Decouple or Die

by Karl Denninger

Sort of simple when you get down to it.

Autarky is often thought of as a “bad thing.” It isn’t.

It has the incalculable gift of independence from other outside influences and thus both economic and political stability. It places responsibility, and benefit, of policy directly within your nation where it belongs. It prevents the hiding of bad things “over there”, keeps you from getting dragged into wars you don’t want to fight and stops other nations from deciding they don’t like you very much and thus they decide to screw you.

China “decided” to enact another “lockdown” due to Covid, or so they say. How is it that we have allowed ourselves to become subject to the health whims of other nations?

Why, because we have bought into the false narrative that the product will always be there and always be supplied.

Now its not.

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