Democrats Bailing Out Bankrupt Blue Cities & States with ‘Covid Stimulus’

Many of these municipalities were already running budget deficits before Covid-19

by Kit Daniels
Info Wars

Democrats are bailing out bankrupt blue cities and states with federal “Covid-19 stimulus” despite the fact that many of these municipalities were already running deficits before Covid.

The federal stimulus package expected to be signed by Biden this week will wipe out $650 million of a projected deficit for San Francisco alone, for example.

Although the city did have to increase spending in some areas due to Covid-19, San Francisco was already facing a budget shortfall of $420 million in 2019, before Covid-19 hit the states.

“We have a homelessness, mental health, and substance use crisis on our streets, and we all need to focus on funding services so that we can get people off the streets and into the care they desperately need,” Mayor London Breed said at the time. “We also have a responsibility to balance the budget, so I’ve instructed departments to come back to my office with budget proposals that address what is a significant two-year deficit.”

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