$1.9 Trillion in Spending, $11 Trillion in One-Term Deficits

by William Levin
American Thinker

Passage of the $1.9 trillion spending bill has Democrats giddy. President Biden termed it “historic.” Senator Schumer calls it “a great day for this country.” Not to be outdone, Senator Debbie Stabenow gushed, “People on the floor, in our caucus, it was almost like tears in their eye. I mean, I felt it.”

Here is what actually historic. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Biden one-term deficit will total a forecasted $8 trillion, including the $1.9 trillion, spiraling to $11 trillion if Democrats follow through on next month’s planned $3 trillion bill for “infrastructure.”

Republicans have widely noted the huge waste in the spending bill. Of $1.9 trillion, only $465 billion is due to the $1,400 check, putting the bill’s pork and payoffs at $1.4 trillion. Economists have identified the enormity of planned spending, and its recklessness. Even stalwart Democrat supporters recognize the Biden administration utter disregard of fiscal responsibility.

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