This is How We Will Know Gold Has Bottomed

from King World News

With many people watching the tumble in the gold market, this is how we will know the price of gold has bottomed.

This Is How Gold Will Bottom

February 4 (King World News) – Fred Hickey: “US dollar rally” is the explanation pundits use to explain gold sell-off. Reality: gold soared to record highs in early August and we’re now in an extended correction. Dollar FELL throughout this 5-mo. gold correction. Gold correction from the record highs has to run its course.

What I’m Looking For

Gold correction will end once enough of the week-kneed (who are still hanging on) finally punt on gold. We’re getting closer. Reality is this is just a correction in a major bull with conditions ripe for much higher levels: deeply negative real rates, a bout of inflation ahead.

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