Is the United States in Her Death Throes?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Something very unAmerican is afoot in the Biden regime and the entirety of the Western World.

In the interview with Vera Sharav, which I posted yesterday— — the well known human rights activist pointed out the extraordinary fact that the elected presidents of Western governments are issuing Covid edicts as if they are dictators.

In other words, the elected leaders in democracies no longer understand their constitutional roles and are willing to attempt to use power that they do not legally or constitutionally have. This fact implies that the population in general, including the bar associations and law schools, are comfortable with the idea of a Fuhrer. Klaus Schwab, the director of the globalist World Economic Forum and advocate of the “Great Reset” is using the orchestrated “Covid Pandemic” to alter the relationship between people and government to one of overlordship by the elite. Schwab has many allies, including the Democrat Party in the US and in the EU Commission.

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