The Media and Government’s Dishonesty – Again

by Karl Denninger

The shooter has to be a Trump supporter!

That was the call. There was an immediate demand for “assault weapon and full capacity magazine bans.”

Except….. Colorado has a magazine ban, although exactly what its status is right now is unclear; there has been recent litigation.

And Colorado has a “Red Flag” law too.

And the assailant, based on reporting, had previously attacked a fellow student without cause in what was arguably a felony assault yet was treated as so often is – that violence was soft-pedaled despite him having a history of making violent threats.

We don’t yet know whether the weapon was legally purchased in a store, or exactly where it came from, so whether a robust prosecution would have prevented the purchase is not yet known. People do steal guns and someone who is intent on murder doesn’t give a crap about committing theft first.

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