The First 30 Days of Biden’s Reign Are as Bad as We Feared

by Andrew W. Coy
American Thinker

We have now been through the first 30 days of this nightmarish Progressivetory (Progressive Purgatory). This, the first month that Biden has been placed in the White House by the Progressives (Deep State/Globalists/Socialists). Within this first month that the cabal has instituted its figurehead, we have seen our worst fears realized and our timid hopes destroyed. Here is what we now know and have learned in just one short month of what the Progressive Dystopians have done and are planning to do against America and her people.

* Biden has despotically enacted more executive orders in his first week of office than Trump, Obama, and W. Bush combined in their first weeks.

* The Biden administration has started to count COVID cases differently. Therefore, the number of COVID cases will be going down dramatically under the new administration.

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