Dictionary.com Adds 600 New Words, Including ‘BIPOC’ and ‘Supposably’

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

Dictionary.com announced this week that it has added more words to its collection, such as “supposably,” “finna,” and “BIPOC.”

The story: Dictionary.com’s latest update includes 94 new definitions to existing entries and 450 completely new entries. Some of the new 600 words that the company added to the website are directly related to the coronavirus pandemic and the 2020 summer of social justice movements that followed George Floyd’s death.

So, what’s new? Dictionary.com says it tweaked the definition of terms like “acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS),” “variants,” and “strains,” as well as “elbow bump.” The article on the website notes that this way of greeting, which is used in lieu of handshaking, “evolved to include more forearm contact than the name implied.”

The dictionary updated its “COVID-19” entry to add more information about capitalization and proper spelling, wiring that although the entry is relatively new it “already warranted expansion.”

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