaluation. About this time last year, Dr. Skidmore identified a public policy to withhold lifesaving CV19 drugs such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) that cost at least 100,000 needless deaths. Skidmore is out with a new report that says at least 1.4 million have been killed or seriously injured, so far, from the CV19 injections. Dr. Skidmore contends the FDA and CDC are covering up serious danger and harm being done to people. Dr. Skidmore explains, “We need actual scientific studies, but we are not getting them. . . . If the FDA and CDC are only claiming 9 fatalities from the (CV19) vaccine, then clearly that is not the truth. The Pfizer documents show that (1,200 vax deaths reported to Pfizer early on). The DOD data . . . shows that. The VAERS data shows that. Then I have my survey (with about 300,000 vax deaths) that adds to this growing evidence. Then you look at all the soccer players, and the rate of collapses and fatalities among professional soccer players is four times anything we have ever seen before. The Orange County, California, school district is now requiring a heart examination, including an EKG in order to participate in athletics. Why does a 17-year-old healthy person need an EKG?”

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