The Zombie Apocalypse is Here

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

The difference between the brain-sucking, flesh-devouring undead and the Hell Ministers of most of the world is just a…wafer-thin mint.

I mean have you seen Mr. Creosote, hell minister of Quebec?

And Ms. Creosote, hell minister of Denmark?

Not to forget Cousin IT Creosote, Biden’s pick for deputy hell secretary of the USSA?

(If you don’t know who Creosote is, don’t worry, it’s in today’s video!)

Then there are the skinny ones, who’s fighting-for-fresh-flesh skills aren’t that great, probably because they’re too pale and puny to get in the mosh pit with people like the headbanging leftist who blames the Republicans for her disappearing democracy. (Lucy and I had a good laugh at that one!)

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