If Biden’s Mandates Force Millions of Americans Out of Their Jobs, Our Supply Chain Nightmares Will Get Much Worse

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

You may have noticed that the shortages are getting worse, and thanks to Emperor Biden things are about to escalate to an entirely new level. Right now, global supply chains are in a state of complete and utter chaos and the essential machinery of our economy is breaking down all around us. In such an environment, it is inconceivable that the president of the United States would issue a decree which could force millions more people from their jobs, but that is precisely what he just did. Does he not understand the effect that this is going to have on the economy? As you will see below, polling has shown that the vast majority of the unvaccinated would rather leave their jobs rather than submit to the injections. That means that millions of people could literally leave their jobs in the coming months, and that would cause enormous headaches in just about every corner of our society. Either Biden and his team are so horribly incompetent that they didn’t anticipate that this could happen, or they just don’t care.

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