72 Percent of Americans Believe “the Nation’s Moral Compass is Pointed in the Wrong Direction”

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

A new survey has found that the vast majority of Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track morally, but meanwhile the nation continues to move away from organized religion at an unprecedented rate. Needless to say, America’s moral decline has been a focus of mine for a very long time. Our society has been steadily decaying for decades, and our culture is now radically different than it was when I was growing up. I would love to see our culture return to the way that it was 50 or 60 years ago, but I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Instead, the numbers seem to indicate that our culture is going to continue to deteriorate as older Americans die off and younger Americans gain more power in society.

According to a brand new Deseret News/Marist Poll survey that was just released, 72 percent of Americans believe that “the nation’s moral compass is pointed in the wrong direction”.

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