David Haggith: The Fed Did It! Inflationary Collapse Was Already Here.

from Dollar Collapse

Excerpted from the Great Recession Blog:

For almost two years (starting in 2020 before you could see any consumer inflation at all), I have faithfully and consistently traced our trajectory toward scorching inflation that would cause a market disaster. Prior to that, inflationary burn-out was not an argument I ever made on this site (unlike some who perennially hyperventilate about hyperinflation).

Starting in 2020, however, I said inflation would be the news of our time.

I also recently laid out in a series of Patron Posts the massive economic collapse that we will see unfold now that inflation is forcing the Fed to tighten and cutting off the escape route the Fed has deployed whenever its tightening causes markets to crumble. That route, of course, would be a rapid return to quantitative easing, which rising inflation will no longer allow.

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