Silver: A Bright Future, but an Uncertain Now

by Rambus
Silver Seek

I would like to show you some long term charts for Silver which shows that it has a bright future. In the short term is where its problems lie. The thing with big consolidation patterns is, its more of a time thing than a price thing. Many times one can recognize the big picture before it is complete which makes the waiting game even harder. You think you can start to trade inside the consolidation pattern which sometimes you can do if you can catch the reversal points just right. Most of the time though you end up loosing a little, making a little or just breaking even. It always looks easy in hindsight but in real time it is a different story.

Before we look at the longer term charts lets look at a daily chart we’ve been following since the March 2020 crash low. Like just about everything in the PM complex and the stock markets as well the March 2020 crash produced many H&S bottoms and Silver was no different.

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