Weighing the Risks of Vaccination

by Rick Ackerman

Been vaccinated yet? I haven’t, although I’m trying not to give friends the impression that I’m making some sort of political statement. That means not emailing them links to every vaccine horror story that surfaces, or to growing evidence that the vaccine may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. That mRNA vaccines have not been well-tested and could conceivably cause bodily harm or death is beyond argument at this point. That is why I am waiting until most Americans have gotten their shots and reported any side effects before I decide whether to get mine.

The person I trust most about this is my personal physician, who also happens to be one of my oldest friends. He was quite confident back in April that the combination of hydroxycholoroquine, zinc and Zithromax was highly effective in treating Covid. This was an unpopular view at the time; indeed, half the country was rejecting it merely because it had Trump’s endorsement. However, my friend had already treated two dozen Covid patients, and all but one recovered without getting very sick. The one patient who fared poorly, a mutual friend, had waited until ten days after he’d shown symptoms to start treatment.

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