Eminent Gold Corp: Four Nevada Lottery Tickets with CEO Paul Sun & Chief Geologist Dan McCoy

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Eminent Gold Corp. (TSXV:EMNT – OTC:EMGDF) provides speculators with four 100%-owned ‘lottery tickets’ in Nevada: Hot Springs Range Project, Weepah, Gilbert South and Spanish Moon. The company is led by a team with multiple prior gold discovery successes. Eminent Gold has a tight share structure with less than 44M shares fully-diluted and zero warrants outstanding. The company anticipates exploration drilling to begin in Q1.

Eminent’s Chief Geologist Dan McCoy previously oversaw Keegan Resources’ 5Moz Esaase gold discovery and was the Chief Geologist for Cayden Resources’ El Barqueno discovery which led to a buyout from Agnico Eagle. Dan decided to come out of retirement to oversee the exploration of Eminent’s four projects because of the tremendous discovery potential he sees. The Weepah, Gilbert South and Spanish Moon projects have all experienced past historic mining yet none of them have seen modern exploration on them. Therein lies the opportunity, Dan believes, as all of these properties have the possibility for grade, width and, most importantly, strike length.

The Hot Springs Range project is less than 20km from the Turquoise Ridge (7M AuOz) and Twin Creeks (12M AuOz) mines. This project is analogous to and sits in the same structural setting as the Getchell trend (42M AuOz). CEO Paul Sun stated, “this is unbelievable in that it’s never been explored, it’s the real lottery ticket to this story. So we’ll be very excited to drill this in the very near term.” The Hot Springs Range project is drill-ready, permitted and has a drilling contractor lined up. Eminent plans to drill in Q1.

Listen to CEO Paul Sun and Chief Geologist Dan McCoy explain Eminent Gold’s value proposition in this 40-minute presentation.

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Bill Powers intro
1:50 Paul Sun: Eminent Gold intro
3:27 Experienced and balanced team
6:07 Four Nevada lottery tickets
8:19 Dan McCoy’s exploration philosophy & past successes
11:35 Weepah Project – Opportunity to expand high-grade gold mineralization
14:20 Gilbert South Project – Prolific gold with abundant opportunity
16:52 Spanish Moon Project – Analogue to Round Mountain
21:56 Hot Springs Range Project – World-class deposit potential
25:59 Paul Sun: Capital structure, ownership and share performance
29:05 “Dan, do you have a favorite project of the four?”
30:56 Paul Sun: drills turning in Q1
31:31 Paul Sun: “If Hot Springs hits it will change the face of Nevada”
32:21 Treasury and burn rate: “over 90% of cash going into the ground”
33:48 Eminent is well-connected to Nevada assay labs and drillers
35:22 “Dan, how do you rank Eminent’s projects compared to others in your career?”
40:00 Conclusion