The World Technocratic Forum is Working with Kill Gates to Give You Your Daily Pass

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

Everything that is going on now is to increase the pressure on you to get a vaccination and become a permanently tracked part of the system. Everything.

Microchipping will be next. Because it will make your life so much eeeeaaaasier…

No more anal swabs, or brain needles; no more vaccine shots every time you want to travel out of your country. (Yes, that’s a thing now, being promoted by Oxford University)

  • The vaccine scanner at the supermarket: Just flash your “special” tattoo.
  • Want to pay for anything? Use your chip, because cash is dirty (and untraceable)
  • Going to a sports event? If you’re chipped, you’re in.
  • Airport scanner for electronic Covid Pass: Check.
  • Your bank details –– don’t worry, it’s a secret between your nanochip and the Banksters and the tax man.

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