On Maricopa…

by Karl Denninger

What did we learn Friday?

1. Maricopa claimed there were no duplicate mail-in ballots. In fact there were far more duplicates than those required to change the outcome in the Presidential race. That has now been established. Either (1) Maricopa lied but actually de-duplicated the ballots (meaning the results stand) or Maricopa did not de-duplicate the mail-in envelopes and the results are impossible to validate because some 17,000 duplicate votes were cast.

2. Maricopa lied about their election management system never being connected to the Internet. It has been conclusively and forensically established that indeed it was. When it was is immaterial; the lie, standing alone, is enough.

3. Maricopa intentionally violated federal law in the maintenance of electronic records specifically including the chain of custody by not issuing individual login credentials to the authorized users for each function. This is a direct violation of federal law and it was an intentional act. These are laws, not suggestions.

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