Whatever Size You Have in Mind, Think Bigger

Two out of three major stocks cycles are flashing red.

by Argentus Maximus
TF Metals Report

I want to talk about EMPIRE, state of empire, end of empire, and change within empire. There may be a pulse ,a timing, a rhythm in these matters and I’m going to look into this aspect of empires, im particular the one in which we ourselves live.

Five hundred years ago THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE was feared by Kings everywhere. It was both a State And a Religion during a time when religion was important in peoples’ minds. So it was the hegemon, the dominant power, of its era, in the territory of Europe plus a bit more around the edges of Europe. There was a lot of people, and great economic production, also military force, under its rule.

It dominated everything around it. It was a world power. It had armies.

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