He Turned $1000 Into $93,000 in 30 Days with Zack Boothe

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Zack Boothe went from washing windows to generating true wealth in real estate. Don’t get this wrong, he had a successful window washing business, but real estate is much better. He was a successful YouTuber teaching people how to properly wash windows. However he was living paycheck to paycheck and had no net worth. He was inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. In 2012 he was pre-approved for a $70,000 loan and bought a $55,000 duplex and did sweat equity to rehab it. He rented out half and lived in the other half. He was in his early 20’s at the time. He wanted to do more. He then learned about wholesaling. As a window cleaner, he didn’t have a solid balance sheet. He found off-market distressed properties, a business model which required little or no cash. His first deal netted $10,000 profit. He’s made over $800,000 in fees. He made $93k in Florida, starting with just $1000. The goal was just $40,000, so he more than doubled it. Now he’s on a mission. He wanted to show people that anyone could do it. He started doing driving for dollars, riding around his neighborhood looking for houses that were suffering from physical neglect.

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