Biden’s Food Shortage, Inflation Everywhere, Vaccine = AIDS

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Biden is going to own a lot of screwups, and you can add another to a long list of hardships heaped on Americans—food shortages. The food shortages are compliments of the Biden/Obama policies of war and sanctions against Russia. Russia is a big producer of wheat, oil and fertilizer, among other things, and all are being sanctioned. Up, up and away go prices, and according to Biden at the emergency NATO summit, this inflationary hardship and food shortages for all Americans and billions more around the world are necessary to punish Russia for invading Ukraine. Russia’s side of the story is 180 degrees different.

Looks like Russia is already planning on circumventing the sanctions put on them that have cut them off from the SWIFT (dollar) payment system. It’s reported, Russia will be accepting Bitcoin, gold and rubles for its goods. You think this will be a boost for the U.S. dollar or another nail in its coffin? Putin says hand me another nail, please.

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